Can you Make a Living as a Personal Stylist?

A personal stylist, fashion or image consultant is a professional who helps people to create and develop their own particular image or style. It may include helping people to piece together wardrobes, select proper shoes and choose the right haircut. The big question is, can you make money working as a personal stylist?

The answer is yes, you can earn money as a stylist, and if done right, you can earn a lot. Not long ago, we met a freelance stylist saying she got paid a lot of money to work as a consultant for professionals and celebrities and help them choose the right dress for every occasion. Personal stylist helps people avoid the wrong clothes for their work or for the event they are attending.

They also help them choose the right wardrobe for their body type and aesthetic. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of personal stylists do not do the actual cutting of hair or designing the clothes; they have professionals to do that to help their clients.

All they do is to connect their clients to the right hairdresser, tailor or designers. They also choose the right wardrobe for their clients from extensive selections of clothes and shoes. A lot of people ask how much does freelance personal stylist actually make? And how can you get started in this industry?

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The basic question: How to get started in this business?

According to experts, you are to study or educate yourself about fashion and have enough experience working as a fashion stylist before you can call yourself as a stylist. You need to have a high school diploma, and in rare cases, a bachelor’s degree in fashion or any related fields before you can get a job in this industry.

Some also say that you need at least one to three years of experience in retail or fashion related position to get you started. Sometimes, a beginner may even need to get a professional certification. These requirements are necessary if you want to get specific jobs or wish to apply at a fashion company, not necessarily a freelance career.

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As a freelancer, the biggest challenge would be to get possible clients to trust you. In this industry, credibility is crucial to make people want to get your services. How can you convince other people to hire you as a personal stylist? Why should they pay you to help them choose what accessories or clothes to wear, in fact, they can do it themselves? These are just some of the most common questions that you need to answer if you want to start a career out of styling other people.

Having a specialized degree or training, even if you are working as a freelancer could help you build your credibility. You could also build credibility in different ways. You can:

Work free or at a lower price to start building your portfolio

Build a website and publish relevant fashion articles or blogs

Do specialized work like taking jobs in the entertainment or corporate industry

Build your social media credibility by posting photos of you wearing the latest trends or fashion. It is the easiest path since we are now living in the online world. You can find a lot of freelance personal stylist who started as an Instagram model or has a YouTube channel doing makeup tutorials or giving fashion tips.

Gaining a lot of work experience is always the first challenge you will face when you are just starting in this business. That is why, unless you are working as a full-time personal stylist, this is a significant challenge that you need to face and get past through.

There is some stylist who works as an apprentice or assistant to a more established consultant for a few years to learn the tricks and trade, and to gain experience, as well as reputation in this industry. Having a lot of knowledge can be a good stepping stone when you are just starting in the fashion world.

Styling consultants need to know a lot about different things related to fashion. They need to know the trends happening in the fashion world, personal shopping, retail sales, fashion styles, networking, social media, customer service and fashion brands.

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Although choosing what clothes to wear, seem like a simple task, it is actually very complicated, especially when you are working for someone in the entertainment and corporate industry. So, to make the long story short, it is imperative not only to understand and know what you are doing before you start a career as a personal stylist, but it is also essential to look for ways to build your credibility at the same time. 

How do you know if it is okay to pursue a career as a personal stylist?

If you are not passionate about being a personal stylist, you should probably think twice before accepting a part-time job in this industry. If you do not like dressing up, shopping, figuring out the right outfit for the occasion, helping people solve their fashion problems or reading magazines like Vogue, InStyle, Allure or Vanity Fair, then this is not the right job for you. But if you like to do all the things mentioned above, this might be the career that you are looking for.

Not only that, but this is also a good side gig for people who:

Is well respected and established in the fashion community

Is well connected do wealthy and affluent in their social groups

Is already well-known and well-connected in the fashion world

Has a lot of passion for clothing design and wants to use it to start a part-time job?

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One of the most difficult challenges in this type of job is getting it started. It is like starting a photography career in the sense that there are fewer people who are taking this job seriously. Most people look for a more stable job, and this one is not one of them. Unless you are already an established personality in the fashion world or have too much money to work in an industry where you need a lot of time to build your reputation, it will be challenging to start as a personal stylist.

