Rend Affordable Accommodation in Wan Chai, Hong Kong

If you are seeking wanchai apartments for rent in hong kong, then go to Dash Serviced Suites official site and book most comfortable and affordable serviced apartment for your stay in Wan Chai. Their serviced apartments are situated on Jaffe Road and provide you a modern designed, hassle-free and fully equipped accommodation in the perfect location. In this way, you can experience the excitement and glamour of Hong Kong. Amazingly, they are also conveniently accessible to the business district with MTR station of Wan Chai.

No matter whether you are looking for accommodation in Wan Chai for long-term or short-term stay, serviced apartment is a better option as compared to stay in a hotel. The comfort that serviced apartments provide is unmatched with hotel comfort. In fact, a serviced apartment is like a home away from home, which means you will not miss your home and you can do whatever you want to do while you stay at a serviced apartment. As you also know that Wan Chai is home to international trade and finance along with main landmarks, like Hopewell Centre, Pacific place and Exhibition Centre and so, you can experience all these things easily if you stay at Dash Serviced Suites.

You can enjoy the nightlife and have access to unlimited entertainment and all it can be possible if you stay at Dash Serviced Suites Wan Chai serviced apartment. Pubs and bars are available within a few blocks. In fact, everything is accessible within a few minutes.

wanchai apartments for rent in hong kong

Serviced Apartments for Comfortable Stay in Wan Chai

Serviced apartments include a living room, kitchen, and bathroom. So, it will definitely give you the feeling that you are staying at your home and not in the hotel room. You can cook your favorite meals whenever you want and you are free to go anywhere and anytime. Today, more and more people prefer serviced apartments over hotels just because serviced apartments are just like home away from home. If you stay in a serviced apartment, then you will don’t get feeling of being homesick.

Another best thing about serviced apartments is that they are a perfect option for families, or groups traveling together. Plus, if you stay in a serviced apartment, then you have a memorable experience in Wan Chai and you will get customized serviced that truly can’t be attained if you stay in a hotel room. So, whether you are seeking a place to stay with your family or place to stay for your business trip, book Wan Chai apartments for rent in Hong Kong at Dash Serviced Suites.

You can go to their official site and get to know more about them before you book. Check out what services are included in their serviced apartment. Nevertheless, the serviced apartment comes with all facilities you need for a comfortable stay, such as free Wi-Fi, Apple TV, housekeeping service, Now TV, Kitchen, bathroom, privacy, security and much more.