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Penang is the “pearl of the East” of Malaysia for the whole world. The island city is an attractive tourist destination, which is greatly appreciated due to its natural beauty and incomparable cultural magnificence. Penang is a Malay translation of the bean nut “Penang”, from which the city got its name.

This is not an average, which is today considered the second busiest city in Malaysia after Kuala Lumpur. Penang is an island of 285 square kilometers, connected to the mainland with a length of 760 square kilometers by a 13 kilometers long bridge. The island’s city is dotted with temples and historic sites scattered in many places. Beautiful picturesque beaches are concentrated mainly in the northern part of the city.

Thousands of tourists flock to this absolute gem of the island city every year to experience a kind of heritage and fabulous landscapes. An amazing aspect of this city is that, although the population is multiracial, the culture adopted by people has a Chinese touch. Beginners will be surprised to see that Malays and Indians speak Hokkien, along with a large Chinese population of 65 percent of Penang. Residents of the city love to eat out, which has become a very popular past. Street vendors in Penang have acquired legendary status among Malays and are renowned for their excellent food and lively atmosphere.

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The official history of Penang dates back to 1786 when Sultan Kedah ceded the status of Francis Light instead of the British military defense of the Siamese. Penang flourished as a mall for tea, spices, porcelain, and textiles, and became part of Malaysia in 1957. Today, Penang is fast becoming an even more vibrant city. Enter any of the many hotel in Penang near street arts and you will be surprised by the friendliness with which the hotel staff treats their guests.

This is a first-hand perspective when visitors are aware of hospitality. Tourism and hospitality, in fact, are crucial for transforming the fate of this fabulous city. This fact is well understood even by the local population. This explains why both the people and the government made additional efforts to ensure that the city attains its former status as a glorious city.

In summary

They say, and this is a fact accepted by the majority of tourists who were lucky enough to visit Penang, that it is very difficult to miss on this exciting island. Although it is a small island, there is no shortage of places of cultural interest and beautiful attractive natural landscapes. The variety of relaxing holidays that can be enjoyed in Penang adds a certain charm to the island’s city. You can simply stroll along the sandy beaches, if you want, or admire the scenery from the top of Penang Hill. In abundance, there are opportunities to play with vipers in the famous temple of snakes or go shopping. With such great pleasure, there is time to miss! Book hotel rooms in Penang in advance to enjoy the exquisite hospitality and excellent atmosphere of hotels in Penang hotel in Penang near street arts.