Permanent Residence Card Canada

Canada is one of those places where many people immigrate every single year. According to a survey, mostly the Indians and the Americans move permanently to Canada and there are reasons behind it too. Canada has one of the simplest immigration policies in the world. It seems as if Canada is welcoming immigrants all the time which actually is really appealing. Well, if you want to be called a permanent resident of Canada, having a permanent residence card Canada is mandatory. More details about it is given in the article below.

Why is the permanent residence card Canada important?

If you want to move to Canada for a short period of time for studying or working, you would not want the permanent residence card. The Canada resident visa will only be required if you would you like to stay in Canada as a permanent resident. There are many perks added to being a permanent resident in Canada which can turn out to be good for you in the future.

A permanent resident of Canada is somebody who has accepted that he has immigrated to Canada forever. He officially becomes an immigrant of Canada but not a Canadian. Most of the laws apply similarly to an immigrant of Canada as well as a normal Canadian except a few.

A permanent resident of Canada who is not a Canadian cannot apply for running a political office. This is a good step from the Canadian government, in my opinion. On the other hand, he/she cannot even hold jobs which need a high-level security clearance. It’s true that the government has to be safe about their data and not allowing immigrants to have an upper hand on it who is the most obvious thing.

There are certain things that you have to maintain in order to be a permanent resident of Canada. When you become a permanent resident of Canada, you can live anywhere else but make sure that you live 2 out of 5 years in Canada itself. If you stay somewhere else for longer than this, you might just lose your permanent residency in Canada. This is one of those rules that you have to follow in order to stay a permanent resident in Canada.

You can lose your permanent resident status of Canada if even one of these happen:

  • An adjudicator can determine that you are no longer a permanent resident after inquiry or an appeal of PRTD.
  • You yourself renounce the status of your permanent residency
  • For some reason, a removal order is made against you which actually comes into force
  • You upgrade and become a Canadian citizen

How to apply for permanent residence card Canada?

Once you have completely decided that you are going to immigrate to Canada, you can learn about all the requirements for a permanent residence card. There is a form available online which you have to fill. After you submit the form, all the details about where you need to go, what documents you have to bring with you etc.