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Know about Copy-Paste, Copycat

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Whether you have a recording studio or you are a solo flight recording artist, a band, a company or just a regular person looking for CD, DVD, Blu-Ray replication and production, then Implant Media is the right place for you for they surely provide more than what you ask for. If you are now ready to discover the services offered by Implant Media, let us now head on to their website’s content.

Even if it is just your first time to venture into the services and field of CD, DVD, Blu-Ray replication and production, Implant Media is and will surely be able to discuss the steps needed in replication and reproducing your materials and, of course, help you go through it. How? Let us first look at the questions one must ask themselves in order to fully asses not just the services being offered to you but also in order to re-assess and know what kind of service you really need, if you really need it, and if you are financially ready enough. First service to discover is the CD replication, which is something that is more commonly used by people. So, what is CD replication? Replication is the process wherein music or modulated data are pressed onto a modulated disc.

CD, DVD, Blu-Ray replication

This is the best and more suitable option to choose if you plan to or if you need to produce 500 or more copies of CD’s or DVD’s or maybe 1000+ copies of Blu-rays. Now, why replication? Well for one, they are much more durable. They are also less costly, in the sense that they are cheaper per unit, compared to those of duplicated discs. Now there are two ways as to how replicated discs are printed: screen printing and offset printing. The difference between the two is that screen printing is used for graphics that are flat and are set up as Pantone colors. Printing solid graphics in Pantone colors can result to a much flatter and smoother finish compared to printing the same graphics through the use of offset printing process. On the other hand, offset printing is usually used for artworks that are made up of images and/or artworks. In offset printing, primary colors such as cyan, magenta, yellow, and black are usually involved and used and being printed onto a silver or white base.

Now aside from CD, DVD, Blu-Ray replication and production, Implant Media also offers different services such as vinyl records production and printing, promotional services such as flash drive printing and personalization, t-shirt printing, poster printing from band posters to street posters, which are available in a variety of sizes that can accommodate your needs. They also offer business cards printing. You may visit their website and it will show you an overview of the said services and help you go through it.

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