The Ultimate Checklist To Optimise Your Competencies

Knowing your own abilities and being able to improve them for a job is vital if you want to excel at your job. Moreover, improving prepares you for career advancement or transferring to better positions in the future. In this article, we will show you how you ways to target these in a way that is successful. By using the process in this list, you will be able to optimise your competencies.

Competencies can be defined as specific actions that are required in order to successfully complete your job in specific situations. Consider a pilot; a successful pilot has to be able to perform take off manoeuvres and landing procedures. At the same time, they must know how to interact with the airplane crew in specific situations, how to communicate with radio personnel, what to do in certain emergencies, and so on. All these specific actions are called competencies.

Today, we’ll talk about how you can optimise your competencies for certain job positions. In order to do so, the step-by-step process shown below can be implemented to really target specific areas and actions, so that you can truly measure your improvement.

  1. List Your Job Responsibilities

First, it is important that you understand your job responsibilities. Being able to articulate this understanding into concrete terms is key. For example, let us take the example of the pilot above again. The pilot has many responsibilities. These include:

  • Applying safety procedures
  • Piloting the aircraft safely
  • Being able to deal with emergency situations
  • Communicating with air traffic control

Taking a simpler example, we can examine the job responsibilities of a server in a restaurant. Job responsibilities for such a position might include:

  • Introducing customers to their seats
  • Introducing the menu
  • Taking the correct orders
  • Delivering the food in a timely manner
  • Checking in on customers when needed
  • Making sure customers feel comfortable
  • Processing the check

These are all abilities that help contribute to the successful completion of a job. When listing these responsibilities, do not only consider technical skills, but any human-interaction abilities that are needed as well. For example, the server above needs to have clear communication skills with customers in order to make them feel comfortable. Building rapport will help the sever make the right recommendations. And all this leads to a pleasant customer service experience. If you are able to, turn these responsibilities into concrete actions.

  1. Consider your Strengths

Now that you have outlined your job responsibilities as actual actions, you should divide them to identify the ones that fall into your strong areas and the ones that fall into areas that you need to work on. Through such a division, you can distinguish the ones that you need to concentrate on first. Again, consider the above example of a server. An individual might have the following list:

Strengths Aspects that can be improved
·         Introducing customers to seats

·         Taking the correct orders

·         Delivering Food

·         Checking in on customers when needed (perhaps it is difficult to during busy times)

·         Introducing the menu (perhaps you want to be able to make better recommendations for your customers)

For the aspects that can be improved, it might not be the case that you are performing poorly on them. Rather, you can refine them. In other words, you can optimise them. Eventually through this optimisation, they will become your strengths.

Now, let us take a look at a job that may have more responsibilities and capacities involved. For instance, imagine that you are the manager of a human resources department.  Your responsibilities may include project management, communicating with your employees properly, organising reports, and more. A strength and improvement list might look like this then:

Strengths Aspects that can be improved
·         Project management

·         Writing clear reports

·         Communicating with my employees (making sure they understand their projects in a concrete manner)

·         Holding meetings in a more productive fashion (part of communicating with employees)

·         Technical skills (Microsoft Office)

Sometimes, the aspects that can be improved relate to each other, as can be seen above, where the common link is communication. Seeing patterns can be helpful in improving your competencies. At other times, they might not; in such cases, you can choose the one you think will help you improve at your position the most efficiently.

  1. Break Down Those Areas to Improve To Target

Now that you have your areas to improve, you can further break them down and analyse them. Again returning to the example of the server, if this person would like to improve introducing the menu, perhaps he can make a list of processes that, combined together, make the introduction of the menu much more pleasant. For example, the server might introduce the appetisers first and make recommendations. Then, they might ask what sort of mood the customers are in, so that they make recommendations for a main course Would they like a lighter meal or heavier meal? Such considerations will help the server deliver a better experience.

With such a breakdown, the server can also practice each process. They might practice evaluating and making recommendations for the meal first. They can also evaluate their progress by getting feedback from the customers.

As another example, consider the pilot again. The pilot might need to work on communicating with the airplane crew. This larger competency can be broken down into smaller actions. For example, perhaps the pilot might work on confirming information with the crew. They might also need to work on asking questions when appropriate. With such a breakdown, it is easier to identify your weaknesses.

