7 Important Things to Consider About Playground Equipment

Playground Equipment

Planning to buy a piece of playground equipment for your kids?

Don’t worry! This article got you covered, just grab a cup of coffee or tea, and keep scrolling. You’ll find out more so keep on reading, okay?

Do you remember the time when you almost got tripped for getting excited to play at your house backyard swing? That was good olden days, right? As you grow old and have a family your own, you want your kids to experience the same excitement that you felt when you were in the same age as them.

To help you with the planning of having a simple outdoor playground for your kids, below are some things you need to watch out when buying a piece of playground equipment.

1. Cross-Out Non-Expandable Swing Set

Non-expandable swing set is a no-no! Why? Your kids will grow faster as you may expect. You should consider buying a swing set that is modular and expandable for your kids.

Playground Equipment

2. Avoid Wobbly and Light-weight Swing Set 

Most of playground equipment companies create a higher platform for longer slides. It’s important to choose a top-heavy structure for this kind of set. As a parent, you should make a test to this equipment, grab and shake the swing set. If the swing set is wobbly and lightweight, your child’s safety is at risk.

3. Make Sure the Climbing Area is Angled

For child’s safety, the climbing area should be on a lean angled for good stability and footing. You wouldn’t want to climb on a ladder which perfectly leaned on vertical position, right? Or else, you’ll fall.

4. Choose an Age-Appropriate Playground Equipment

Sometimes, an injury occurs when a child is allowed to play on certain equipment that’s not appropriate to his age group. Playground equipment has three age group categories, 2 years old and under, ages 2 to 5 years old, and ages 5 to 12 years old. Always pick the right one that matches your kid’s age to avoid unnecessary injuries.

5. Check the Surface Underneath

Some playground equipment has surfaces that need to be placed underneath the equipment. Some of these should be thick, or soft to support suitable padding when a kid suddenly fall. Avoid putting the equipment in the soil, grass, and cement because it can cause instability to the equipment. You should consider placing rubber mats, sand, or wood chips underneath.

6. Check the Fine Print

This is a must especially if you’re buying online. Always make sure that you understand the fine print. Check the language and details of each swing set brand you like. Always check the durability, stability, and safety features for yourself. Remember, always be responsible for your child’s safety.

 7. Always Read the Warranty

You need to avoid pro-rated warranties. It doesn’t provide full protection and it may cost you a lot for repairs and replacement. Choose a piece of equipment which have a non-pro-rate warranty, this can provide full protection. In addition, their service is free so repairs and replacement wouldn’t cost you a penny.

Talking to Kids and Teens About Death: How to Start

Death is inevitable, although most of us are scared to even talk about it. It is just something that all of us dread and a topic that is not exactly something that people like talking about. Discussing it with kids and teenagers is difficult, too, as we usually stray away from this type of discussion with them.

However, talking about death and everything that it involves is just a fact of life. You have to talk to your kids about it to make sure that they will understand its concept. This includes why we should not be afraid of it, how we can accept it, what burials and cremations are like, and even what people usually put in headstones in West Valley City.

Talking About it with Kids Aged 0 to 3

Toddlers are difficult to talk with when it comes to death since they do not understand it that much yet. However, you can start by citing a few examples relating to death. For example, you can tell them that death occurs when a person or an animal stops breathing. You can show them a couple of videos if you want, or you can just verbally explain it to them.

Explaining it to Kids Aged 4 to 6

Kids this age kind of have a difficulty distinguishing fantasy from reality. Most of them would not understand that death is permanent, and they would think that the person is just going away and would come back soon. Explain calmly that if a person dies, they are not coming back and that their soul has permanently departed from their bodies. Kids this age usually ask a lot of questions, so be patient when answering them.

Talking About Death with Kids Aged 7 to 9

Kids this age bracket usually think that only old people and pets die. Explain that death can come anytime and that it can happen to anyone, no matter their age.

Be a little more scientific and tell them that when the heart stops beating, the person will die. Tell them that death is not necessarily like how it happens in cartoons and movies, and if you are comfortable with it, you can tell them how it happens.

Talking to Kids Aged 10 to 12

Kids this age usually understand the concept of death. They know that death is permanent and that it can happen to their loved ones or even to themselves. They also know that death corresponds to sadness, fear, and anger. They can already understand facts, so go ahead and talk to them the way you would talk to an adult about death.

