IS HEMP OIL ILLEGAL? Some regional facts

Hemp oil comes with various natural benefits which are also considered to be a remedy for treating various ailments but people get confused about whether this magical natural and organic products is legal or not and that’s why we have come with a detailed blog on whether the hemp oil is legal or not. But before getting into the details of legalization of hemp oil, let’s first understand what hemp oil actually is.

What is Hemp oil?

Hemp oil is a natural chemical compound which is found in cannabis. The hemp oil differs from THC which is responsible for giving you a feeling of high and that’s why the hemp oil doesn’t have a psychoactive effect on the consumer. In addition to this, the traces of hemp oil can’t be detected in a drug test since the amount of THC found in it is almost negligible.

There are numerous studies conducted on the effect of hemp oil on the human body but hemp oil acting as a natural remedy for various elements hasn’t been proved yet.  The users of the hemp oil have reported a decrease in the symptoms of their ailments like depression, physical pain, insomnia.

Is hemp oil illegal?

 There is no doubt in the popularity of hemp oil because of its benefits but the legal aspect regarding the use of hemp oil varies widely according to the different states. The main factor deciding the legality of the hemp oil is whether it is derived from hemp or marijuana and whether it is produced by state-license grower.

The hemp oil contains no THC at all but the answer to the question ‘whether hemp oil is illegal or not?’ is not that simple. As of 2019, all hemp oil obtained from hemp is considered to be legal nationwide at the federal level. Oils, edibles, and ointments fall into the category of legal hemp products but there are some states which have different law for even the hemp oil obtained from hemp.

Where is hemp oil legal?

Till now, there are 10 states which have legalized the use of marijuana and its product for recreational purposes. If you are living in the following ten states then you can use the products of marijuana and hemp for medicinal and recreational use:-











But if you are living in any other state and still worried about the legal use of hemp oil then its better to search online about the state law of hemp oil in your area as different states have different rules for the use of products of hemp and marijuana.