Lastly, let us consider the HR manager position that was illustrated above. Here is a breakdown of one aspect that can be improved.

Aspect That Can Be Improved Specific Actions
Holding productive meetings ·         Creating an agenda

·         Organizing workshops so that employees can learn hands-on

·         Speaking in a clear and concise manner that is easy to understand.

As can be seen, one aspect of improvement can be broken down into multiple specific actions. The further you can break down the aspects, the easier it is for you to find ways to improve and also to measure this improvement. With the actions identified, you should move on to the next step to start improving.

Competencies involving more technical skills can also be divided into certain ways. Look at the example below:

Aspect That Can Be Improved Specific Actions
Technical Skills (e.g., Microsoft Office) ·         Creating a Pitch Deck for Clients (Microsoft Powerpoint)

·         Creating a Presentation for a Meeting (Microsoft Powerpoint)

·         Formatting Reports For Clients Professionally (Microsoft Word)

  1. Find the Appropriate Training that Targets Specific Actions

Now that you have identified actions that you can work on, you have to make a plan to target and improve these. What to do here varies by industry and job position. If there are sources for professional development at your work place, you might participate in these. Even something as simple as searching the internet for videos and tips might be helpful, especially if it has to do with human communication. Also, professional training institutions, both online and offline might be helpful. There are courses for all sorts of areas, whether they are more technical ones or ones related to the soft skills.

With the above example of an HR manager, you might search on the internet on how to run effective workshops. There are many online courses and videos teaching you how to teach your employees. There are also a plethora of instructional material on how to speak in an effective manner. Having a breakdown truly helps you target specific weak areas. While free material is available, sometimes it is also effective to get one-on-one coaching or training, especially in areas where communication is important or in areas where technical skills need to be evaluated to a high degree.

For example, you can take Microsoft Office courses online for the case above involving technical skills. These courses often have modules targeting each program. When you learn the Powerpoint skills for example, you can immediately apply it to creating a better presentation for meetings. Each Microsoft Office training module in this case can help you target specific tasks and actions. At the same time, they can be applied more generally as well.

Keep in mind that training outside of your organisation does not usually consider all the contexts of your position, as they target skills in general. So when you do partake in such training, keep in mind how you are to apply these skills specifically in your settings.

  1. Evaluate Your Improvement, Choose New Areas to Work On

Improving your competencies should be cyclical. When you do improve on certain competencies and feel that you have done a sufficient job, move on to new ones. In the future, you might have to return to the competencies if the nature of your job changes. Moreover, you can always break down the identified actions into smaller actions. In a way, you are continuing to fine-tune certain actions that, when put together, make up the core responsibilities that you have to carry out.

Another factor to consider is the changing situation in your job. Perhaps new responsibilities are added, or you need to adjust to the changing environment. For example, new employees with different proclivities might come in to your department, changing the dynamic of the interaction. On the other hand, departments might be cut down or combined. Or, you might have to interact with different clients. Thus, it is important for you to adjust your strong areas and areas of improvement in accordance to these changes. Being sensitive to these will help you understand the competencies required as they relate to your job responsibilities and demonstrate to your company and superiors that you can adapt to any change, making you an invaluable asset in a company.

Further Considerations

This simple checklist should help you identify what areas you need to optimise. In the case that you are not sure, it might be a good idea to have a conversation with the person who is in charge of you (a line manager, general manager, etc.). Making sure you are clear on your responsibilities and understanding expectations not only is useful for your job in general, but will help you understand the specific competencies and actions that you need to work on. Moreover, you will keep abreast of any changes that may have occurred and minimise any perceptual mismatches.

Are Graduation Dresses Supposed to Be White?

Graduation Dresses

In the world of fashion, it seems like there are as many rules as there are individuals breaking them. If you’ve got a graduation ceremony coming up, you probably know that women are traditionally expected to wear white. In fact, wearing white dresses and carrying red roses has been a part of some schools since the late 1800s, according to the New York Times.

Unless you’ve got an unspoken tradition at your school, you can approach your graduation outfit from a variety of angles, including a classic approach as well as some bolder, more colorful options. With so many cameras on the big day, you definitely want to look your best when you graduate. Here are three things to consider when looking at graduation dresses to wear to your ceremony.

