Jonah Engler Personifies Perfect Parenting

The technologically driven world has brought about sea changes in the values and belief systems of the present generation. While there are innumerable benefits of a technologically advanced world, yet its vices and cons cannot be denied entirely. One of the things that have probably been hardest hit is parenting; with each passing generation, it is becoming a tougher task to handle the children irrespective of whatever age group they belong to. However, even among these odds, Jonah Engler Silberman emerges a winner by being an ideal father and parent.

Despite his busy professional career Mr. Engler manages to spend quality time with his family which consists of his wife and three lovely children. This does not make him neglect his personal interests too; he manages to strike a balance between the two. It is thus clear that the possibilities of carrying out both functions effectively are there; and he is able to make it happen in his life because being a good parent is one of his priorities. In this way, he sets before one and all the example of how to become an ideal father.

As said earlier the changing times have brought about major changes in the way the youngsters of today think; and parents thus have to keep up with their ideas and ideologies. There is no use of enforcing your principles and ideals onto them that will only worsen the situation. What a parent must do is, try and become the best friend of your child, especially when they have reached the adolescent age. Once they are able to trust you completely, they invariably listen and obey to your instructions and advices. Forceful exertion of things will only take them further away from you and closer to ugly situations.

Jonah Engler Silberman’s exemplary attitude as a father is truly something that all fathers, both new and old, should follow. However, the burden of this tremendous task of parenting can be reduced to a great extent by taking the help of one’s spouse. When there is harmony and accord among the parents the children are mentally relaxed and happy, and it becomes easy for them to believe that whatever their parents advice them is only for their own good.

A healthy and blissful relation between the parents plays a very vital role in the upbringing of the children. Since it is the instinctive behavior of humans to learn by imitation, it is but obvious that when children do not see love, care and similar other virtues within their environment, they will not be able to exhibit the same. When a boy and a girl decide to spend their entire life together, they should realize that they are signing up for something that is going to last throughout their time on earth. The responsibilities which come up in the ensuing years after their marriage thus needs to be distributed among the two so that neither of them lose out on one of the most dear virtues for survival  – Patience. This is how they will together be able to handle even the most stressful situations and become an ideal for their children to follow, thereby making the society a better place to live in.