Wedding Wear for Spring: Dressing Up for a Loved One’s Big Day

So, you’ve received an invite to someone’s wedding. Deciding on which outfit to put on to attend someone’s wedding can be nerve-wracking and complicated, especially if the invitation did not specify what exactly the couple is expecting their guests to wear. So, if you aren’t sure what to wear, consider the season and the time of day of the ceremony and follow a few unwritten rules on how to be a proper wedding guest.

If you’re attending a wedding this spring, here’s our guide on how to achieve the right wedding guest look that doesn’t say you’re trying to steal the show:

For the Ladies

Springtime celebrations can be really beautiful, what with all the green grass and fresh colorful blooms you’ll see everywhere. Dressing for a spring wedding, however, can be a bit more complex, especially if it’s an outdoor one. There are the chances of getting the occasional spring rain showers which can make the grass wet and the ground muddy, which can definitely spell trouble for you if you’re wearing heels.

Here’s a suggestion: choose an outfit that you know will work for both an indoor and outdoor wedding and make smart preparations beforehand. Consider all the possible issues that may arise. For example, completely forgo long dresses as these could potentially drag all the mud and you don’t want that on your hemline. Carry a small umbrella with you (something that would fit inside your tiny bag) in case of an unexpected rain shower. Also, consider bringing a nice pair of closed-toed flats that you can change into in case of an impromptu outdoor cocktail hour. As for your finishing touch, dropping by jewelers in Salt Lake City will probably give you an idea for a sophisticated touch to your ensemble.

Also, think about what the rising humidity that comes with the rising temperatures can do to your hair that you’ve spent hours to perfectly style. Keep a small bottle of hair spray and some bobby pins inside your clutch to make sure hair will look on point throughout the ceremony. Be prepared to touch up on your makeup as well. Remember that your makeup, along with your dress and hairstyle, will tie up your entire look.

For the Gents

For men, spring is the perfect season to experiment with colors but with a certain amount of subtlety. The season isn’t too cold to try pastels and neons as well as not too hot for dark hues. For occasions like a wedding, it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Choose a lightweight suit jacket and layer a brightly colored shirt underneath. Accessorize the entire look with some slim ties or socks in bold patterns. It doesn’t have to be a straight black-and-white ensemble. You can subtly add a pop of color to your look without going over the top.

Finally, whatever you end up wearing, always put on an attitude of honor, respect, and serving. Have fun and celebrate this monumental event in your loved one’s life.

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Meta Description: So, you got invited to a wedding. Here’s a simple guide on how you can complete your wedding guest look without looking like you’re trying to upstage the couple.


5 Trending types of Chain Designs for Ladies

5 Trending types of Chain Designs for Ladies

Whether you are going to a casual outing with friends or attending a formal evening, the way you accessorize yourself plays a key note in the way you express not only your thoughts but also your personality. While some people like to keep it to a bare minimum, others tend to go all out bling and both are possible and will look great provided you know how to carry yourself and the style. Then there are people who like to stick to a certain trend and choose their ensemble with a lot of attention to the details.

Trending chain designs for ladies

While there are many trending styles and chain design for ladies, you need to keep the fundamentals straight and that is the length of the chain you will be matching with your chosen outfit. There are mainly 6 types of lengths in chains starting from collar which is 12 to 14 inches long, choker is 14 to 16 inches long, then comes princess which is 16 to 18 inches long and it is the most common type of chain that is worn, then is matinee which is around 20 to 22 inches, opera usually is of 30 to 36 inches and above 36 inches the chain is called a rope. Nowadays, you also have the option of buying adjustable chain but the range is limited as you will not get a full collar or a full rope feature. But, it is always a good idea to keep multiple options in your closet and check out the gold chain price list!

gold chain

Here are five must have trending chain designs:

  1. Gold rope chain is a must for every girl. While this is perfect for the off-shoulder dresses and even turtle necks, you can easily loop it around your neck to create a layered look that will compliment your Indian wears too. And while you are feeling a bit trendier, you can even add a pendant to the rope. You can look for gold locket designs online or even have one custom made.
  2. Pearl necklaces never go out of trend. This classy piece goes with almost everything. You can have a short length piece or a longer one which you can wound around for the double strand look. The best part about pearl is that it complements the evening formals very well along with an office look or even a casual informal wear.
  3. A choker collar combination is for those who like to slay it at any event. This is ideal for the plunging neckline dresses as it keeps the focus on the neck and collarbone area making the whole ensemble be chic and daring at the same time.
  4. A negligee neck piece is delicate yet it has a really strong impact especially when teamed with casuals. It is a longer length chain with two or more irregular and asymmetrical drops dangling from a main pendant. The bright colored stones and the silver chain weave a beautiful magic.
  5. A riviere neck piece is of mid length and has gemstones which are linked together closely. The beauty of this piece is that the gemstones tend to become smaller as they go up towards the neck giving it a cascading look, making this a classy and statement piece.