For a traditional look, go with white

Symbolizing new beginnings, white makes perfect sense as a color for your graduation ceremony. After all, you’re about to transition from being a student to being an adult in the “real world” – perhaps one of the biggest new beginnings you’ll ever encounter. In some schools, such as the University of Southern California, wearing a white dress to your graduation is almost an “implicit rule,” as Lisa Butterworth reports for the USC News.

graduation ceremony

If you have a classic approach to style, wearing white for graduation is a no-brainer. Don’t worry about looking like every other girl, though. There are plenty of ways to differentiate your look by picking a dress that really fits your body type and sense of style. Consider looking at graduation dresses with lace, sleeves, or even crocheted elements to add some visual interest to your outfit.

Feel free to mix things up with your school colors

If your school isn’t an institution with a history of girls wearing white to graduation, feel free to wear something more colorful to the ceremony. One popular way to add color to your outfit and show school spirit at the same time is to wear your school’s colors. By analyzing the most dominant colors across all schools’ sports teams, you’ll see that plenty of the front runners are great choices for dress colors, too. The two most popular colors, red and blue, both make for an elegant look that you’ll be able to wear again and again. Similarly, gold and yellow are also popular team colors which pair nicely with the black gowns typically worn to a graduation ceremony. Simply pick one of the two colors to foreground your outfit with, and accessorize and complement the dress with the secondary color to create a spirited, unforgettable look.

Consider prints and colors for spring time

Since most graduations occur in May, you may also want to think about wearing more colorful or floral prints to graduation. Glamour has some excellent suggestions for spring color trends in 2019, including pale yellows and golds, as well as varying shades of orange. They also suggest differing hues of the spring favorite, green, from kelly green to mint green.

Aside from thinking about how specific colors can steer your choice of graduation dress, spring is also an excuse to buy a fun printed dress. While floral prints are a common go-to for springtime, there are plenty of other prints to consider when shopping for a spring dress, too. Lately, prints with fruits and vegetables have been popping up, as well, so if you’re looking for a really playful graduation dress, consider buying a patterned dress to make a statement. Some floral prints may also incorporate your school’s colors, allowing you to double down on the tips in this guide.

While many schools have a tradition of wearing white to graduation, there are plenty of other options to consider, too. From spring trends to school colors, you’ll be sure to find a great look if you start to think outside the box a little bit.

5 Major Tips To Prepare For Examinations

Examinations are the biggest nightmare in a students’ life. Even though they are well-prepared, the thought of the examinations gives them goosebumps. This fear hinders their performance in the examinations. To overcome the fear and to help the students excel in the examinations, here are a few tips given below.

Set a Time Table

Preparing a time table helps you schedule your studies. Make a list of the subjects with the date and the time slot. This way you can give the required time to every subject and can be done with your preparations before the examinations begin.

Make Proper Notes

Making notes of everything important is the best habit one can inculcate to excel in the examinations. Note down all the important topics and study accordingly. Highlight whatever seems important. Write down everything in short points so that you don’t find any difficulty during revision. You can just go through them once before the examination instead of carrying the entire textbook. Like, to memorize the classification of plants, you can highlight the first letter of each word. This will help you recall the entire heading during the examination.

Go Through Previous Year Question Papers

The questions are frequently repeated in the examinations from previous years. Practise them all. You can also practise the NCERT solutions and the sample papers. This will help you analyse yourself and inculcate confidence for the examination.

Be thorough with the concepts

Make sure you are thorough with all concepts and fundamentals of the respective examinations. For instance, if you have to appear for Biology examination, you should be clear with the concepts of the important topics like human anatomy, biotechnology, plant cell, photosynthesis, animal cell, etc. Also, memorize the diagrams along with the labelling. Accompanying an answer with a diagram helps you score well.

Stay Calm

Do not take any kind of stress. Keep your mind calm and composed. A relaxed mind is able to retain a lot of things. You can meditate to relieve yourself from any kind of stress or fear. Exams are nothing to be scared about. They are just an analysis of your understanding of the concepts being taught to you.

The above-mentioned tips might allay the fears of the students, and help them prepare well for the examinations without any stress.

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These are Also very Important Points for Examinations

Solve Previous papers

Unravel test and earlier year papers Unraveling test papers and earlier year question papers are of most extreme significance as they help to get knowledgeable with the genuine example and trouble of the inquiries. In CBSE tests, a ton of questions is incorporated which are like inquiries in CBSE test papers and past year papers.

