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How Much Does It Cost to Install Sod or Seeds for Natural Lawns?

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Professional seeding for real grass lawns are cheaper than sodding, but the latter is a better choice against soil erosion. Sodding also becomes a better choice when you want to see immediate results.

If you need real grass for European-style landscaping with Italian garden statues, you can have higher-quality grass from professional seeding. However, it needs regular care and maintenance like reseeding patches, especially after heavy rainfall.

Price Comparison

The price of installing grass seeds for the first time may cost from $400 to $1,300, although the average price is around $850. You should expect to spend at least $100 for the cost of materials. On the other hand, sod prices start at $170 up to $380. Initial installation may cost between $1,000 and $2,500 while the average amount is $1,800.

Seeding may entail a lower upfront cost, but your long-term expenses for reseeding can be quite expensive if you do it more frequently. You may have to spend from $60 to $200 for every reseeding. While sod requires little maintenance, the cost of resodding a lawn will range from $0.5 per square foot to $2.15 per square foot.

Types of Sods and Seeds

Your choice of materials will also determine the overall price of installing sod or seeds. The cheapest types of grass seeds may cost $20 for every 10-pound bag, and these include the centipede, ryegrass and fescue variants. Buffalo grass seeds are among the most expensive, with prices ranging between $100 and $120. There are many other types of grass seeds, but these are the most common in the market.

The same number of options don’t apply to sod types. An economy-grade fescue variant is the most affordable with a price of at least $130. The Bermuda and Zoysia sods are the least accessible. You should expect an economy-grade material to cost from $170 to $370.

DIY vs. Professional Installation

You will find it easier to install grass seeds, but the downside of DIY installation often involves a homeowner’s lack of experience and skill. Most problems happen due to a wrong choice of grass species and improper seeding installation. Hence,

The same situation can happen for sodding, and you can’t save money by doing it yourself. DIY sodding costs up to $2,000, including the materials and soil testing. A professional can do it for around $1,000. Don’t forget that a soil test is essential whether you pick seeds or sods for your lawn.
In terms of maintenance, newly planted grass seeds need water three times per day within the first three weeks. Sod only needs water every day for the first two weeks. You can mow the lawn by the end of the second week, unlike grass that needs to be fully grown before using the lawnmower.

You can likely save money by including sodding or seeding as part of a backyard landscaping. If you live in Miami, the average rate of backyard design costs at least $3 per square foot. Consult a landscape artist to know more about sods and seeds.

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