Communicating with Kids Aged 13 to 18

Teens at this age are quite emotional since they are trying to find out who they are, which can sometimes lead them to confusion. The death of a loved one can lead them to extreme emotions or even a mental health disorder, so go ahead and offer them support and let them know that you are always available to talk.

Let your kids know that you are always available to talk to anytime they want. Be patient when answering their questions so they would be able to understand and grasp the real concept of death.

Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Health Topic Essay

Health essays have now become a norm. There are many individuals who go through different health essays and articles over the Internet in order to familiarize themselves with distinctive aspects of health. These essays are either written by professional practitioners or lay individuals.

Even lay people can write health essays. It can be done in the same way as other research papers and articles are written. Even though you can use platforms like CustomEssayMeister to write an essay, practice will make you perfect with time. However, here are some of the mistakes to avoid when writing a health topic essay:

1. Do not copy the entire content:

This is the first and foremost mistake that a lot of people tend to make. They copy the entire content which is available on the Internet. This can be problematic for many reasons. It can be equated to plagiarism. Therefore, you must not copy the entire content. However, it can be used for your ease and reference. Also give appropriate citations.

2. Make it relevant to health issues:

You will come across many articles on the Internet that proposes to be health essays but discusses almost nothing about health issues. This defeats the entire purpose of it being a health essay. Therefore, you must focus on the core issues. Do not divert the reader’s attention to something which is not relevant to the essay. Conduct your research properly and focus on different aspect of health, fitness and body to make it more interesting.

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3. Conduct research:

This is perhaps the most common mistake made by a lot of health essay writers. There are many writers out there who just produce articles without doing proper research. This can be problematic in many ways. They tend to include information that contradicts with its own content. This can give a very bad impression to the reader. Sometimes the articles misguide the readers as well. Therefore, you do not want to produce content which is low in terms of quality.

4. Grammatical problems:

This is another popular mistake committed by a number of writers. There is no doubt in the fact that no writer is perfect. Most of them tend to make mistakes when producing content. However, there mistakes can be figured out if you proof read it properly. Therefore, either go through the content thoroughly by yourself or use any software to do so. Grammatical errors can impose a very bad impression on the reader.

5. Make sure the health statistics are authentic:

A lot of health articles tend to contain different statistics. These statistics are often fabricated. This will not only mislead the reader but also create a really bad impression. Imparting wrong information is considered problematic. Therefore, you must ensure through different sources that the health statistics you are referring to are accurate.

Above are some of the common mistakes that health essay writers make. Make sure you are aware of them and avoid committing it.

Everything You Need To Know About The Octopus

Octopus is an amazing sea creature that gives you the feeling of science fiction rather than being in reality. It is an invertebrate that belongs to Order Molluscs. Its scientific name is Octopoda. This sea animal is from Class Cephalopoda. Like all other cephalopods, it is also bilaterally symmetric that has two eyes as well as a beak. The mouth of the animal is present at the center points in between all the eight limbs. These limbs are popularly called as arms. Tentacles are another name given to its arms.


They are generally found in warm and tropical water. Most of the species are found near the floor of the ocean but some species are found to be pelagic that means these live near the surface of the water. These are solitary animals which live alone in the dens that are built from rocks.

Amazing Facts

Its soft body helps him to squeeze down through a small hole too. Isn’t that amazing? Apart from 8 arms, the creature is quite popular. Some interesting facts about the Octopus are mentioned below:

  • This animal has three hearts. One is large and the other two are small. Smaller hearts are close to the gills and they enrich the blood of octopus with oxygen before it gets transferred to the larger one. Then this larger one will pump the heart to body of the animal.
  • It has blue blood. The reason behind this that their blood is copper based. Human blood is iron rich. Copper-based blood is more efficient in transporting the oxygen in the body in low oxygen surroundings.
  • When they detect a predator, they squirt ink.
  • No bones are there. They are boneless.
  • Each arm has suction cups at bottom of its side.

The largest octopus in this world is the Giant Pacific Octopus. It’s reached to 30 feet/9 meters and weighs 272 kilograms/ 600 pounds. Sometimes they are so much big that they can even eat the sharks.

The Atlantic Pygmy Octopus weighs around 28 grams and arms are around 8 cms long.

The life span of the Octopus is very short. They generally live till 5 years. In fact, the mating process is dangerous for the octopus. Male Octopus dies after mating. Females ones die after the eggs hatch. So, mating results in their death.

The brain in this sea animal is not too large. The size of the brain is similar to the bird’s brain. It is considered one of the intelligent animals of the world. The arms also have the neurons. Therefore, after detaching from the body, the arm of Octopus feels pain.

