Construction Workers Now Earn More than Tech Guys

A job in construction might not be a glamorous one, but the pay can undoubtedly give you an exciting life. Skilled work in the construction industry is becoming more in demand, and wages are rising to new heights.

Higher Wages, Better Benefits, and More Incentives

The boom in the construction industry has created a massive demand for skilled construction workers. The deregulations and lower taxes under the Trump regime allowed construction companies to take in more projects and even expand their operations. The number of projects prompted construction companies to find skilled workers wherever they can — even if that included the ranks of rival companies. Construction wages shot up, breaking the $30 per hour mark in 2018. Companies offered better benefits, whether it was better healthcare, paid leave, and many others to make sure they keep workers within their ranks. Incentive programs became popular as motivation for both new and regular workers. Bonuses upon the completion of a project are now commonplace, and sign-on bonuses for new hires are also popular. Experienced construction workers can expect to earn from $80,000 to $110,000 a year, exceeding the wages of the average tech worker.

No Lack of Demand

Construction companies are continuously hiring both skilled and unskilled workers to fill their ranks, and the current pool of workers is inadequate to fill the needs of the industry. In a survey by the Commercial Construction Index, 91 percent of all construction contractors and managers were still unable to fill their ranks as much as they would have wanted, and some were forced to delay their time tables due to the lack of sufficient personnel. The high demand for skilled workers will only grow as the years go by as the median age of construction workers is at 41, and there are very few new workers entering the industry. The majority of high school graduates would rather choose college than a trade school, and the younger generation has a negative perception of blue-collar work.

A Stable Career Path

A construction career will have you earning more money than the average office job or tech job. You won’t be spending four long years in college, and you won’t need to saddle yourself with student loans to pay off your college tuition. College is great if you are devoted to studying and planning to get a master’s degree or a doctorate or if you are planning to go into STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). However, if studying isn’t your forte or you’re more likely to learn through experience, trade school would be a better match. Construction companies often sponsor specific programs in trade schools and will often give students and graduates opportunities to work in the industry as part-time or regular employees.

The construction industry is facing a worker shortage, driving wages up and making companies compete for the limited pool of available workers. Construction jobs are now one of the most stable positions in the market as every construction company is striving to reduce or eliminate turnovers as well as actively recruit more skilled workers.

A recruitment specialist will help you get the best of the best

In earlier times, hiring staff involved the placing of an advertisement in the paper or other publications to attract the right candidates for the position. After a stipulated time period, interested candidates would be called in for an interview and the most successful candidate hired for the job. However, after following these steps many employers found themselves with staffs that were not a good match thus resulting in another exhausting recruitment process. Fortunately, things have changed with the establishment of recruitment agencies that assist companies to find the best employees. These agencies have recruitment specialists that are trained and experienced in picking out the best candidate for diverse positions.

To ensure that they select suitable candidates, a recruitment specialist takes the candidates through a process that will guarantee their clients the best employees. The recruitment process may differ from one specialist to another but there are some practices that have been adopted across the board, which include:

Advertising  vacant positions

CandCsearch said apart from the information provided by the client, recruitment specialists also develop a position description that they use to advertise on various platforms. They can use traditional media or even look through their applicant pool to find suitable candidates for the job position. In most cases, the advertisement will have the contacts of the recruitment specialist who will receive the CVs or resumes of interested candidates.

Review applicants

As soon as the application period is over, the recruitment specialist begins to review the applications according to the job description used in the advertisement. The review process may take some time as their goal is to pick candidates with the highest qualification for the position. After careful review, a shortlist is prepared and interviews arranged for those on the list.

Conduct interviews

This is the most crucial stage of the recruitment process because the specialist gets to meet the potential candidates and decide whether they are fit for the job or not.  Some specialists conduct several interviews before making a decision to ensure that they choose the best person. It is common to find them giving written tests as well as face to face interviews to assist them in evaluating candidates that are likely to be offered the job. In most cases, recruitment specialists have an idea of who to pick after the interview stage.

