Medical Marijuana vs. Morphine: Chronic Pain Management

Medical Marijuana vs. Morphine Chronic Pain Management

Chronic pain is a widespread issue for Americans; it affects almost one-quarter population in the US according to CDC. Despite the alarming case of chronic pain, many patients have limited options for treatment. Today, prescription opioids such as morphine are the common solution for chronic pain treatment. However, using morphine as a form of medication can put a patient at risk. It includes substance addiction and abuse. As a result, patients and physicians are looking for a new treatment solution rather than using opioid painkillers as a treatment.

When the opioid epidemic erupts in the US, many healthcare professionals and patients start to support alternative medicine like medical marijuana. Though medical marijuana comes with a restriction due to the law, it serves a sustainable solution for many chronic pain patients.

Medical marijuana is a strong painkiller and the most effective alternative to opioids treatment. Unfortunately, it’s still inaccessible in many states, and many doctors are cautious prescribing it with patients. But other patients choose to get a Medical Marijuana Card that allows them to purchase, grow at their backyard, and use this powerful substance legally.

If you’re a patient suffering from chronic pain, and you’re planning to use either morphine or medical marijuana as a solution; then, you must know each of these treatments. To help you with this, the below information is the following science and medical facts that you need to know regarding each of these substances so you can make a smart decision at the end.

Medical Marijuana Card

Morphine: What Is It and How It Works? 

It is a narcotic medicine that belongs to the family of drugs responsible for making a particular function of the brain to calm. Morphine has a long history of medical usage and maintains its title as the most popular pain killer for many decades. The name came from a Greek word narcosis, which means to sleep or stupor. Though morphine is not as strong as Dilaudid, oxycodone, and heroin, it is still a powerful painkiller medicine.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Morphine 

As a painkiller drug, morphine has advantages and disadvantages too. Here are the following benefits of morphine:

  • Short-term efficacy: It reduces the pain level faster and effectively. It works best
  • Medical familiarity: Morphine has extensive research and understanding compared to medical marijuana.

It also has side effects as follows:

  • Tolerance
  • Addiction
  • Overdose

Medical Marijuana: What Is It and How It Works? 

Marijuana has been used to treat various health conditions and illnesses as a form off herbal medicines during ancient times. But unlike with morphine, which was used as a dominant type of analgesia, marijuana on the other side was used as a practical solution of over 200 diseases – including extreme and intense painful conditions. Back in ancient times, it is widely used to treat headaches. But during 1942 in the United States, the usage was criminalized as it was classified to be part of Schedule I drug.

As an herbal painkiller, regardless if it is inhaled or ingested, the compounds in marijuana travel to the human brain and sent to cannabinoid receptors throughout the brain. But instead of calming the mind like morphine, marijuana induces a state of euphoria.

Why Customers are Clamoring for CBD

Why Customers are Clamoring for CBD

If you run a business that is in any way related to health and wellness, then you have probably noticed a trend: Customers want CBD. Once relatively obscure, CBD has quickly taken the United States by storm, and the compound is now in everything from vape oils to coffees and cocktails.

What is CBD, though, and what does it do? Where did it come from, and why is it such a big deal now? Here’s what business owners need to know about the CBD craze:

The scoop about CBD

CBD is short for “cannabidiol,” a compound found in marijuana that does something beneficial in our bodies. What cannabinoids actually do, however, can vary widely from cannabinoid to cannabinoid. THC, for instance, is the famous cannabinoid that is most responsible for marijuana’s famous high.

That makes it quite different from CBD

Isolated THC will get users high in essentially the exact same way as regular marijuana does. That makes it quite different from CBD. Unlike THC, CBD does not get users high. Studies suggest, however, that it does have an impact on our minds. Specifically, CBD is believed to make users more calm and less susceptible to symptoms of stress and anxiety. Scientists are still trying to work out exactly how this works and how to make CBD as effective as possible for this purpose, but the frenzy is already on in the health and wellness space where customers are eager to get their hands on all kinds of CBD products.

Why CBD, why now?

CBD’s rise is closely tied to the fortunes of the plant it is found in: marijuana. Until relatively recently, marijunana was widely illegal in the United States. The past couple of decades have changed that dramatically, with a revolution in policy first on the medical marijuana front and, later, on the recreational front. Although challenges remain, state-level legalization has made it far easier for researchers to do proper research on marijuana, which has long been known to have health benefits. The recent research has played a big role in tying health benefits to CBD in particular.

At the same time, increasing public interest in marijuana and related products has helped hype CBD. The marijuana business is booming, but business owners can’t get involved in that everywhere: It’s limited to just ten states and the District of Columbia, and is highly regulated even where it is legal.