Necklaces play a very important role when it comes to highlighting your dress, your neck or the piece itself and the first thing that catches the attention is the necklace making it all the more important to get this piece right.

Scalp Treatments, Hair Care, And More

learn about sensitive scalp

Nowadays, there are treatments that individuals avail of when it comes to taking care of their hair or dealing with certain conditions in the scalp. If you are into the right direction when it comes to seeking for the companies, they will also be present in order to let you learn about sensitive scalp.

Basics about hair care

Women and men are always on the lookout for various ways on how to improve the appearance and the health of their hair and nails. There are service providers and facilities that are bound to take care of your hair and nails in your locations. Having said this, there are things that you can do each day and can show improvement in the shortest amount and period of time.

One of the very frequently asked questions asked by patients about baldness is about its causes. There are numerous points to ascertain when referring to these causes and there are many points of consider when understanding where they come from.

First are hereditary factors. You may notice how people generally have a receding hairline and have problems with baldness earlier compared to the others. These may be brought by their genes and their family history. If someone in the family is suffering from exactly the same, then there’s a massive chance that you can even experience these earlier. It is imperative to keep yourself informed of those factors so you’d be able to know things to do.

learn about sensitive scalp

Treatments available

Some of the best treatment facilities are also there to help you learn about sensitive scalp. Water is also foremost an important aspect on hair and nail care. Water is often taken for granted but the wonders it can give can go beyond what you can imagine. Being able to drink plenty of water a day improves the way your hair and nails grow, as they add moisture.

Furthermore, regular exercises can also contribute to the betterment of your hair and nails. Workout can give you the daily boost and the energy, and they are also important aspects that contribute when it comes to hair and nail care.

Hair thinning can also be due to hormonal fluctuations and medication. Premature hair thinning can be due to the fact that the person may have an underperforming thyroid gland or they’re experiencing lower sexual hormones. These hormones play a good role in the development of the hair from the scalp so having less these hormones can sometimes cause hair loss. Besides hormonal changes, taking some medications can sometimes affect the way in which hair grows from the scape as well. Medicines have certain ingredients that can oppose the way in which chemicals function within the scalp. These may include steroids, vitamin A, birth control medications, antidepressants, and blood thinners. Approaching the right companies and providers for these treatments is one of the best ways that you can do to take care of your scalp and learn the causes for the sensitivity. Check our their websites online so you can learn more information about their services.

Create Your Own Spark with Unique Designer Jewelry!

It is a perfect time to find jewelry designs that’s perfectly you! These days donning a piece of jewelry isn’t just about adding glitter and glamour to an ensemble, it’s more of a statement you make ,that talks about your unique sense of style, your dressing etiquette, if you have a keen eye for changing trends and dressing for you means business. With so much to look at and so much in cart, it gets difficult to decide on what pieces of jewelry to add to wardrobe and what not. While some pieces are effortlessly eternal, chick masterpieces to write sonatas about, with their demands staying in vogue since centuries passed by, till centuries to come, there are other pieces that are a part of changing global trends that come and go and come again to create sensation at some other place, on some other time, there are also some pieces in our box that have always stayed in shade but we require them only at certain places and times.

Whether you need a ring for an engagement, the perfect accessory for an occasion, or a unique gift, at Tjori you will find the style that meets your taste and your budget.Every woman loves to accessorize her wardrobe with jewelry, right? When you shop jewelry online at Tjori, you’ll discover a huge assortment of women’s jewelry, including fine rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, charms, pendants, and nose pins.