Select a candidate

Although a recruitment specialist is able to identify the candidate that fits a job description, they still discuss the outcome of the interview with other staff members that were present to find out their thoughts on the process. In some cases, such discussions give them better clarity on the candidate to present to a client that has hired them to help fill a vacant position. When a decision has been reached, the name and contacts of the successful candidate is forwarded to the client.

Overall, working with a recruitment specialist increases the chances of getting the best employee without having to go through the process on your own. It also saves time and energy that would have been spent interviewing and selecting a new employee for the company.

Guide on getting a job in Australia

Before you begin searching for a job in Australia, it is imperative to have the correct visa that will enable you to work. Not all visas will consequently give you the privilege to work in Australia, and some may have conditions appended.

What are the kinds of Australian visa?

Two of the most well-known visas accessible are the impermanent work or skilled visa known as subclass 457 and the skilled independent free visa known as subclass 189.

  • Subclass 457 visa – Enables a skilled laborer to work in Australia in an assigned occupation affirmed by a sponsor for a period of up to four years, given that the same is an approved and affirmed business
  • Subclass 189 visa – This one is for skilled workers that do not have any support or sponsorship by a business or relative or designated by a state or region government.

Visitor visa application Australia process is pretty easy to comprehend and if your occupation is on the list of Australia’s skilled occupation then there is a chance that you can find a job easily. Mostly people consider visiting this country through visitor visa but it is not really advisable by most experienced people. So what you can do is that you can move using the Temporary skilled 457 visa. Particularly because it enables the companies to sponsor employees from other countries for a period of 4 years in case their vocation and talent is in high demand. Also for those who are still studying but aim to settle down in Australia in the long run, you can get an educational course which is internationally recognized or even better go for higher studies in Australia and you will be able to lay your hands on the temporary graduate visa and it allows people to work for almost 18 months after completing the studies.

So how will you end up landing a job in Australia?

Normally, you would need to apply for work following a job posting or an advertisement for a vacancy by sending the employer a copy of your covering letter and resume.

For the most part, prospective employee meet-ups are a vital piece of the way toward applying for a vocation and may extend in formality from an easygoing discussion to a progression of discussions with different individuals that work in the organization. This is typically different from application for visitor visa Australia.

Interview tips

Do your complete homework about the company – Figure out facts about the organization, what they are into, on the off chance that they have had any ongoing launch of any of their products and services, information on their previous year’s profit and so on.

Practice your replies – There are some regular questions that will surely come up, for example, why you are the ideal individual for the mentioned job, and what are your weaknesses and strengths and qualities, so it is great to have answers to these inquiries planned ahead of time.

Perfect dress to match up for the role – Establish the best impression you can make for yourself. To begin with, appearances truly matter so dress for the success in the interview.

Remain quiet and inhale – Good planning is the way to remaining quiet. So practice on your skills to remain calm and quiet.

Attending IBPS Clerk Mock Test Paves the Way to Your Shining Future

IBPS conducts IBPS clerical cadre exam every year and lakhs of aspirants participate in the exam where thousands of candidates only deployed to this post.

What are the benefits of taking IBPS clerk mock test?

  • Most of the paid tests sites are offering all India grade ranking
  • The rankings are quickly calculated and results are given at a fast phase.
  • Some of the websites provide offline IBPS clerk mock test by downloading their application.
  • IBPS clerk mock test are availed for both preliminary and mains
  • The tests are given even practice for in bilingualI.e. both in Tamil and English

In this IBPS Clerk exam no interview process is conducted. The cumulative Marks of both preliminary and mains are calculated and on the merit-based only the candidates are selected.

IBPS Clerk 2018 Exam notification:

IBPS clerk cwe 7th notification is going to be released by IBPS shortly. Online registration is expected to start from September 2018 onwards.