CBD, by contrast, is effectively legal in many states. Though federal regulations lag behind, many states have given their explicit or de facto blessing to CBD. Unlike marijuana, CBD is something that consumers can get in states like New York or Texas.

Stocking CBD

All of this has created a frenzy around CBD. Consumers want to have access to CBD products that they can take on a regular basis to fight anxiety and stress. Others want to see CBD in their coffee or cocktails, as well as in baked goods and other edibles. CBD is a must-have item for any modern health and wellness business.

Stocking CBD supplements is easy to do. The rise in CBD’s popularity has sparked a corresponding movement in CBD supplement production. Your business can find a trusted partner to provide CBD supplements in all different forms. With CBD on so many of your customers’ minds, you can’t afford not to have it in stock.

Posture Hero – The Best Way to Improve Your Posture

Posture Hero

Bad posture can indeed affect you more than your outer appearance. Slouching or bending can hurt your body as a curve will be created in the spine. This is turn cuts off the nerve connections. You can face a lot of health issues due to the bad posture. There are several side effects of slouching like migraines and tension, heart diseases, reduced lung functions, high blood pressure, shoulder and neck pain, stress and anxiety, sleep problems, endocrine dysfunction, gastric problems and many more. Hence, it becomes very important to correct your posture so that you lead a healthy life.

Talking about the ways to reduce bad posture, Posture Hero is one of the revolutionary items that help in improving your posture by keeping your spine straight. It is considered as the best posture support available in the market. It helps in full movement of the body while having healthy and straight support. This brace is light in weight and can be easily worn while you do work or you are traveling. It works by pulling back your shoulder and straightening the spinal cord so that you can sit upright without bending.

The Material of Posture Hero

The material of this brace is very soft and it helps in providing the utmost comfort to the body. It has padding with the three-core Flexi backplate with high tension and strength. The straps are light in weight so that you do not feel any pressure while you put in on your back. It takes a few seconds to put on the brace on your back. And due to its super low weight, it can be worn inside the T-shirt or the blouse. Simply wear it as like the backpack and adjust the tension to feel a slight pressure on the shoulders. The backplate then provides a healthy and straight posture once the posture brace perfectly fits over your spine.

Posture Hero

Functions of the Posture Brace

  1. With the Posture Hero, you do not have to stoop or bend below as the straps fit perfectly over the spine area improving your posture and reducing all health issues.
  2. Help to train your body to offer better healthy posture even when you do not wear these braces.
  3. It helps in reducing the tension and pain in your upper back and shoulder area.
  4. This brace is endorsed by the London Spine Clinic Harley Street, hence it is clinically approved.
  5. It is antimicrobial in nature; hence you can wear these braces for a longer period of time without having sweat.

The Posture Brace is affordable, has discreet design and comfortable to wear. So, if you are thinking about how to improve your bad posture, you can use these braces. Besides using this, you can perform some of the exercises that can help you to provide an upright posture and reduce slouching. You can follow the online yoga tutorials on how to have a straight posture. While sitting for long hours can cause pain in your spine area. It is advisable to sit up and take some rest in between the working schedule.


Vitamins That Your Child Needs The Most

Vitamins Child Needs

It’s one of the most important tasks as parents to remain constantly attentive in making sure that our child is consuming a healthy and balanced diet. Despite our unending struggles of force-feeding, it’s almost impossible to get it all right all the time.

There always seems to be room for improvement. Even if you’re a parent to one of those rare well-behaved foodie children who eat everything tantrum free, you still find yourself wondering whether if there’s something you should be doing more.

We’ve usually always got the basics covered, the carbs, the fats, loads of proteins, and tight control on sugary products. More than often, we are negligible towards their vitamin intake.

What are Vitamins?

We’re sure you’ve heard the word getting thrown around. Vitamins are chemical compounds, organic in nature, that exist in minor quantities in foods that our body requires in a very small amount. These are vital for our body to function normally and sustain a healthy balance in all our metabolic systems.

There are 13 known vitamins ranging from Vitamin A, B (B complex), C, D, E, K, etc. The daily requirement varies according to your diet, age, sex and in some cases, your ethnicity.

The paradoxical thing about vitamins is that they’re required in small amount by the body. They are easily washed out from the body so there’s no concept of taking too many vitamins. And just like that, since they are easily removed from the body, the demand is constant.

Vitamins Child Needs

Vitamin Requirements of Children

As children grow, they go through life-altering important developmental processes that need to be powered by a healthy diet containing enough vitamins and minerals. Normally, your everyday food lifestyle is enough to get them through this.

But more than often, to provide an adequate balance of vitamins and nutrient minerals, supplements are the next best thing to endure optimal health.