Practice again and again

Science and maths themes must be assembled by rehearsing. By rehearsing diverse inquiry varieties, one can without much of a stretch handle any sort of inquiry in the test. In this way, it is recommended to rehearse a few numerical inquiries, charts, and conditions to have the capacity to create an issue – illuminating capacities.

Revise before examination

The schedule of most class 10 board tests incorporates a few points and their related ideas. To have the capacity to recall every one of the ideas appropriately, it is significant to amend every point occasionally. With the intermittent correction, the vast majority of the themes can be held until the test.

The Critical Difference between buying an essay online and copying an essay online

Students use various ways to get an essay online. They consider buying an essay from a reliable writing service. Alternatively, they copy available essays online. The increased use of the internet has made it possible to access various essays online. Therefore, it is almost possible to get already done essays online. These are the essays that people copy and present them as their own. Those who prefer buying, have reliable and professional writers write original papers for them. There is a critical difference between buying an essay and copying one online.

Let’s look at the difference,

  • Quality

Buying essay online and copying essay online gives you essays with different level of quality in terms of content. When you copy an essay online, you have a very chance of getting a low-quality paper. Why? Because; it is usually unclear on who writes the paper. Anyone could have written it. When you hear the word,anyone, you know it’s time to run. There are some qualifications that one must have to produce a high-quality paper. A writer must be a specialist in a given field to handle essays related to the field effectively. Otherwise,the chances of going out of topic are very high. This is bad considering that you are not guaranteed of revisions of payback.

When you buy an essay online, you have a high probability of getting veryhigh-quality work. Writing service ensure that they hire writers who are well-qualified and experienced. Writers who have relevant knowledge in their fields. Most of them have a master’s degree or Ph.D. Almost every field is represented. This means that regardless of your subject, you are guaranteed of correct content. If you require specific points in your field addressed, essay writer online do just that in an exceptional way. In case, your standards are not met. Essay online guarantees you of free revisions. It is an only high-quality paper that can earn you good grades. Students put the effortinto essay writing because they want better grades. It is thus important to avoid practices that could lead to poor performance.

  • Plagiarism

When you copy essay online and use it as your own work, that itself is plagiarism. The work is not original. Leave alone that! Those ready essays could have been copied. Or even worse, may be the same essay is being shared by many customers. This means that if your instructor runs your essay through a Plagiarism checker, chances are that the report will show 100% plagiarism.

What are the risks?

  • Poor grade

Copying an essay online puts you in risk of failing your grade. You can get zero in your paper which definitely affects your final grade. A decade ago you would have escaped this, but today, with the plagiarism checker, you will definitely get caught.

  • Expulsion

Academic institutions take plagiarism seriously. It is considered a very serious offense. You can also be disqualified from taking your course. You can be expelled from a program or even school depending on plagiarism severity.

  • Problems in getting employment

Some careers are serious about the past instance of plagiarism. This especially for careers that emphasize honesty, morals, and ethics. If ever such employers learn about past plagiarism instance, your chances of being employed reduce sharply.

When you buy an essay online, you never hear of plagiarism issues. Most essay writers online ensure that they adhere to all academic requirements. Copying someone else’s work is simply unacceptable and not tolerated. In fact, you are guaranteed of 100% originality. Most colleges and institutions are using plagiarism software to ensure that students don’t copy others work. It is thus very important to avoid the malpractice. Buy Essay Online services trains writers on how to totally avoid plagiarism. In addition, some run your work in plagiarism software to ensure that you get a plagiarism-free essay.

  • Format

When you copy essay online and forward it to your instructor as your own, you are most likely to miss points on formatting. These papers are already written and that is why you are copying them. This means that the writer used their preferred formatting style. This could be different from what your instructor requires. If the essay was written some years back, there is a chance that the formatting style used is outdated. You lose points. Again, the writer may lack proper skills in formatting. In such a case, you will get a paper that is wrongly formatted. All these mistakes will result in poor grades.

Formatting is not an issue when you buy essay online. Professional writers are well versed with all formatting style. They also get regular training to update their knowledge. Whether your instructor requires formatting in APA, Harvard, MLA, or Chicago style, writers with expertise give you just that. In fact, Buy Essay Online guarantees of properly formatted essays. All your instructions on formatting are followed to the letter. Excellent formatting leads to desired results.