The typical diet of this amazing sea animal includes mollusks, crabs and prawns. They like to have shellfish. These can easily drill a hole in the shell and after that slurp, the soft parts present inside of the shell.

Octopuses like to pick a shiny object across the floor of the ocean. Then they rearrange them into a nice collection popularly called as Octopus Garden. They also have the ability to regenerate lost limbs.

So, this sea animal is filled with lots of surprises and amazing facts.

Staying safe in your student house

Staying safe in your student house

Moving away from home and into your first student flat can be a little daunting. The change from student halls to private accommodation is exciting but comes with more responsibility. Not only is there less security but you don’t have the watch out of lots of students around you. You’ll need to make sure you keep the house itself safe as well as your belongings. Here are some of the ways you can keep your student house safe…

  1. Know who’s coming in and out of the building

Make sure that you only let people into a main building or into your accommodation that has proven their identity. If they’re asking to gain access to the main building to visit a friend, politely ask them to contact their friend rather than letting them in on their behalf. If it’s a trades person or professional, ensure that they’ve shown you a proof of identity and only let them in if you are expecting their visit. Keep an eye on anyone who appears to be hanging around frequently.

student lettings

2.Keep valuables away from windows and windows locked.

Dozens of students living together in one building or a house each with their laptops and other valuable gadgets is a burglar’s dream. One house, five laptops. It can be more enticing if they are easily seen at a window, which is usually where most desks are placed. If possible, position your desk away from plain view of a window or put up blinds. If you get up to leave your desk, move the laptop to the floor or nearby table out of view of the window. If you are still sitting at a window, make sure it is locked or at least closed while your laptop is there. It’s easy for an opportunist to walk past and simply grab it through the window.

3.Get insurance for valuables

This idea may sound absurd; pay for insurance while you’re also drowning in student loans? It may seem like an unnecessary cost but it is so much better to get your lost items replaced by the company than shelling out extra to purchase new ones.

4.Keep the lights on 

It is not advised to keep the lights on the whole time you are away on holiday but if you’re going out for the evening, leave a few bedside lamps on – using LED bulbs will reduce the energy usage.

5.Turn off electronic appliances and taps

Most house fires are caused by people forgetting to turn off electronics or electronics malfunctioning while they’re out of the house. Make sure you switch off all electronics like hair straighteners, laptop chargers and phone chargers before you leave the house. The only electronics that should be left on are a few lamps if needed when you go out in the evening.

Following these simple tips will help to ensure you stay safe during your time at university. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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Acquiring Discount Tools and Equipment through online Stores

Online Stores

During circumstances such as the present when numerous individuals are attempting hands on way to deal with enhance their homes, markdown tools are turned out to be of incredible favorable position to the two guys and females. Absolutely, any individual who takes after do-it-without anyone’s help approach swears by an arrangement of good tools.

With this acknowledgment comes the enduring want to get a deal while looking for tools. Luckily, there are different methods for purchasing tools that can help you in sparing a considerable measure of cash. Equipment barters are one such way.

In-house equipment barters are like the traditional sales. In the first place, the markdown equipment are arranged in a major stockroom style zone where planned bidders can filter through the showcases and recognize the rebate tools they wish to purchase.  A couple of equipment barters are led in a quiet form, the things are shown nearby other sale equipment, however the bidders compose their name and the offer sum on a bit of paper and place it in the case set beside the thing.

At long last, the most noteworthy bidder will be given first chance to purchase cheap tools & equipment online. Despite the fact that this is a general method with little things, quiet closeouts are uncommon if there should arise an occurrence of equipment barters.

The Essential Catering Equipment for Your Business

In case you’re wandering into the domain of providing food benefit, you should learn ahead of time that it is not kidding. Other than overseeing and keeping up a decent quality administration profile you ought to have high caliber and tried and true providing food equipment and keep it the best you can. The following are extraordinary tips and rules to kick you off in the providing food business.

The principal thing that you should choose is the thing that sort of sustenance food provider you’ll give. Will your administration comprise of providing food for wedding occasions and appropriate social occasions and even birthday gatherings and smorgasbords? This is critical on the grounds that the equipment essential for different gatherings contrasts also. You ought to have cooking equipment for both formal and casual social events and occasions. Along these lines, you will have the capacity to supply an amazing help for each event you serve.