Office isn’t always skyline buildings and happy looking staff with a strict boss, most of the times it is hectic work schedule, monotonous work topics and meetings full of trash. For day like these and the good days Tjori has a range of exotic range of jewelry to suit the liking of any sane person. For it is said, wherever you go, wherever you are, always add your twist to the moment for only you can do it. For a business meeting that requires dress to impress technique, a mauve shirt neatly tucked in pants with a charcoal grey blazer is good enough but not the best look possible, for that it requires you to team it up with a mauve gemstone, delicately tucked in a golden earring, accompanied by a needle thin gold bracelet. Just rock the look confidently and smartly and wait for the appreciation sure to come.

Tjori, makes sure that no birthday party, no kitty, no get together, no visit to the lounge, no getting jazzy and all hazey, no candlelight dinner at the beach, no bestie’s mehndi and Sangeet, no school function, no lazy Sunday breakfast with friends goes without a tad bit of glamour these accessories are sure to provide.Sure to jazz up any routine office day and lit up an entire disc with your bling, these jewellery online are hard to miss and require a second and third glance.

So keep browsing, keep shopping and keep venturing into unknown yet simplified world of our unique styling and handicraft and keep us in your happy thoughts.

Bargain Stylish Bridesmaids’ Apparel in 2019!

It is the tradition for bridesmaids to select their dresses and accessories themselves. It is courteous and mindful on the part of the bride to ease their expenditure and pick economic dresses for the maids. We have trendy, lively, captivating, appealing and economic dresses for the bridesmaid. The decoration on the dress includes:

  • sequins with sparkle
  • lace
  • cut-outs
  • ruffles
  • chiffon
  • eyelet
  • satin
  • georgette

These satisfy and gratifies the bride and the bridesmaids.

Our dresses are in fashionable and unique coloured which can be mixed and matched splendidly and even balance the shades pleasantly. The dresses are feasible in different sizes and suit an array of maids. The dresses come in short and long style. We introduce new additions every season. Thus, our stock update is fresh and fashionable.

Bridesmaid dresses are required for a bachelorette party, bridal shower and the wedding day. It all adds up to the cost. It is the endeavour of the bride and the bridesmaid to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Our variety in dresses and colour makes the bridesmaid appear special and important. We have a lot of variety,and as you scroll through the colourful image pages of the catalogue, you will find something that suits your purpose in the budget. The choice is yours whether to purchase the same dress for all or else same colour with subtle variations. We are here to customize your order.

You must not discount style and fashion for a higher price.  Cheap bridesmaid dresses are our prerogative. We offer:

  • frocks
  • modern jumpsuit
  • gown
  • Maxi-dress
  • Mini-dress

These have flirtatious necklines namely down-reaching V, off the shoulder and so on. Our dresses are dainty and will be worn repeatedly by the girls for a long time.

We are here to guide you in your selection. Select the colour that compliments the remaining maids. Prefer hues belonging to the same family. For instance, let it be ice-blue and marine, wine and petal for a captivating effect. We specialize in wholesale and through online selection. Your shopping with us will redeem the purchases. Despite all this, the quality of the dress is of a high standard. Visit our website periodically to know about the new arrivals.

We choose a fabric that falls well on the feminine physique. In this dreamy occasion, bridesmaid will add glamour and chic factor. We cater to all body types, seasonal variations and trendy necklines. Our dresses have provision for country weddings, free-flowing pleated gowns, sleeve variations, backless spaghetti dress, lack of shoulder dress, V-neck with empire split, Knee length dress and pleated dress.

We are proud to acknowledge that our portal offers the maximum gorgeous array of dresses. You are competitive in our approach and keep with fashion timings. Our website offers choices in hues, fashion, and sizes. Our dresses bring out the personality of the user favourably. We are known for our business sense and grown over the years. Log in to our website and browse through the portfolio. If you are perplexed, please contact us,and we will sort out the issue promptly.

Treat your Skin with the help of Clarin’s Products

Treat your Skin with the help of Clarin’s Products

In the digital world, every girl or women want to look elegant and beautiful. Taking care of the skin is an essential thing especially for the girls. The girl’s skin is susceptible and smooth as compared to men’s skin. If you face any skin related issue and also want to treat your skin, then visit the Clarin’s center. It is leading skin center and has the 60 years of experience in this field.

If you don’t want to visit their center, then you can search the facial skin treatment & spa near you. If you order online beauty products from this platform, then you can get the straight ten %off on your very first order by using the coupon “WELCOME10”. In this platform, you can get the three free samples and four PC gift with a minimum order of $170.

