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The Lowdown on safe Steroid Use

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     The idea of safe steroid use seems absurd with all the bad rep the compound is getting. It begs the question of whether there really is a safe dosage at all for steroid use. So, is there? More importantly, is there even a safe dosage at all? Have you heard of a medical saying “the dose makes the poison”? it is an ancient saying by an ancient botanist. In order to know more about the safe use of any drug, let us dive deeper into what a safe dosage is.

Therapeutic Index

       For any substance or drug to be taken in some form into the body, we have what medical experts term as a Therapeutic Index or TI. This is the range of dosages where a drug or compound can be effective with the least amount and most minimal side effects. If there is any amount less or more the compound will lose the desired effect or worse be harmful to the user. The range will vary from compound to compound. What does this tell us? In reality, ALL substances or drugs can cause liver and kidney damage and any drug can kill you if taken way above the Therapeutic Index.


       The Therapeutic Index for steroids are generally large and have a wide range of dosages. One of the most notable references to the Therapeutic Index for steroids is one for a compound called Oxymetholone (Anadrol). Anadrol is considered to be one of those steroids that have very harmful side effects. It is widely publicized to have toxic side effects. Bodybuilding websites will tell you that this compounds range of dosage should be from 50-150 mg per day and that anything above will be detrimental to your health. There are recorded tests of this compound on HIV patients that were given up to 500mg per day with no to minimum side effects being shown. This is after 8 weeks of continuous medication. So there it is, plain as day. The effects of steroids are sometimes so overly hyped that it obscures the truth about their effectivity and use.

        If you are looking for an answer as to whether or not Steroids can be taken safely, then YES it can be used safely just like any other drug. Also, like any other substance, they can be abused but you will have to take a ridiculously large amount to be able to have the bad effects they describe online.Look up the safest Steroid or Steroid alternative on websites such as There you can look at comprehensive reviews of compounds for safe usage.  The best way to go about it is to use it from the most minimum and slowly up the dosage where you see the Goldilocks effect. Where results come in and at the lowest side effects present.

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