Tips for Starting Your Own Supplement Line

An increasingly lucrative market in today’s age of holistic medicine is the world of nutritional supplements. In fact, over half of the adults in America take a variety of multivitamins and supplements on a daily basis. Starting your own line of supplements can be lucrative yet overwhelming but, if done properly, your brand can become widely successful.

Taking the first steps

The initial decision for beginning a new line of supplements is deciding on a product. While this may seem like a simple task, ensuring your product is in high demand is crucial to turning a profit. It’s important to research local trends in order to choose a product that will not only see an initial growth, but stand the test of time in order to remain profitable. Some of the most popular markets include nutritional supplements for deficiencies, sleep aids, and weight loss supplements.

Consumers & product creation

Once a decision has been made on the product, it’s important to consider the target consumer. You want to be as thorough as possible when analyzing who these consumers will be, where they’re most likely to shop, and what they’re looking for in a product. It’s also crucial to research the standards of quality and ingredients used when creating your products.

When your product is created and you’ve decided on the proper clientele, the next step is to create the physical product. Taking into consideration the vast differences of consumers and their preferences is a critical step when designing a line of products. At this point in your planning, turning to supplement manufacturers can drastically ease stress. Working with professionals who will cater to the unique needs for your business ensure quality products at high standards of expectation.

Some of the most successful supplement companies gain popularity with consumers due to the diverse nature of their products. Not everyone is able to swallow capsules, tablets, or softgels. Providing the option for other products, like gummies and powders, can cater to a larger clientele. For example, if your chosen product is natural sleep aids for children, you might consider gummy supplements that are allergen-free to ensure that all children are considered before releasing a line of products.

Product testing and packaging

When consumers research products, especially products for health and nutrition, third-party testing can be the deal-breaking factor for pulling the trigger on a purchase. Most manufacturers will provide your business with quality assurance, cGMP raw material, and proper labeling testing before beginning distribution.

Supplements are often offered in a slew of packaging options. Boxes, jars, bottles, pouches, blister packs, etc. are all available options. This decision, like many others, will be made once your target audience has been chosen. For example, if you’re looking to create a product to ease the pain of arthritis sufferers, a twist bottle is not the optimal packaging. In those instances, using blister packs or easy-open pouches would be a better choice.

Marketing strategies

Now that you’ve decided on a product, a target audience, and intake options, the next step is to create a marketing strategy. This process begins with designing labels and packaging, which can also be available as part of the offerings of a supplement manufacturer. In-house professionals and artists will work with business owners to design eye-catching labels, logos, and packaging. After your design is chosen, they’ll ensure that all font sizes for ingredients, warnings, and directions for consumption are properly displayed before applying them to your bottles for shipments.

Deciding on pricing is another crucial aspect of creating your own line of supplements. Before setting your pricing in stone, research other brands as well as customer reviews on their value. What do consumers deem worth their money? What aspects make a great product worth the price? Gather together this data, work with your manufacturer on quality and design, and get your products out for distribution. So long as these important steps are thoroughly evaluated, and all business requirements are considered, you’ll be ready to begin a successful business in the world of supplementation.