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In terms of innovation, projectors have already come a long way from its first years where it was not portable because of its huge machine that is can fit an entire room in a cinema to the day that it can fit in your pocket.

Over the years, top electronic brands that are known to manufacture projectors have developed something new to this device making it more convenient to use.

Today there are any number in the market of more meaningful variety of projectors that includes for business presentations, home theater and for video gaming through the technology of Liquid-crystal display (LCD) Data loss prevention software (DLP) and Liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) and measure it through its throw distance on how the proximity or closeness of the screen to the projector and many more features.

Before buying a projector is to be sure to consider these things so that there is no money wasted and enjoy the best out of the device.

There are four kinds of images a projector can illuminate; data, photos, games and of course video. Almost all kinds of projectors can show all kinds of image, however, it is best to know the most important thing that any type of projector has specific functions that might not work with the other that is why it is important to understand that a projector can only handle one kind of imaging in a good way that it can run other types of images perfectly.

It is also important to consider its portability. Nowadays people are always on the go that is why portable devices are the number one trend. When it comes to projectors, there are models out there that have sizes and weights that range from small and light enough to fit your backpack and even your pocket and there are those that are large enough for permanent installation.

Another thing to consider is the projector’s resolution. If you are looking for a projector for your home entertainment system the best choice would be a model that can run a 1080p resolution or 1920×1080 resolutions to give you an optimum performance in illuminating the images and video to the screen. There are also new projectors out in the market capable of running in a 4k ultra high definition resolution but yet it is too expensive compared to the ones that run 1080p resolution. These projectors are also capable of running video games.

In terms of screen size, modern projectors specifically smart projectors can accommodate large or widescreen formats. Some projectors have a widescreen resolution of WXGA (1,280 by 800) and can run also a 1080p format which is common. If you are planning to make your own presentations on a widescreen laptop computer or monitor it will look much better if you project it with the same format of the projector.

Brightness is another important thing to consider when buying a projector. It’s not the brightest that is always better all the time. For those who want to use the projector for home entertainment system which is particularly installed in a dark room, it is better to look for projectors that can emit 2,000 to 3,000 lumens in the proper range. The proper level of brightness always depends on the amount of the ambient light in the room as well as the size of the images and the material of the screen that is used.

To check out some good quality portable projectors, try the TM-60 projector of Odyssey Cinema Concepts. If you are hesitant about the product to check out Odyssey Cinema concepts TM-60 reviews.

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