  • Privacy and confidentiality

When you copy an essay online, no one guarantees you of privacy and confidentiality. You can never be sure if your personal information is safe or not. You are neither sure of how secure the payment solutions are. This puts you at the risk of online theft through the access of your Password, unauthorized access, access code, and hacking.

On the other hand, when you buy an essay online, you are guaranteed privacy and confidentiality. Your personal details are not shared with the third party. This means that the data cannot be used against you. Secure payment methods are provided. This ensures that you are safe from related risks.

Copying essay online is subject to many risks. It is better you spend some little amount of money and have a high-quality paper. What you spend can never be an alternative to failing in your grade or being expelled from your school.

How to Ease the Pencil to Pen Transition For Your Child

Irrespective of whether you live or any other corner of the world, the chances that are your children are a part of an education system that follows the policies of starting with pencil and then shifting to pen only after a few years are presumably pretty high.

There are a number of reasons that teachers and several school education system makes it mandatory for a child to first start writing with a pencil before moving to a pen.

Let us look at some of the reasons before we move on to seeing how to make the transition possible and easy for your child.

Reasons that an education system insists on children to start writing from pencil first

To learn grips

Pencils are known to be a writing instrument that is best to practice holding a grip on. The design with which a pencil is usually made, makes it almost impossible for fingers to slip and thus making it easy on the children to write for a longer duration.

To practice effortless writing


In continuation to the above mentioned point, pencils are more often than not used to instill the habit of writing, a lot – something that is made possible because of the fact that once sharpened, it does take a lot of time for pencil lead to run off before you have to sharpen it again.

To build handwriting


There is no easy gliding writing instrument in the world that would compare up to the slide and glide of a pencil. The effortless ease with which a pencil glides makes it easy for children to learn turns that are required to excel cursive writing skills.

To save the hassles of dealing with a pen


Let’s admit it. Dealing with a pen used to be a task full of hassles when we were young, wasn’t it? The frequency with which the ink used to run off, drying of the pen in winters, leakage, and last but not the least annoying the ink stains everywhere on the hand and uniform. So, when all these hassles can be removed by using a pencil, why wouldn’t an education system promote it? Right?

So, here were some of the reasons that make it ideal for children to start writing from a pencil instead of a pen, straightaway.

And now that we have looked at those reasons, let us begin with understanding how to make the transition easy for your children.

  1. Get Them the Right Pen

The first and foremost way to make the transition easy on your children is by getting them the right pen to start their new life journey. To start with, you should think about going ahead with investing in a good quality fountain pen. Fountain pens have been used since ages for starters who are just leaving behind pencils.

There are a number of fountain pens available in the market today, which you can choose from for your child to start practicing with.

  1. Practice. Practice.

The next step of getting you child comfortable with the transition is to get them to practice as much as possible. Start by having a no-pencil day at your home, where your children should not be allowed to use pencil at all for at-least 2 pages to start with. Make them write long essays about a topic with pen and ask them to make zero cuts – doing this will give them more confidence in their writing skills and will take their mind off the pressure of making mistakes.

  1. Include Pencil in the Mix

Last and the most important beginner in pen life tip that we have to offer is that do not just limit your child to a fountain pen. Make them write from a pencil too in between so that they don’t feel completely out of their shell.

In the end, what we would suggest is to give your child time to transition from one writing instrument to another and don’t force them to let go of the pencil that they are used to writing with just because they have a new kid on the block.

Is your child going through a pencil to pen transition? How is it going? Let us know in the comment section below.

5 E-Learning Misconceptions You Must Know

E-Learning is a relatively new endeavour, which means that a lot of misconceptions about it have popped up over the years. These misconceptions are often going to do you a disservice. Fortunately, they are often easy to clear up.

No or Less Interaction

Many people think that E-learning is all about hiding in your room and just reading or watching videos. But this simply isn’t the case. There are many companies out there that make it so that you can interact with many different people throughout the day. This could include extensive back and forth through an email chain, for example. It could also include a full video chat with many different participants through one of the more popular platforms for that. It could also mean participating in forums, phone calls, and many other options.

