What You Need To Know About cathodic protection system

When you talk about maritime advancements, boats and ships of today and very far from the way the boats are made from long ago. For starters, now ships are made of metal that makes it more durable than the previous wood material. It’s also run by an engine that helps the ship stay on course and not to mention a roof in each ship, partnered with some advancements in navigation and you got a well-built ship that can last for years and years and years.

But it doesn’t last forever, surprisingly not because they need to be replaced, but because of something else, it’s called corrosion. While metal is a very durable material to use in a boat or in a ship, it’s also ironic that its main enemy is corrosion which lessens the lifespan of a ship drastically. This is the reason why shipping companies and manufacturers invest in chemicals that help prevent corrosion in the best way possible and it’s by the means of the cathodic protection system.

Cathodic protection system: Now before you get confused about the “system” word being a device or something, it’s really not. Basically, it’s a chemical compound that is applied in high corrosion areas in order to prevent corrosion over time. It helps shipping companies get their money’s worth on their investment, saving some repair cost and early retirement of the fleet. In health, there is saying “prevention is better than cure” and that is also true when it comes to ships.

cathodic protection system in Singapore

Why Apply it: When the ship leaves the dock and it’s placed in the water, it stays there mostly for all its life, and its life is about facing bodies of water that has high deposits of salt and minerals that can contribute to the corrosion. A ship costs a fortune to build and not getting your money’s worth out of it before it’s life runs out is an awful lot of shame for a ship that is very expensive, to begin with. So before that happens, make sure you also invest in a cathodic protection system.

The company that makes it: Cathodic Marine Engineering Pte Ltd. is this company that makes cathodic protection systems. Their 14 years of experience in manufacturing and design makes them the partner of choice for various shipping companies that are looking for solutions to combat their sips mortal enemy, corrosion. Damage due to corrosion is expensive and you can lose millions to billions because of it. So before that happens, at least invest in a cathodic protection system.

When it comes to corrosion management, nothing beats cathodic protection system. It helps longevity in your fleet giving it more life and your money’s worth. Ships are considered as sturdy workhorses in the sea that carries and transports cargo from point A to point B. It costs a fortune too, that losing it to corrosion is bad for the business. Even if it’s made from high-quality metal, it’s exposed most of the time to it’s mortal enemy, the sea. If you happen to be in Singapore, a cathodic protection system in Singapore treatment is the best thing that you can do for your ship.