Jaipur: What You Should Not Miss as a Tourist?

Delhi is a metropolitan and you can find a lot of variety in this city. The capital is not just known for its industrialisation and parliament activities; but also for its architecture, buildings, forts, temples and tourist attractions. Whether Old Delhi or New Delhi; both have variety to cater to its visitors. If you live in the capital, you surely have tasted all these flavours of this city.

It is time to go to some new city for exploring their tourist spots. You can look for Delhi to jaipur buses and go for a wonderful trip.  This Pink City has a lot many things to offer you. You must check out Delhi to Jaipur buses booking and go for a cultural, beautiful and memorable trip to this city in Rajasthan.

Amer Fort

This Amer Fort is worth a visit because of its fabulous structure. You can get to the top of this fort on an elephant, by jeep or even drive your own vehicle through the sloping road.   The architecture of this fort is going to give you a great pleasure. The fort stands proudly and the feel inside is captivating.

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Constructed in 1734, the Nahargarh Fort has a “chilling” history. It is considered that the spirit of prince Nahar Singh spooky construction workers and put a curse on the fort. Thissturdy and majestic fort overlooks the city. The place gives an Aerial view of the city. You should get bus ticket from Delhi to jaipur and visit this city to explore a streak of forts and much more.

Hawa Mahal

You cannot miss out this HawaMehal palace. Maharaja SawaiPratap Singh formed the HawaMahal in the year 1799. The view from the top of this important mahalcaters stunning views of the City Palace, the JantarMantar and of course the SirehDeori Bazaar. You would definitely have a good time at this destination.


You would not want to miss this stunning mehal. The word that derives to mind when you witness the JalMahal is “Sensation”, it is that spectacular. It is located in the middle of the Man Sagar and this fort was clearly reconstructed by Jai Singh II. Well, you should visit Jaipur by buses from Delhi to jaipur and experience this spot for sure. It gives a treat to your eyes. Once you look at the space you would be overwhelmed by its beauty, art and vibes.The best time to visit this space is in the evenings when the lights are turned on. The entire place looks spectacular under the night sky.  The lights reflect in the water and it seems as if there are two mehals: one in real and one on the water.

So, check out Delhi to jaipur bus schedule and take a bus to visit this inviting Pink City.