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Home Tutions Vs Group Tutions – What Is Better For Your Kid?

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The Main Differences Between Private and Group Tuition

Parents seeking tutoring help for their struggling child will find a wealth of options available to them. These options will fall into two specific categories: private (at home) or group (center). Both avenues provide expert level academic assistance for a variety of subjects, disabilities, and learning levels. So which one is the best? The answer depends on the student.

Student Needs

Students in need of tuition services have either fallen behind in their studies, or have a serious learning deficiency that affects their comprehension. The effectiveness of the tuition is directly related to the type of need the student has. So, in order to determine the best type of tuition for your child it is necessary to ascertain exactly what that need is.

Private tutors are the best tutors for special needs students. They provide the attention, focus, and hands-on assistance such students require. One-on-one instruction is optimal for students with serious learning deficiencies as they require more time to effectively grasps concepts.

Group tuition operates on the level of a classroom. Tutors have to split their focus on the number of kids in attendance. This is perfect for students that have just fallen behind as it gives them the extra time and focus necessary to catch up. As such students usually do not have serious learning disorders they can operate well with less attention.

Ratio of Teacher to Student

The basic difference between private and group tuition is the ratio of teachers to students. Private tutors are one-on-one. There is one teacher and one student. Group tuition can be anywhere between three to twenty students and one tutor.

If a child requires hands-on attention they are less likely to get it in a group setting. This is why private tutoring is a better choice. Children who simply need a leg up can function well with minimized attention. So a group setting is more than adequate.

Learning Methodology

Tuition centers usually practice rote learning. Rote learning requires students to answer similar questions over and over for a certain period of time. When that time is up they move onto another subject where they answer similar questions again. Rote learning requires the class to move at a unified pace. The subjects will switch when most of the students present are done. Rote learning is also practiced in a traditional classroom and is optimal for the instruction of large groups. It also creates the ability for students to learn and grow together. They can bounce ideas off on another, form teams, and find solutions as a unit.

Private tutors are focused entirely on the student. The learning methodology here is comprehensive. There is no time limit and subjects only change when the student is ready. Additionally, private tutors can adapt the curriculum to suit the specific needs of the child. This way not only do they learn they also gain the ability to overcome whatever disorder hampers their cognition. This is great for special needs as it allows them to move at their own pace and prevents them from falling behind.


A tutoring center has set hours of operation. This means you have to mold your schedule around when they are open. Luckily, these hours usually compliment a school schedule and many centers even provide transportation to said center after school. Schools themselves have tutoring hours available to students after a normal school day.

Private tutoring molds itself to your schedule. As an at home service it can take place whenever you need it to. This is a great convenience for parents with strenuous schedules. It is also better for students with special needs as they require extra time. This allows the schedule to be built around their learning.


Private tutors usually bear specific certification for special needs education. This makes them more suitable to handle serious learning impediments. Centers also have experts but more than often those experts are versed in general studies. Whether you are choosing a group or private tuition ensuring that they are qualified to assist your special needs child is an important factor to consider.


Certainly on the lower scale of importance price is also a major difference between private and group tuition. Private tutors usually cost more than a group center as they bear certification and hold open hours. Group centers usually charge a set price for the number of hours your child will be in attendance.

Learning Speed

Another big difference between private and group tuition is the speed in which students can learn. Private tutors allow students to learn at their own pace. They can take as much time as they need to master the curriculum. Group centers move with the group allowing for the possibility of a child falling behind.

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