The Surprising Benefits of The “Brew”

Instead of wine, swap that with three 355ml bottles of beer and you will feel all the better for it. Studies indicate that drinking beer moderately has more benefits than drinking wine. Good health might just be hidden underneath that frosty mug of beer that you are holding right now. Take note though that this is achievable only in moderation and moderation is three 355 ml bottles of beer daily according to studies. Beer is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, it is quite prolific, same day alcohol & drinks delivery to your door services make this readily available to consumers. Beer is readily available anywhere.

On the contrary

Against common view,  beer, when taken in moderation, has a lot to offer in terms of benefits to our body.  It has been found out that beer has more nutrients and Vitamin B than wine. A regular bottle of beer is loaded with around 145 calories and around 11-15 grams of carbs. The presence of folate in beer helps lower the risk of heart disease when consumed in moderation. Beer also reduces blood clots and it has been shown to improve mental function in women as well as increasing bone density.

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Helps reduce the risk of cancer

A flavonoid compound present in beer called Xanthohumol is found out to play a major role in preventing cancer, more notably so in preventing prostate cancer. In addition to the flavonoid, it also contains polyphenols another active cancer-fighting compound.

Cardiovascular Diseases risk are also reduced

Beer is rich in Vitamin B6, which helps protect against heart diseases by preventing the build-up of a compound called homocysteine. It has a thinning effect on the blood and prevents the formation of clots, which cause blocks in the coronary arteries. Consumption of beer in moderate amounts also reduces the risk of inflammation, which is the root cause of atherosclerosis.

Helps control diabetes


Studies have reported that people who drink a moderate amount of beer have a lower risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. A moderate intake of beer, combined with exercise and a diet rich in vitamins, can help combat diabetes. Beer significantly reduces blood glucose levels, thus helping patients suffering from diabetes.

Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease

This is one of the most remarkable benefits of beer drinking in moderation.  Studies have reported that moderate beer drinkers are 23% less likely to develop different forms of dementia and cognitive impairment, including Alzheimer’s. The silicon content in beer is thought to protect the brain from the harmful effects of high amounts of aluminum in the body, which are one of the possible causes of Alzheimer’s.

Kidney Stone Prevention

Beer has a high-water content, which helps flush out harmful toxins from the body, and keeps the kidneys functioning properly. Also, compounds in hops used in brewing help slow the release of calcium from bones, which in turn prevents the buildup of lost calcium in the kidney in the form of stones.

Again the key word here is when taken in moderation. Excessive drinking may not only be harmful in the long run but will actually worsen your pre existing conditions if you have any.