Perceived as Cheat Sheet

This misconception is based on the idea that using the Internet to learn makes it easy to go around your teacher’s rules and just cheat your way through education. This isn’t the case. Obviously, students have more of a connection to the Internet and less direct visual supervision in some cases than they would otherwise, but there are many ways of preventing this that don’t necessarily exist in traditional classrooms.

For example, there are programs that can monitor students through their webcams to keep a close eye on what they are doing. There are also different mechanisms to prevent plagiarism if students are just copying sources for their answers from the Internet.

No Real Difference Between Online Classes

Some people believe that any class delivered online is going to lack any kind of differentiating characteristic. This idea is that the character from courses can only come from the professor themselves, delivering a lecture in person. This simply isn’t the case, however. Many online courses can use media much more heavily than the traditional variety, making the potential for difference even greater than it would be normally.

Employers Just Ignore E-learning Certificates

This may have been the case at some indeterminate time in the past, but it certainly isn’t any longer. The Internet is everywhere now, and everyone uses it, so there is a lot more acceptance. The truth is, however, that there are a number of top colleges that actually provide E-learning options themselves. No one is going to look down on a degree or certificate from an Ivy League school just because it came from an E-learning approach.

For example,Janison is one stop solution for training programs & assessment that provides engaging content. It’s also worth noting that there are so many E-learning programs now, and it’s becoming so popular, that it would be tremendously foolish for employers to decide that they just aren’t going to pay attention to what someone has learned just because it was done on the Internet. In no time flat, they would get outcompeted by someone else. This just wouldn’t be in their best interests.

Online E-learning Institutions Are Unscrupulous

There’s a tendency for some to associate online institutions and programs with the scams of the Internet. Again, many Ivy League schools do this, so there is no direct correlation here. Every organization is different and needs to be evaluated with that in mind.

E-learning is quickly gaining its own field of academic study due to its popularity. There are reams of paper devoted to different options, such as problem-based E-learning. There is no doubt that this is well-established as a legitimate approach.

Parenting Redefined: Why Mentoring Is The Key To Child Development

Mentoring is the number one point of parenting. When you raise a child, you are essentially mentoring that child into adulthood. Parents want the best for their children, but sometimes it is hard to know how to give that to them. Parents that were raised in tumultuous households may have the hardest time trying to figure out what the best ways of mentoring their children to be stable and happy adults are. If you were never given the tools to raise your children the way that you want, then you need to go out and find them. Even reading this short article about mentoring your children is a step in the right direction!

Mentoring and Responsive Parenting

Mentoring your children is along the same lines as what psychologists call responsive parenting. In responsive parenting, the parent needs to remain mindful of their actions at all times. Acting on emotion or impulsively can hurt the child. Responsive parenting gets parents thinking they are directors of their children’s progress.

Principles of Mentoring

Mentoring your child through the early years properly will produce healthy and happy, functional adults. First and foremost show your child how to love. This is done through example. You show your child that you can love them unconditionally and really make the connection with them. If your child responds best when you hug them, make an effort to embrace them often.

Be sure that your child is aware that you have expectations for them:

Expecting them to go to an ivy league university at the age of 6 may be a bit out of their reach, but set realistic goals for them and celebrate the milestones as you get there. When they don’t achieve something allow them to try it again and reward them when they finally accomplish the task.

  • Use positive reinforcement:

Give them a small reward for small tasks, like a new fun magnet for the fridge, or give them a dollar for their reward bank where they can save up for great toys of their choice from Brio Toys online. Whatever you choose to do, do your best to stay away from punishments and saying no. Negative feedback and reinforcement encourages misbehaviour.

  • Get to know your children:

Your children want to know you and feel connected to you. Make observations and openly talk to them about their behaviour and relate to them in any way that you can. Your children will learn a lot from talks like this, and it will make them feel like everyone matters and has a part to play.

Make an effort to turn the screens off and get in some old fashioned playtime with your children. Make a blanket fort, go out for a nature walk, make some popsicles, pick something that everyone will enjoy doing together.

  • Don’t be scared to talk to your children about things that you know little about:

Share your amusement and wonder with them. Join them in a Google search about silly questions like, do slugs have eyes, or why are boogers green? Doing this will encourage your children to make positive connections with the world and show them how to stoke their curiosity.

