Unique characteristics of a straight razor

When it comes to attending a party or small occasion girls prefer to go to beauty parlors or ask the beauty experts to arrive at home. This whole thing takes a lot of time. But boys have casual nature of not giving so much time either on dressing or shaving. They always love to finish their work as quick as possible but because of this nature they hurt them while shaving with straight razor.

So, it’s important to know the key features of this equipment before purchase so that the injuries happen while shaving can be avoided.

Things to keep in mind before buying these razors:

Type of blade – they are mainly made up of three types of blades; square point blades, French point blades and round type blades. The square points need to be used with care as they are very sharp among the three and move perpendicularly over the surface of skin. French point and round point blades are considered good for beginners as they get adjusted circularly over the surface.

straight razor

Width of blades – people have an assumption that long blades can strop well. But it is not true, long blades need more space and they are not able to get closer with surface of skin. Small and wider blades are easy to handle and are good to shave with safety as they can be adjusted within small area.

Modern razors – people who like keeping old and vintage materials often select these kinds of materials for shaving purpose also. But these vintage materials lack in today’s advance technology. They can give basic strop to face but cannot provide safety from cuts. Modern shaving equipments are designed according to the experiences gained by users so they perform more assured job than traditional ones.

Temper – when we talk about temper, an image of crappy mood of an individual comes in our mind, but here we are not talking about anybody’s mood. Temper in shaving equipment is the quality of their edge and sharpness. The soft temper equipment is easy to sharp and a hard temper keeps its edge for long time. So, while purchasing it’s important to keep semi-harder and bit softer equipments.

Material – people keep changing the shaving equipments as with time they get corroded or rusted. It is good to purchase equipments made up of carbon or stainless steel. Steel is a high quality metal which is easy to sharpen and comes in a very less amount of money. Among these two, stainless steel equipment last for longer time period.

Grind – a shaving equipment is similarly tough to handle like any other equipment, and it’s very important to check the grind means rounded part of it before purchasing it as once it gets designed at the manufacturing time it cannot get changed while use. It is good to purchase hollow grind as they make the equipment lighter and sharper.