Dispelling the Myths about Selling Gold

Have you been hoarding gold jewellery for long time? If you have never sold any of your gold jewellery maybe you should consider it. There’s never a better time to consider selling gold. Why is this time more opportune?  Well, the prices are good, the process has gotten very easy and everyone can use some additional income to pay the bills or to splurge on something like brand new jewellery. You may have held on to old jewellery or broken jewellery because you thought no one would buy it. Truth is, there are lots of gold buyers Brisbane who are looking for gold to buy in any condition. There are a lot of misconceptions about selling gold that might have influenced your own decision not to sell gold. Let’s discuss a few of them

Myth #1: Old, Broken Jewellery Isn’t Worth much 

Many people who have old and damaged gold pieces think that their items aren’t worth much. The one thing you need to understand about gold buyers is that they are interested in the actual gold content itself. So, your broken 18k gold chain still has 75% pure gold that can be extracted. Gold buyers aren’t second hand jewellery merchants. They don’t buy gold jewellery just so they can clean it and sell it back to someone else. This is something a pawnshop might do.

Myth #2: Weight is all that is important when selling gold 

There are two attributes that are important when selling gold: purity and weight. Purity trumps weight in that a light 24k gold bracelet, for instance may be worth more than a heavier 10kgold necklace. When it comes to gold, the quality of the gold you sell determines how much you can get for it, weight is a secondary contributor. You should have your gold assayed to determine its purity and once that has been done, you can weigh it. Remember: don’t mix your karats. Weigh different karats separately.

Myth#3: The process of selling gold is complicated

Selling gold has never been easier. There are so many options available to anyone who has some gold to sell. There are gold buyers Brisbane with Brick and mortar establishments that you can walk in with your gold, have it appraised and walk out with cash in hand. There are buyers who also offer mail-in services that allow you to sell your gold without ever needing to leave your house. If you have estate gold and other high-value items that you don’t want to have to walk around with you can find a gold buyer who is willing to come to you.

Myth #4: Gold buyers only buy gold

Whilst gold might be the primary focus for most gold buyers, a lot of them also buy other valuable metals like silver or platinum. So when you do decide to clear out your jewellery box, don’t leave the silver pieces out. You can sell these and maximise on the cash you can get for your old and unwanted jewellery.