  • Do your best to not reward vanity:

This may be tough when around family, but it should be practised on a daily basis. Instead, reward your children for new skill sets that they learned. If your child puts together their first puzzle on their own, then give them a simple reward. Encouraging accomplishment overlooks will help to show them in the long run that it’s not about how you look, but about what you can do.

  • Now that you have all of these great new parenting tips, why not give them a go:

There is also a lot of information about mentoring and responsive parenting on the web. Just remember, to think before you act and that you are responsible for helping this kid to turn into a happy, healthy, functional adult.

Home Tutions Vs Group Tutions – What Is Better For Your Kid?

The Main Differences Between Private and Group Tuition

Parents seeking tutoring help for their struggling child will find a wealth of options available to them. These options will fall into two specific categories: private (at home) or group (center). Both avenues provide expert level academic assistance for a variety of subjects, disabilities, and learning levels. So which one is the best? The answer depends on the student.

Student Needs

Students in need of tuition services have either fallen behind in their studies, or have a serious learning deficiency that affects their comprehension. The effectiveness of the tuition is directly related to the type of need the student has. So, in order to determine the best type of tuition for your child it is necessary to ascertain exactly what that need is.

Private tutors are the best tutors for special needs students. They provide the attention, focus, and hands-on assistance such students require. One-on-one instruction is optimal for students with serious learning deficiencies as they require more time to effectively grasps concepts.

Group tuition operates on the level of a classroom. Tutors have to split their focus on the number of kids in attendance. This is perfect for students that have just fallen behind as it gives them the extra time and focus necessary to catch up. As such students usually do not have serious learning disorders they can operate well with less attention.

Ratio of Teacher to Student

The basic difference between private and group tuition is the ratio of teachers to students. Private tutors are one-on-one. There is one teacher and one student. Group tuition can be anywhere between three to twenty students and one tutor.

If a child requires hands-on attention they are less likely to get it in a group setting. This is why private tutoring is a better choice. Children who simply need a leg up can function well with minimized attention. So a group setting is more than adequate.

Learning Methodology

Tuition centers usually practice rote learning. Rote learning requires students to answer similar questions over and over for a certain period of time. When that time is up they move onto another subject where they answer similar questions again. Rote learning requires the class to move at a unified pace. The subjects will switch when most of the students present are done. Rote learning is also practiced in a traditional classroom and is optimal for the instruction of large groups. It also creates the ability for students to learn and grow together. They can bounce ideas off on another, form teams, and find solutions as a unit.

Private tutors are focused entirely on the student. The learning methodology here is comprehensive. There is no time limit and subjects only change when the student is ready. Additionally, private tutors can adapt the curriculum to suit the specific needs of the child. This way not only do they learn they also gain the ability to overcome whatever disorder hampers their cognition. This is great for special needs as it allows them to move at their own pace and prevents them from falling behind.


A tutoring center has set hours of operation. This means you have to mold your schedule around when they are open. Luckily, these hours usually compliment a school schedule and many centers even provide transportation to said center after school. Schools themselves have tutoring hours available to students after a normal school day.

Private tutoring molds itself to your schedule. As an at home service it can take place whenever you need it to. This is a great convenience for parents with strenuous schedules. It is also better for students with special needs as they require extra time. This allows the schedule to be built around their learning.


Private tutors usually bear specific certification for special needs education. This makes them more suitable to handle serious learning impediments. Centers also have experts but more than often those experts are versed in general studies. Whether you are choosing a group or private tuition ensuring that they are qualified to assist your special needs child is an important factor to consider.


Certainly on the lower scale of importance price is also a major difference between private and group tuition. Private tutors usually cost more than a group center as they bear certification and hold open hours. Group centers usually charge a set price for the number of hours your child will be in attendance.

Learning Speed

Another big difference between private and group tuition is the speed in which students can learn. Private tutors allow students to learn at their own pace. They can take as much time as they need to master the curriculum. Group centers move with the group allowing for the possibility of a child falling behind.

Why Its Important For Kids To Learn How To Type

Why Its Important For Kids To Learn How To Type

Typing training is a type of training that involves hours and hours of learning from the position of the hand, accuracy, speed and so on. It’s a very important skill to develop since all people have computers, tablets and phones these days. The skill is very important since it’s very practical and can be applied every single day. Typing training is challenging, especially if you learned it later on in life.

