A simplified guide to effectively manage Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue refers to the chronic stress and ability of the body to recuperate from any sort of mental, emotional, or physical stress. Adrenals have a huge impact on the body, and hence, the adrenal fatigue symptoms can cause a lot of disorders in the human body. The problem is not always recognizable. There are sources which claim that symptoms of adrenal fatigue include extreme fatigues along with brain fog, weight gain, and a few more.

It’s not always the case where one feels fatigued and infers that it is an alarming condition for adrenal fatigue. The tests conducted for adrenal fatigue are not so straightforward, studies suggest that high cortisol levels are indicative towards high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and in case of children, it delays their growth.

Talking about some of the curious facts about adrenal fatigue includes,

  • The evidence of the disease, as till now there is no scientific evidence about it whether it is a true medical condition.
  • The supplements taken for adrenal fatigue proves to be dangerous in some cases.

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue are:

  • Unknown weight loss
  • Tiredness
  • Trouble in getting sleep and waking up
  • More reliability on stimulants like caffeine
  • Craving salt and sugar
  • Digestion problems
  • Moodiness
  • Dizziness while standing up quickly
  • Thinner and weaker nails
  • Chronic inflammation

Above mentioned symptoms are generic in day to day life, but these can signal some sort of illness in a person. But as discussed above, there is no scientific evidence of the problem so these points may also be due to lack of sleep or some addiction (caffeine) or sometimes due to lack of sleep. The main logic which lies behind adrenal fatigue is adrenal glands are overworked while they are activated during stress.

Diagnosis of adrenal fatigue

Diagnosis of this problem is made by taking blood samples or by using the salivary cortisol testing to check whether the person is suffering from adrenal fatigue. Those who consider adrenal fatigue as the disease often believe that scientific techniques aren’t sensitive enough to identify it.  Worried about how to track your medicine for the disease? Medicine tracker might be able to answer all your queries about it.

So we now have come across the symptoms and diagnosis of the Adrenal fatigue, let’s see what cures are available for it.

  • Eating nutrient-rich proteins

Oysters, organic turkey, and Grass-fed organ meats are the best sources of nutrient-rich protein, which can help the patient to make the adrenal glands function in proper order.

Oysters have balanced hints of minerals which maintain the balance between zinc and copper in the body.

Having organic turkey in meals can calm your anxiety and make you feel better.

Grass-fed organ meats are considered as the best source for the nutrients which are required to fight against adrenal fatigue like zinc, vitamin B, and D.

  • Go Green

Leafy greens are plant foods like spinach and swiss chard which are rich in magnesium content.

Asparagus contains a rich amount of vitamin B, which are very helpful for the patient of adrenal glands.

  • Trying Natural Medicines

The actual existence of adrenal fatigue is only in the brain so natural medicines can be very helpful for it. Herbs which are adaptable to the human body are ashwagandha, holy basil; eleuthero supports the brain to respond to the stress.

  • Improving Sleep habits

This is a very common problem which every age group suffers from, lack of proper sleep and in the long run, the mind can only work properly if it gets desired or optimal amount of sleep. Staying awake late nights is considered as a bad practice, but unfortunately, most of the people are having this as their common practice. The best possible solution for this problem can be turning off all the gadgets at sleeping time. Having a proper diet also plays a crucial role in getting sound sleep. Concerned about your sleep? Now you can track your sleep easily.

  • Yoga and meditation techniques

It has been a traditional technique to practice yoga and meditation on a regular basis to reduce stress and attain peace of mind. This stress buster is pretty much essential for the adrenal fatigue problem as the main cause for the problem is stress, which can have destructive effects on health. Being healthy but stressful is not a symbol of fitness. Hence in order to be stress-free, regular practice of yoga and meditation helps a lot.

  • Spending more time outdoors

It is often observed that most of the people nowadays prefer to be indoors rather than going out, with technologies advancing daily everything now comes to the door and hands of people. So most of the people prefer to be at home, leaving the sun and fresh air outside. It has been scientifically proven time and again that spending some time in fresh air outside makes the mind rejuvenated and relaxed, which leads to reducing the stress from the mind. Activities like walking, jogging can be performed at a regular basis in order to relax the mind and body.

  • Stress management

After discussing the above cures, one must have the stress management techniques with them to tackle the stress, which can prove to be devastating for the health. One who masters stress can master everything, each of us has a hectic schedule in day to day life, and we all get stressed at some point of time due to any reason. During the time of stress techniques like listening to music, taking a long walk around, spending time with loved ones and meditating can help the patient in all possible ways.

So these are the few cures related to adrenal fatigue, which mainly revolves around managing stress and making up the mind to function in a proper way. In the life full of tension and pressure, we often forget to even take proper medication and are clueless about which medicines to take. In such situations, why not try the Medicine Tracker for a better and healthy life?