IBPS Clerk 2018 Exam Dates:

The dates for conducting IBPS Clerk 2018 Preliminary Examination is 8th, 9th, 15th and 29th December 2018 and the Mains Examination is scheduled to be conducted on 20th January

IBPS Clerk Online Registration 2018 – The Registration process for IBPS Clerk CWE 2018 Exam:

It is done through online. The link to online registration details for this exam will be updated after the release of IBPS Clerk 2018 Official Notification.

IBPS Clerk 2018 Application Fee:

The application fees for IBPS Clerk CWE 2018 exam is Rs. 600/-for candidates who belong to General Category. Candidates who belong to SC/ST/PWD category, the application fee is decreased to Rs. 100/-

IBPS Clerk 2018 Vacancy:

Last year the number of vacancies for the IBPS Clerk was 22711. But this year the number of vacancies is reduced to 7883. It means the participation of banks are less whereas the selection process will be highly intricate.

IBPS Clerk Exam Centre 2018:

IBPS candidates can choose their examination Centre on their own while submitting online application However in case of non-availability IBPS has full rights to allocate a different location to the candidate.

IBPS Clerk Syllabus 2018:

The fundamental subjects of IBPS Clerk exam is Reasoning, English language, Quantitative Aptitude. There are different syllabus for both preliminary and mains. The candidate should be proficient in both computers and General knowledge especially in the field of banking.

If you are the contender of IBPS Clerk, then it is must to prepare for the exam diligently. So, the candidates have to prepare for the exam using all sources where IBPS Clerk mock test takes an important place. A large number of people apply for the exam every year. Hence, the competition will be extremely high. So, the aspirants need to move with practical approach that is only possible through by resolving IBPS Clerk mock test series.

Such IBPS clerk mock tests help the aspirants to complete the tests within the time boundary and make them to understand the pattern and current syllabus of the exam pattern and also make them identify their strong and weak areas.

Best tips to get government job

There is no one in India who tends to deny Government jobs. This is the reason why the competition for government jobs is always considered to be higher when compared to that of private jobs. Even though the government job can yield various benefits, practically getting this job involves more effort than they sound to be. There are many people who are unable to pass the examinations even after various attempts. This article is written in order to provide the best tips for the people who are highly interested in getting a job in Government. Especially the following tips will great help the beginners to get placed in the Government jobs in their very first attempt.


For getting a government job, planning is more important. It is to be noted that there are different types of vacancies and jobs in government. Hence one must have a clear idea about the type of job which they are in need. In order to choose the job, they must consider their education. Based on their education, they can apply for the vacancies. One must remember that not everyone can apply for all sarkari exam. Hence the qualifications demanded by the government for various vacancies can be taken in to account for choosing the best one. In order to know about the qualifications and other related details, the government websites or any other websites which have real updates about the government examinations should be taken into account.


People who are preparing for the government exams must know about the number of vacancies which are announced by the government. Knowing about the vacancies will help them to realize the strength of competition. In case if the vacancies are very low, one must make sure to put forth more effort than they sound to be. This is because while considering a government exam, more numbers of people will be applying for it. Hence the person who is preparing for this exam must develop their quality in order to overcome this competition without putting forth more effort. Obviously knowing about the vacancies will also help them to apply for the jobs at right time. In order to get the details about the vacancies, date of examination and other related details, one can refer the best website in online.


In order to get better idea about government exams and the types of questions raised in it, one can refer the previous exam questions. Especially the people who are writing this exam for the first time can come to know about the types of questions asked in these exams. This will provide them better idea for making their preparation. Since they will not have better knowledge about the exams, by referring the previous question papers, they can make the best preparation and can get the best result out of their first attempt. This is also one of the best tactics which is highly followed by many people in current trend.