There is a term called touch typing, basically touch typing is a skill, it’s something that you will develop over time with the use of proper positioning of hands and familiarization of the keys that will enable you to no longer use your vision to look at the keyboard when you type. It’s a very cool skill to learn and it’s not that easy. For some, this is still a challenge since there are already many factors and excuses in the process of learning it. But kids don’t, kids don’t have distractions and factors, the only challenge that you will have with kids is if they will willing to submit to the training. The question is, why is it essential for kids to learn touch typing.?

It makes them more confident in using the computer: Kids are comfortable with mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones but it doesn’t help develop a good typing habit. And while computers offer that, not all kids welcome the thought in using it. Making your kids see the light that using a keyboard and a monitor is a good way to introduce typing but you need to have a good excuse for it. If you want your kids to feel comfortable using a computer, you need to teach them how to type for them to build their confidence.

Typing training

It’s a good game to practice at home: Typing is all about learning the skill to be better and better at it. While it’s might seem boring, but with a good platform like touch typing games, it suddenly becomes a very fun environment especially for kids.

It helps develop focus: Touch typing improves focus that is the fact. When you’re typing with your hands and you’re looking at the monitor it makes you want to think about your task even more.

Typing test is easy as pie: Do you know that there are some job positions that has a typing tests? These positions can be secretarial, assistant, call centers and so on. These positions require people to get at least a decent typing score of 30 – 40 wpm and if you’re not fast you won’t get the job. If you develop touch typing skills even 100 wpm can be possible as long you keep practicing and if the typing test is the only thing that is standing against you from your dream job then pretty much you got the job already (if you’re a touch typer that is).

It’s always easy to learn when you’re having fun. This is the aim of typing games and if you plan to get your kid to develop their touch typing ability, this is where you start. If you want a good start, start with



The rise of international schools in Malaysia is being driven by government efforts to reform education. Since the government considers international schools an engine of economic transformation, it removed the limits on foreign ownership of international schools, introduced tax incentives, and removed the 40% enrollment cap for Malaysian students.

The government of Malaysia’s strengthened reform in education saw a rapid growth when it comes to the increased number of private school enrollments since 2013 and it continues to rise up to this year. There are around 140 international schools or private schools in Malaysia.

international school in Malaysia

To give you an overview of what are the top ten private international school in Malaysia, here is a list of it.

  1. Tenby Schools- Started in 1960 in Ipoh, Perak, Tenby Schools have five campuses in five different states in Malaysia. The sixth one is due this year. It is known for its diverse environment as most of its students have different races and comes from different nationalities. The school currently has 5,000 students.
  2. Alice Smith School- It was established in 1946, Alice Smith School primarily teaches British education and it is also accredited by the British School Overseas of the Department of Education in London. Just like Tenby Schools, it is also offering IGCES and A levels to its 1,600 students from more than 50 nations.
  3. British International School of Kuala Lumpur (BSKL)- This newly established international school based in Malaysia’s capital founded by its chairman Stewart Fry is aimed to educate its students to prepare them for their entry to top universities around the world through its IGCSE and A Level tests and examinations.
  4. The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) – It boasts as the first fully accredited international school in Malaysia which also has diverse nationalities of its students. The school was founded in 1965 and is accredited by the Council of International Schools and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.
  5. Mont’Kiara International School- It is one of the very few North American curriculum pre-school to k12 education system school in Malaysia which is catering expatriate families since 1994 from both United Kingdom and the United States.
  6. Marlborough College Malaysia- It opened its first British boarding and day school in Malaysia in 2012 which is a first when it comes to independence.
  7. Nexus International School- It is a relatively newly established international school situated in Putrajaya which caters students from pre-school to k12 level. This school earned the Apple Distinguished School titles in 2015 and 2017 and earned the recognition as one of the awardees for Mastering School by the IPC in 2013.
  8. Prince of Wales Island International School- It is situated in the state of Penang that was established in 20122 which practices the British Education system.
  9. Labuan International School-Established in 1996, LIS practices the UK national curriculum as well teaching its students through Cambridge IGCSE.
  10. Idrissi Islamic International School- Established in 2015, it received the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and is accredited by the Cambridge International School Examinations and has a license to operate by the government’s Ministry of Education.