Everything You Need To Know About The Octopus

Octopus is an amazing sea creature that gives you the feeling of science fiction rather than being in reality. It is an invertebrate that belongs to Order Molluscs. Its scientific name is Octopoda. This sea animal is from Class Cephalopoda. Like all other cephalopods, it is also bilaterally symmetric that has two eyes as well as a beak. The mouth of the animal is present at the center points in between all the eight limbs. These limbs are popularly called as arms. Tentacles are another name given to its arms.


They are generally found in warm and tropical water. Most of the species are found near the floor of the ocean but some species are found to be pelagic that means these live near the surface of the water. These are solitary animals which live alone in the dens that are built from rocks.

Amazing Facts

Its soft body helps him to squeeze down through a small hole too. Isn’t that amazing? Apart from 8 arms, the creature is quite popular. Some interesting facts about the Octopus are mentioned below:

  • This animal has three hearts. One is large and the other two are small. Smaller hearts are close to the gills and they enrich the blood of octopus with oxygen before it gets transferred to the larger one. Then this larger one will pump the heart to body of the animal.
  • It has blue blood. The reason behind this that their blood is copper based. Human blood is iron rich. Copper-based blood is more efficient in transporting the oxygen in the body in low oxygen surroundings.
  • When they detect a predator, they squirt ink.
  • No bones are there. They are boneless.
  • Each arm has suction cups at bottom of its side.

The largest octopus in this world is the Giant Pacific Octopus. It’s reached to 30 feet/9 meters and weighs 272 kilograms/ 600 pounds. Sometimes they are so much big that they can even eat the sharks.

The Atlantic Pygmy Octopus weighs around 28 grams and arms are around 8 cms long.

The life span of the Octopus is very short. They generally live till 5 years. In fact, the mating process is dangerous for the octopus. Male Octopus dies after mating. Females ones die after the eggs hatch. So, mating results in their death.

The brain in this sea animal is not too large. The size of the brain is similar to the bird’s brain. It is considered one of the intelligent animals of the world. The arms also have the neurons. Therefore, after detaching from the body, the arm of Octopus feels pain.

The typical diet of this amazing sea animal includes mollusks, crabs and prawns. They like to have shellfish. These can easily drill a hole in the shell and after that slurp, the soft parts present inside of the shell.

Octopuses like to pick a shiny object across the floor of the ocean. Then they rearrange them into a nice collection popularly called as Octopus Garden. They also have the ability to regenerate lost limbs.

So, this sea animal is filled with lots of surprises and amazing facts.