Why Newspaper Are Still Relevant Today

Newspaper, a type of public service information printed on a newsprint. Newspapers are full of news, public announcement, ads and job listings. Newspapers basically have everything that anyone wants including a few comic skits that kids love. With the digital age, its extinction is looming as some people say millennial aren’t well adapted to newspapers and are more reliant on the digital media for various information that they would want to know.

While that is the case, it will still take some time before newspapers will become extinct since there are still people that yearns and live for a daily dose of newspaper and in some parts on India this is still widely accepted. Not just because it’s what people got used to but also because humans love to hold something, something in physical form like a newspaper. It’s are all about life on paper and even job seekers are still looking for jobs with newspapers.

Not all people are millennial: Millennial are people that are born in the early 1980’s and most young adults are millennial. The majority of the population aren’t millennial and have lived in the heyday of newspapers and has made reading newspapers as their way of life. So it will take time before newspapers are going to be replaced. It’s still relevant in today’s age and even in poor communities that don’t have access to the internet, newspapers are still the main source of information and for people that are looking for jobs, it’s still their preferred source and the only source in some areas.

Newspapers have the reputation: With all the fake news circulating online, it kind of becomes the reason why people diverted back to the newspaper. The fact is, newspapers are more credible than online news and there are companies that still trusts newspapers thus they list their career openings in newspapers.

Newspapers are also digitized: Newspaper companies knows all too well  the emerging times thus they embraced it and given that they already have a name, they already have the credibility to put up a website for their services. It’s not just a good business move but it also made the internet more credible because of their presence. So for people that had the access to the internet, this is the place that they can go that has more credibility than any social media around and for the people that are looking for a jobs, this option is a godsend.

If you speak of credibility, there’s no better institution that manifests that than newspaper companies. These companies dedicated their lives to providing accurate news information to the public and other postings like job openings. A newspaper is also the life that most people lived for on a daily basis, it has current events, editorials, ads, comic skits, basically it has everything that you want and need and if you want a good source of job listings, visit employment news paper in Tamil today.

Ways to Prepare For an Aptitude Test at an Interview

There are several things to consider while preparing for an aptitude test that is specific to getting a particular position in a workplace. The aptitude test can vary according to the subjects to be included in the test and also is totally based on the job that is to be performed by the selected people. Aptitude of a candidate can be determined by various factors and each of them can be equally necessary for the position. There are several ways in which the heads of businesses hold the aptitude tests to test the skills of their performers and selected a single person from that list.

Preparing For an Aptitude Test to Get Best Results

Aptitude test brings out the best candidates who are suitable for a given job. This can only be achieved when an assessment is done properly and on all parameters. This is because not only should a person be great on their subject of choice, but should have a proper knowledge about associated things around them as well. The assessment of aptitude differs in examinations and it varies according to post for which the examination is being conducted. Therefore every candidate needs to practice in the necessary ways to perform well in that particular examination.

Every aptitude test is created to bring out the best performer after checking their skills in some common and some job oriented topics. Some of the processes to practice are given below:

  1. The first thing is to know the necessary subject from beginning to end. This is important as every candidate is going to give their best in this assessment. If a person does not have a proper understanding or a total idea about their subject, they may fall short of marks in the aptitude test. It is important not to just memorize the subject but to understand the basics behind advanced studies.
  2. Most of the aptitude tests also test the skills associated with common problem-solving skills. Problem-solving questions are based on the basics of life, where the problems based on life skills can be associated with the daily life problems or the management issues that the candidates need to solve in a given time. This is used as a tool to check their skills when they react to any intense situations.
  3. The next thing is to assess the common knowledge and the ideas about current affairs. This is used to check whether the candidate is updated about the condition of the present day. This is also as important as the other two parts of the aptitude test because a candidate who is updated about the modern geopolitical and social conditions can be a perfect person to explain things.

Taking all the parameters in place one can get the best performer for a job. That is why candidates should consider understanding the assessment process fully and make sure they do not lose out on their chance of getting their dream job. All the aspects need to be taken into consideration without exception while preparation.