Call Yourself A Coffee Connoisseur? Check Your Knowledge About These 4 Types Of Coffee Beans

Waking up in the morning to the aroma of fresh brewed coffee is the reason some people go to bed at night. Having that first sip motivates the body as it stimulates the mind, preparing it to manage life’s daily routine. The smooth rich flavor of your favorite coffee gives rise to new born energy, and a new perspective. Whether you enjoy your coffee mild, or strong, the overall result is still the same. There are a myriad of different brands of coffee, and many variations of ways that the coffee beans are grown, harvested, and made ready for consumes.

A general synopsis of coffee

Coffee is one of the world’s three most popular drinks with the other two being tea and water. This exhilarating beverage is known to boost energy as well as relax the body, a dual characteristic that other drinks can not match. Coffee is made from the coffee bean of the coffee plant. Once planted, the plant matures and bears fruit in about three to four years.. Once harvested, the coffee bean offers many different aromas and flavors depending on how they are roasted and brewed. The history of coffee dates back as far as the 1600’s, maybe earlier, and has long been noted for it’s performance enhancement effect, and the health benefits that it has, according to research studies. Your text to link…

Four different types of coffee bean

There are three basic types of coffee beans on the commercial market. The Coffea Arabica is a higher quality coffee bean of a fancier grade, and is sold mostly in specialty coffee shops. It is grown on steep terrains, and is hand picked which ensures a better quality. This particular coffee bean makes up 70% of the world’s coffee market. The Coffea Canephora is a species of bean with a high caffeine content, and is about 27% of the world’s coffee. It also called Robusta, and is usually used for instant coffee products. Coffea Liberica is grown in Liberia, Malaysia, and the Ivory Coast, and is only about three percent of the world’s market. This is most commonly called Liberian coffee. Although there are at least 25 different species in the coffea genus, these three are cultured for commercial utilization. Your text to link..

Buying coffee beans wholesale

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