7 Important Things to Consider About Playground Equipment

Planning to buy a piece of playground equipment for your kids?

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Do you remember the time when you almost got tripped for getting excited to play at your house backyard swing? That was good olden days, right? As you grow old and have a family your own, you want your kids to experience the same excitement that you felt when you were in the same age as them.

To help you with the planning of having a simple outdoor playground for your kids, below are some things you need to watch out when buying a piece of playground equipment.

1. Cross-Out Non-Expandable Swing Set

Non-expandable swing set is a no-no! Why? Your kids will grow faster as you may expect. You should consider buying a swing set that is modular and expandable for your kids.

Playground Equipment

2. Avoid Wobbly and Light-weight Swing Set 

Most of playground equipment companies create a higher platform for longer slides. It’s important to choose a top-heavy structure for this kind of set. As a parent, you should make a test to this equipment, grab and shake the swing set. If the swing set is wobbly and lightweight, your child’s safety is at risk.

3. Make Sure the Climbing Area is Angled

For child’s safety, the climbing area should be on a lean angled for good stability and footing. You wouldn’t want to climb on a ladder which perfectly leaned on vertical position, right? Or else, you’ll fall.

4. Choose an Age-Appropriate Playground Equipment

Sometimes, an injury occurs when a child is allowed to play on certain equipment that’s not appropriate to his age group. Playground equipment has three age group categories, 2 years old and under, ages 2 to 5 years old, and ages 5 to 12 years old. Always pick the right one that matches your kid’s age to avoid unnecessary injuries.

5. Check the Surface Underneath

Some playground equipment has surfaces that need to be placed underneath the equipment. Some of these should be thick, or soft to support suitable padding when a kid suddenly fall. Avoid putting the equipment in the soil, grass, and cement because it can cause instability to the equipment. You should consider placing rubber mats, sand, or wood chips underneath.

6. Check the Fine Print

This is a must especially if you’re buying online. Always make sure that you understand the fine print. Check the language and details of each swing set brand you like. Always check the durability, stability, and safety features for yourself. Remember, always be responsible for your child’s safety.

 7. Always Read the Warranty

You need to avoid pro-rated warranties. It doesn’t provide full protection and it may cost you a lot for repairs and replacement. Choose a piece of equipment which have a non-pro-rate warranty, this can provide full protection. In addition, their service is free so repairs and replacement wouldn’t cost you a penny.