Still using a dongle? Get a new broadband connection

It’s time to bid adieu to your dongle and get a broadband connection that can connect your laptop, smartphone and other digital devices simultaneously.

It is astounding to imagine our lives without the Internet today. It has not only made life much easier, but it has increased mobility manifold. Wherever you go, you are connected with the world via your web-enabled smartphone, laptop or another digital device.

This mobility is especially helpful for those who travel a lot for work and who need to be on the job constantly. This entails checking work emails, responding to urgent requests, working on and sending presentations, attending video and audio calls on the run, etc.

Most people with this kind of work life use dongles with their laptops. But would you rather have a fixed broadband connection? Let’s find out.

Why do people use a dongle?

  • A dongle is a portable Internet connection that is plugged into your laptop for instant connectivity. After a basic set up, you can start using the device and get Internet on the go, wherever you may be.
  • The dongle works on a postpaid basis, and you are billed as per your consumption.
  • It is a good device to have if your job or line of work entails frequent travel. You can set it up in a few steps and start using it for work or recreation.
  • A dongle is especially helpful in places which are quite remote and which do not have cell towers or Wi-Fi networks.

But here’s why you should get a broadband connection instead

It is all very well for you to have a dongle if you travel frequently with your laptop. You could have it as a backup Internet connection. But you don’t need it at all when you are at home. You can have a broadband connection instead.

  • Connect broadband to get better bandwidth and hence, faster data transfer speeds and a steady connection.
  • The connection is a stationary one, and it connects up to 10 different digital devices at once. With a dongle, you can connect only your laptop.
  • Since broadband connects all the laptops and phones in your house, it is more cost-effective.
  • The broadband connection offers many different plans that you can choose from, based on your city of residence or work. Leading operators in India offer different plan options and also discounts on taking 6-months and 12-months plans.
  • There is low probability of the broadband connection malfunctioning, unless there is a network outage in the area. A dongle might stop working or develop snags as time passes, and you will have to buy a new one. Also, you must protect the dongle from dust and moisture. In terms of a broadband Internet, no extra care is needed but you must keep the router dust-free and away from magnetic fields.

Dongle Internet often does not offer high monthly data like a broadband connection does.