Staying safe in your student house

Moving away from home and into your first student flat can be a little daunting. The change from student halls to private accommodation is exciting but comes with more responsibility. Not only is there less security but you don’t have the watch out of lots of students around you. You’ll need to make sure you keep the house itself safe as well as your belongings. Here are some of the ways you can keep your student house safe…

  1. Know who’s coming in and out of the building

Make sure that you only let people into a main building or into your accommodation that has proven their identity. If they’re asking to gain access to the main building to visit a friend, politely ask them to contact their friend rather than letting them in on their behalf. If it’s a trades person or professional, ensure that they’ve shown you a proof of identity and only let them in if you are expecting their visit. Keep an eye on anyone who appears to be hanging around frequently.

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2.Keep valuables away from windows and windows locked.

Dozens of students living together in one building or a house each with their laptops and other valuable gadgets is a burglar’s dream. One house, five laptops. It can be more enticing if they are easily seen at a window, which is usually where most desks are placed. If possible, position your desk away from plain view of a window or put up blinds. If you get up to leave your desk, move the laptop to the floor or nearby table out of view of the window. If you are still sitting at a window, make sure it is locked or at least closed while your laptop is there. It’s easy for an opportunist to walk past and simply grab it through the window.

3.Get insurance for valuables

This idea may sound absurd; pay for insurance while you’re also drowning in student loans? It may seem like an unnecessary cost but it is so much better to get your lost items replaced by the company than shelling out extra to purchase new ones.

4.Keep the lights on 

It is not advised to keep the lights on the whole time you are away on holiday but if you’re going out for the evening, leave a few bedside lamps on – using LED bulbs will reduce the energy usage.

5.Turn off electronic appliances and taps

Most house fires are caused by people forgetting to turn off electronics or electronics malfunctioning while they’re out of the house. Make sure you switch off all electronics like hair straighteners, laptop chargers and phone chargers before you leave the house. The only electronics that should be left on are a few lamps if needed when you go out in the evening.

Following these simple tips will help to ensure you stay safe during your time at university. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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