Now, most of the children get an adequate amount of vitamins from the food we eat daily, but as parents or caretakers, we cannot be always too sure about that, especially for children that are picky eaters, give you a hard time finishing their meals, or are facing various medical conditions that require an enriched diet. SmartyPants Vitamins are a good option.

The Top Vitamins That Children Need

The topmost vitamins that growing children, toddlers, and, in some prescribed cases, even infants may need, are only a few along with the actual list of vitamins that exist in nature.

Vitamin A

It promotes healthy growth and development of the body. It actively induces tissue and bone repair. It is great for healthy skin, eyes, organs and immune responses.

Vitamins Child Needs

Foods that include it are:

  • Milk
  • Cheese
  • Eggs
  • Yellow to orange vegetables (carrots, yams, squash)

Vitamin B

These are rather a complex of more than a single type. They’re variants of each other, having individual properties. The family consists of B2, B3, B6, and B12 out of which, B12 stands out the most when talking about requirements of children.

These help with metabolism, energy production, and processes affiliated with it, maintaining a healthy circulatory and nervous system. It plays a vital role in brain development in younger kids and infants.

Food sources include:

  • Meat
  • Chicken
  • Cheese
  • Beans
  • Soybeans
  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Kale
  • Cereal
  • Brown rice

Vitamin C

It is required in a relatively less amount than the rest but is just as crucial. Vitamin C, or more commonly known as ascorbic acid, promotes healthy muscles, connective tissues, healing, skin integrity, and health.

Vitamins Child Needs

Foods that are a good source are:

  • Citrus fruits (lime, oranges, grapefruit)
  • Strawberries
  • Kiwi
  • Tomatoes
  • Spinach
  • Brocolli

Green leafy vegetables tend to be a good source along with minerals such as iron and zinc. They’re a great option for children or early teens that prefer a vegetarian diet.

Vitamin D

The functions are limited to bone development and tooth formation, but this is among the most common deficiencies recorded in children worldwide. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and sustain calcium levels. One of the best natural sources of Vitamin D is sunlight.

Good sources include:

  • Milk
  • Salmon
  • Mackerel
  • Beef Liver
  • Mushrooms

So, remember to take your own vitamins and give your children what they need. Your bodies will thank you for it.


We have known over the years that human teeth are made up of enamel, which is one of the hardest occurring natural substance on this earth. This had led us to believe that teeth are one of the hardest and the most durable substance in our bodies, which is simply not true at all. Human teeth are one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body because of its exposure to various form of eatables and beverages. These things ruin the outer covering of the teeth over the span of several years and make our appearance look a bit worse than before.

Teeth, being one of the most important parts of the human body, also plays a great role when it comes to human appearance. As teeth are located on our face, their shape and structure become an important part of our outer appeal and appearance. Several people all over the world suffer from protruding teeth, while some are tongue thrusters. These problems become long-term if they are not treated in the correct time. This is where orthodontists come in.


Yes, there is a very real difference between orthodontists and dentists. Regular dentists deal with the decay’s and damages that are occurred to the human teeth over a course of several years. When it comes to orthodontists, they more or less focus on the structure and shape related problem of the human teeth. Orthodontists go one a two-year course after the course of regular dentistry. Sometimes, regular dentists, recommend some of their patients to orthodontists because they believe that this is beyond their scope of general dentistry.

Many people take their kids to orthodontists after the age of nine. But it is actually recommended to take your kids to orthodontists after their age crosses the mark of seven years. This is because as early as the problems are recognized, they can be treated early on, to get better results. If these problems are ignored for a long period of time, they become irreversible and extremely difficult to resolve.


Doctor Glenn Lewis is one of the most educated and experienced orthodontists in the area of Cumming. He has had over 28 years of experience as a remarkable orthodontist. He completed his education from the Georgia Institute of technology. He is also an esteemed member of the American Association of Dentists. All of these factors prove how great he is as a doctor. No matter what your problem is, he is the most experienced doctor you will find in the area to treat you. So, if you’re looking for an orthodontist in the area of Cumming, he is the one you go for.

Here’s Why You Should Read CBD Reviews Before You Buy

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a popular choice of many consumers looking for relief from various disorders or hoping to improve their overall wellness. While many have considered this naturally-occurring product, some hesitate to pull the trigger due to a lack of understanding as to where it comes from, how it works, and what side effects it may create. The best way to find the right CBD product for individual needs is by reading online reviews on various brands, doses, and forms of intake.

What exactly is CBD?

 One of the roughly 60 naturally-created compounds found in the cannabis plant is known as cannabidiol, or CBD. This particular compound is often mistaken for the cannabis plant’s main compound, THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC contains psychoactive properties that result in a “high” in those who use it. These psychoactive effects are not present in CBD, meaning those who consume the compound feel zero high-like effects or disconnect. CBD works by activating receptors within the body’s endocannabinoid system, or the ECS. The ECS interacts with the body’s immune system functioning, pain management, inflammation, and brain-functioning.

