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Why Newspaper Are Still Relevant Today

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Newspaper, a type of public service information printed on a newsprint. Newspapers are full of news, public announcement, ads and job listings. Newspapers basically have everything that anyone wants including a few comic skits that kids love. With the digital age, its extinction is looming as some people say millennial aren’t well adapted to newspapers and are more reliant on the digital media for various information that they would want to know.

While that is the case, it will still take some time before newspapers will become extinct since there are still people that yearns and live for a daily dose of newspaper and in some parts on India this is still widely accepted. Not just because it’s what people got used to but also because humans love to hold something, something in physical form like a newspaper. It’s are all about life on paper and even job seekers are still looking for jobs with newspapers.

Not all people are millennial: Millennial are people that are born in the early 1980’s and most young adults are millennial. The majority of the population aren’t millennial and have lived in the heyday of newspapers and has made reading newspapers as their way of life. So it will take time before newspapers are going to be replaced. It’s still relevant in today’s age and even in poor communities that don’t have access to the internet, newspapers are still the main source of information and for people that are looking for jobs, it’s still their preferred source and the only source in some areas.

Newspapers have the reputation: With all the fake news circulating online, it kind of becomes the reason why people diverted back to the newspaper. The fact is, newspapers are more credible than online news and there are companies that still trusts newspapers thus they list their career openings in newspapers.

Newspapers are also digitized: Newspaper companies knows all too well  the emerging times thus they embraced it and given that they already have a name, they already have the credibility to put up a website for their services. It’s not just a good business move but it also made the internet more credible because of their presence. So for people that had the access to the internet, this is the place that they can go that has more credibility than any social media around and for the people that are looking for a jobs, this option is a godsend.

If you speak of credibility, there’s no better institution that manifests that than newspaper companies. These companies dedicated their lives to providing accurate news information to the public and other postings like job openings. A newspaper is also the life that most people lived for on a daily basis, it has current events, editorials, ads, comic skits, basically it has everything that you want and need and if you want a good source of job listings, visit employment news paper in Tamil today.

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