When purchasing providing food equipment, search for superb items which will last more and help you in providing incredible administration. Discover an organization that can supply equipment for both providing food casual and formal social affairs. For providing food official occasions you should have these items: candelabras, cake stands, champagne wellsprings, formal dinnerware, flatware and dish sets and even ice design molds. You ought to moreover have meal trucks, table skirts, chocolate wellsprings, serving and cooking equipment required for the circumstance.

Acquiring Discount Tools and Equipment through

Since most easygoing occasions are buffet style, you ought to have an adequate number of silver plate, serving plates, dinnerware, dish sets, grill flame broils, sustenance warmers and stoves also. Notwithstanding, the stock of cooking equipment does not end here. You ought to likewise have different equipment for the different kinds and styles of cooking that you will supply for various administrations and occasions.

You ought to have an entire arrangement of butchery and blades equipment, an arrangement of cooking tools, equipment’s for searing and steaming and maybe a cooler unit for sustenance things stockpiling. You should likewise have a cooking vehicle to hold in the majority of the equipment required for the festival you’ll serve. Ensure that this equipment is transportable and convenient. You will discover circumstances when you need to head out longer separations to provide food a festival and you should convey the instruments to the setting in a proficient methodology. The transportation shouldn’t influence the execution and nature of your equipment.

Aside from utilizing a whole gathering of provisions for the nourishment food provider, you ought to likewise have able and prepared laborers to deal with the equipment. It is fitting to acquaint yourself with every one of the highlights and elements of each bit of equipment to enhance the utilization of this equipment. You ought to be proficient and has adequate know-how in picking and utilizing the correct equipment for a specific event or assignment.

Besides, to keep an exclusive expectation and quality providing food administration and execution, you should know how to continue cooking equipment as well. Take in the correct cleaning procedure of the different gadget. Clean the equipment both when each utilization as well. Keep fantastic equipment cleanliness and guarantee to dispense with any stains on the tools. To evade microscopic organisms develop and development, clean the equipment with high temp water, vinegar or preparing pop. These cleaning operators are known to encourage stop and limit microbes development and development.

What You Need To Know About cathodic protection system

What You Need To Know About cathodic protection system

When you talk about maritime advancements, boats and ships of today and very far from the way the boats are made from long ago. For starters, now ships are made of metal that makes it more durable than the previous wood material. It’s also run by an engine that helps the ship stay on course and not to mention a roof in each ship, partnered with some advancements in navigation and you got a well-built ship that can last for years and years and years.

But it doesn’t last forever, surprisingly not because they need to be replaced, but because of something else, it’s called corrosion. While metal is a very durable material to use in a boat or in a ship, it’s also ironic that its main enemy is corrosion which lessens the lifespan of a ship drastically. This is the reason why shipping companies and manufacturers invest in chemicals that help prevent corrosion in the best way possible and it’s by the means of the cathodic protection system.

Cathodic protection system: Now before you get confused about the “system” word being a device or something, it’s really not. Basically, it’s a chemical compound that is applied in high corrosion areas in order to prevent corrosion over time. It helps shipping companies get their money’s worth on their investment, saving some repair cost and early retirement of the fleet. In health, there is saying “prevention is better than cure” and that is also true when it comes to ships.

cathodic protection system in Singapore

Why Apply it: When the ship leaves the dock and it’s placed in the water, it stays there mostly for all its life, and its life is about facing bodies of water that has high deposits of salt and minerals that can contribute to the corrosion. A ship costs a fortune to build and not getting your money’s worth out of it before it’s life runs out is an awful lot of shame for a ship that is very expensive, to begin with. So before that happens, make sure you also invest in a cathodic protection system.

The company that makes it: Cathodic Marine Engineering Pte Ltd. is this company that makes cathodic protection systems. Their 14 years of experience in manufacturing and design makes them the partner of choice for various shipping companies that are looking for solutions to combat their sips mortal enemy, corrosion. Damage due to corrosion is expensive and you can lose millions to billions because of it. So before that happens, at least invest in a cathodic protection system.

When it comes to corrosion management, nothing beats cathodic protection system. It helps longevity in your fleet giving it more life and your money’s worth. Ships are considered as sturdy workhorses in the sea that carries and transports cargo from point A to point B. It costs a fortune too, that losing it to corrosion is bad for the business. Even if it’s made from high-quality metal, it’s exposed most of the time to it’s mortal enemy, the sea. If you happen to be in Singapore, a cathodic protection system in Singapore treatment is the best thing that you can do for your ship.