Tips On Using Discount Storage For Your Valuables

An excellent way to house your valuables to simply free up some space in your home or during a transition is self-storage. When it comes to doing everything properly, either for short or long term, knowing how to pack a storage unit is part of the process.

Follow these discount storage tips to make sure you are optimizing the use of your storage safely and smoothly.

How To Pack A Unit

Pack methodically

The smart way to use discount storage is to store the belongings you more likely need at the front of the unit, and put at the back those you can live without for a long while. Take advantage of the height of your self-storage unit, depending on how big or small it is. Stack your things and keep heavier items to the ground. Try not to crowd everything at the bottom part of the unit. If it is a bigger unit, leave a pathway so you can reach everything easily.

Label all the boxes

With regard to using self-storage, you probably do not need the things you are packing up for at least in a month or so. Make the unpacking process easier by labeling your boxes. This will come in handy if ever you need to come in and get something. No matter how you think you will remember what is inside all the boxes, there is a chance that you forget them as soon as everything is hidden and sealed up.

How To Choose A Unit 

Keep a record

Create an inventory and itemize the things you want to put into storage. This is useful if you need frequent access to your self-storage unit. Determine the replacement value of every item and keep a record of them. Include the serial numbers of all appliances and other electronic goods in the unit. The inventory you create will be beneficial in the event that you file a claim against damage, fire or theft. 

Self Storage Promotions

Search for a self-storage unit in advance

Consider some factors when choosing for your discount storage. These include the size, level of convenience, and the price. It is advisable to plan and start the process early than doing everything at the last minute and risk making wrong decisions.

Pick a reputable company

When housing your items in a storage unit, it means you are entrusting a third party to take care of your valuables. Whether or not you are planning to store items of major value, make sure the storage company you choose has a proven track record. Before booking a unit, read some reviews about the company and their past customer experiences. Do not compromise storing your belongings with a sketchy company just because of their cheaper rates.


It is important to do things right when it comes to using storage solutions. Follow the tips above to ensure you have the best self-storage experience and keep your items safe. You want them to still be in good condition the moment you need to get them again.