Inverter Batteries – A Brief Intro

A lot of regions in India experience untimely power cuts. There are many regions that still lack electricity. Voltage fluctuations are very common and nothing unheard of. A vast majority of the people of India from all classes depend on UPS and batteries to tackle this issue. They need to keep their trust on a battery that will not give up on them frequently. There are a lot of companies that have a range of batteries for customers to choose from. The batteries should be purchased depending on the requirements and necessities of the customer.

In case, the customer wants the UPS to run for all the appliances present in his house, then he should go for a high-intensity battery that coughs up a lot of power. The battery life also should not be uncompromised upon. In case, the customer wants just a few appliances to run in the house, then he could go for a much smaller battery, which he will be able to buy for a lesser cost when compared to high-intensity batteries.

Always insist on buying a good quality, customer friendly battery that lasts for a long time. The battery should be able to provide a hassle-free experience for you and your family. You should never feel that there are frequent power cuts going on. The battery should be highly resistant to heat. It should have alloy made from Calcium / ultra-modified hybrid material so that the maintenance cost is almost negligible. For the complete peace of mind, buy a technologically advanced battery system that when combined with the UPS offers the ultimate source of power your family needs.

Some dos and Don’ts of an inverter battery system are as follows –


  • Always choose a highly ventilated area to install your battery. Do not stuff your battery in a dark, stuffy room; make sure you can come in contact with the battery to clean it off dust regularly.
  • Install the UPS on a completely flat surface. This ensures the UPS does not topple or lose balance.
  • Tighten the battery terminals to ensure no shorts or opens occur in the circuit.
  • When the computer is working, always keep the switch in FC mode.
  • Use high quality, rated, MCB’s (Miniature Circuit Breakers), battery cables, and fuses only.
  • Keep the UPS away from the reach of children. The child might end up hurting himself or causing damage to the battery and UPS system. If he touches the terminals that are not fixed properly, the child might get a shock!
  • Always switch off the front panel switch when you decide to disconnect the UPS from it.


  • Never connect the battery cables in the reverse direction.
  • Do not give a connected to the vacant plug points.
  • Do not mix up the ratings of the batteries and the UPS.
  • Do not leave the UPS on in case the plugs and cables are damaged.
  • Do not keep the UPS and the Battery in a closed container.
  • Do not tie your pets near the inverter battery

Say goodbye to sitting in the dark or lighting candles! Install a UPS and a battery in your house today!