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Parenting Redefined: Why Mentoring Is The Key To Child Development

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Mentoring is the number one point of parenting. When you raise a child, you are essentially mentoring that child into adulthood. Parents want the best for their children, but sometimes it is hard to know how to give that to them. Parents that were raised in tumultuous households may have the hardest time trying to figure out what the best ways of mentoring their children to be stable and happy adults are. If you were never given the tools to raise your children the way that you want, then you need to go out and find them. Even reading this short article about mentoring your children is a step in the right direction!

Mentoring and Responsive Parenting

Mentoring your children is along the same lines as what psychologists call responsive parenting. In responsive parenting, the parent needs to remain mindful of their actions at all times. Acting on emotion or impulsively can hurt the child. Responsive parenting gets parents thinking they are directors of their children’s progress.

Principles of Mentoring

Mentoring your child through the early years properly will produce healthy and happy, functional adults. First and foremost show your child how to love. This is done through example. You show your child that you can love them unconditionally and really make the connection with them. If your child responds best when you hug them, make an effort to embrace them often.

Be sure that your child is aware that you have expectations for them:

Expecting them to go to an ivy league university at the age of 6 may be a bit out of their reach, but set realistic goals for them and celebrate the milestones as you get there. When they don’t achieve something allow them to try it again and reward them when they finally accomplish the task.

  • Use positive reinforcement:

Give them a small reward for small tasks, like a new fun magnet for the fridge, or give them a dollar for their reward bank where they can save up for great toys of their choice from Brio Toys online. Whatever you choose to do, do your best to stay away from punishments and saying no. Negative feedback and reinforcement encourages misbehaviour.

  • Get to know your children:

Your children want to know you and feel connected to you. Make observations and openly talk to them about their behaviour and relate to them in any way that you can. Your children will learn a lot from talks like this, and it will make them feel like everyone matters and has a part to play.

Make an effort to turn the screens off and get in some old fashioned playtime with your children. Make a blanket fort, go out for a nature walk, make some popsicles, pick something that everyone will enjoy doing together.

  • Don’t be scared to talk to your children about things that you know little about:

Share your amusement and wonder with them. Join them in a Google search about silly questions like, do slugs have eyes, or why are boogers green? Doing this will encourage your children to make positive connections with the world and show them how to stoke their curiosity.

  • Do your best to not reward vanity:

This may be tough when around family, but it should be practised on a daily basis. Instead, reward your children for new skill sets that they learned. If your child puts together their first puzzle on their own, then give them a simple reward. Encouraging accomplishment overlooks will help to show them in the long run that it’s not about how you look, but about what you can do.

  • Now that you have all of these great new parenting tips, why not give them a go:

There is also a lot of information about mentoring and responsive parenting on the web. Just remember, to think before you act and that you are responsible for helping this kid to turn into a happy, healthy, functional adult.

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