At Clarin’s, you will get the top-notch skin care treatment with the help of active natural ingredients. The researchers of the Clarin’s are well-educated and qualified which make the beauty products by extracting from the physical component which may lead to the highest quality of products which are very active. Each product of Clarin’s is verified and tested from the laboratories so that customers cannot face any side effects from the products.

facial skin treatment & spa near you

This company has gained the more than the 60 years of experience while dealing with the numerous clients in across the world. The team of Clarin’s used the unique and advanced technique which gives significant effect to the client’s skin. They only use pure and natural plant extract formulas and products to treat the skin. The team of Clarin’s only uses the extracts and essential oils for handling the client’s surface which is 100% secure and safe to use.

Once you visit Clarin’s, the best facial skin treatment & spa near you, then you will completely different person in the center. They will treat you like the most important person in their center. They give you the best beauty treatment and gives you a comfortable place to sit so that you can feel relax and comfortable during your entire skin care treatment. At Clarin’s, you will get the top-notch service, and they will face onslaught on the problem seriously, so in future, you don’t face the same problem or inconvenience.

If you don’t want to visit their center, then don’t worry you can also buy the products online. In the modern world, every single person uses mobile phones for making their life easy and comfortable. Buy the high-quality skin treatment products from the Clarin’s and get the immense online advantage from the Clarin’s website such as free delivery of the products, exciting offers, reward points and many more.

The Clarin’s products are created from the latest and natural products which are handling by the Clarin’s research center. The products are specially designed for enhancing the beauty which is used by the expert hands of Clarin’s and beauty therapist to give you the better experience about the skin treatment.

The Benefits of Having a Minimal Wardrobe

The Benefits of Having a Minimal Wardrobe

Less is more; the same goes for fashion and styling.

The idea of less is more is becoming a trend not just in the way you decorate your homes or the way you apply your makeup but even in the way you dress up. Minimalism is not just a movement, but it is a lifestyle as well.

For some, they enjoy dressing up in chunky printed heels, and sequined blouses, top with hoops and necklaces. While others still enjoy dressing up in a pair of good old jeans, white pointed heels, and in a plain loosen tee— and they still feel they’re casual and fashionable.

The thing is, people have different style staples which reflect their way of life; it’s not about the richness and the capability of doing things but it is about knowing what works for you in fewer yet more worth keeping style pieces.

In today’s blog, let’s talk about a few benefits you can get from buying minimal Kamotto Lifestyle products and by living in a minimalistic life. 

Living in Minimalism 

Living in a minimalistic styling is just like choosing between plain or print, denim or cotton— what works best for you and the days ahead and what’s not.

Having a minimal wardrobe does not entirely mean that you will lose all those gems and printed tops you have in store. Nor does it requires you to dress simple and plain. No, that’s not what a minimal wardrobe means.

Being a minimalist means you are keeping and wearing a timeless piece that you know you are going to use not just for today, but even for some days ahead. It’s buying what works for you, and not just buying something because you find it ‘cute.’

lifestyle products Australia

There are a lot of lifestyle products Australia and they sure are making you feel thrilled to buy them all. However, if you’re trying to live being a minimalistic fashionista then take time to reconsider your purchase. It is best to check out these few benefits of having a minimal wardrobe to make sure you are in the right track.

The Benefits of Minimal Wardrobe 

If you are going to ask people, they’d probably tell you that minimalism is dressing up in white, black and gray— or boring. Then they are definitely wrong.

Here are a few benefits of having a minimalist wardrobe which proves that minimalism fashion is not at all gray, white and boring stuff.

  1. Quiet, but powerful

Minimalism fashion is undeniably quiet, but it gives more impact on the eye of its spectators. The more you dress up in simple clothing fabrics, the more it becomes more attention seeker.

 It means more space

Having fewer yet better things makes you shop and purchase Kamotto Lifestyle Products that are important. It means you get more serious in what you buy. That means considering what works not only for today but through the days ahead. The fashion enthusiast often play with lines and limited colors.

  1. Minimalism is an art 

Simplicity itself is an expression of art. Minimalistic fashion enthusiast focuses more on the form and fabric rather than on the function of the clothing. The minimalist often plays with lines and geometric shapes in a monochrome palette. However, it’s not just black, gray and white but even to a lot more colors.