One of the most important reasons why it’s best to read reviews before buying CBD is the levels of THC or CBD. Many products purchased online are later found to contain trace amounts of the CBD they claim to use, and are mostly filled with the oils used to dilute them. This often leads consumers to believe that CBD as a whole will not be an effective choice to ease their symptoms when the reality is that they barely received any cannabidiol in their dose. The best way to ensure that CBD products are pure and filled with the correct dosage, is by purchasing through companies who perform third party testing.

Why read a review?

When consumers begin their search for any given purchase, it’s commonplace to read as many reviews as possible to ensure it’s a well-liked and effective item. Opinions from those who have a history of using a product or had an adverse experience are often deal-breakers for new customers. There is a plethora of reasons why these reviews are imminent for CBD consumers, from dosage options, to take intake options, even flavor preferences. Having insight as to which is most effective for individual needs saves consumers from an endless cycle of trial and error.

CBD can be overwhelming to those who have not used CBD in the past to know which of its form would be most effective for them. In reading the reviews of others with similar health concerns, weight ranges, or even flavor preferences, the options for purchase can be narrowed down significantly.

Reviews can also deter consumers from purchasing poorly made or improperly labeled brands. As stated earlier, some brands dilute their CBD and misrepresent their formulas to customers. Online sources like CBD Insider perform in-depth reviews of CBD brands and offer research-based opinions on various intake methods.

In their Select CBD review, the CBD Insider evaluated products sold by Select CBD. In this specific review, they researched where Select extracts their CBD, what methods they use to do so, and where they perform their third-party testing. After this baseline information, they reviewed each of the individual products offered by the company, which products their test subjects preferred, and the reasoning behind their opinions. At the end of the review, they’ll summarize their findings and recommend products based on the consumer’s needs.

For those looking to ease day-to-day stressors, or reduce symptoms of a chronic condition, forming a CBD routine can be an effective way of doing so. In order to ensure the products purchased are high quality and offer positive results, researching and reading the reviews before buying is a wise choice.

A simplified guide to effectively manage Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue refers to the chronic stress and ability of the body to recuperate from any sort of mental, emotional, or physical stress. Adrenals have a huge impact on the body, and hence, the adrenal fatigue symptoms can cause a lot of disorders in the human body. The problem is not always recognizable. There are sources which claim that symptoms of adrenal fatigue include extreme fatigues along with brain fog, weight gain, and a few more.

It’s not always the case where one feels fatigued and infers that it is an alarming condition for adrenal fatigue. The tests conducted for adrenal fatigue are not so straightforward, studies suggest that high cortisol levels are indicative towards high blood pressure, increased heart rate, and in case of children, it delays their growth.

Talking about some of the curious facts about adrenal fatigue includes,

  • The evidence of the disease, as till now there is no scientific evidence about it whether it is a true medical condition.
  • The supplements taken for adrenal fatigue proves to be dangerous in some cases.

Symptoms of adrenal fatigue are:

  • Unknown weight loss
  • Tiredness
  • Trouble in getting sleep and waking up
  • More reliability on stimulants like caffeine
  • Craving salt and sugar
  • Digestion problems
  • Moodiness
  • Dizziness while standing up quickly
  • Thinner and weaker nails
  • Chronic inflammation

Above mentioned symptoms are generic in day to day life, but these can signal some sort of illness in a person. But as discussed above, there is no scientific evidence of the problem so these points may also be due to lack of sleep or some addiction (caffeine) or sometimes due to lack of sleep. The main logic which lies behind adrenal fatigue is adrenal glands are overworked while they are activated during stress.

Diagnosis of adrenal fatigue

Diagnosis of this problem is made by taking blood samples or by using the salivary cortisol testing to check whether the person is suffering from adrenal fatigue. Those who consider adrenal fatigue as the disease often believe that scientific techniques aren’t sensitive enough to identify it.  Worried about how to track your medicine for the disease? Medicine tracker might be able to answer all your queries about it.

So we now have come across the symptoms and diagnosis of the Adrenal fatigue, let’s see what cures are available for it.

  • Eating nutrient-rich proteins

Oysters, organic turkey, and Grass-fed organ meats are the best sources of nutrient-rich protein, which can help the patient to make the adrenal glands function in proper order.

Oysters have balanced hints of minerals which maintain the balance between zinc and copper in the body.

Having organic turkey in meals can calm your anxiety and make you feel better.

Grass-fed organ meats are considered as the best source for the nutrients which are required to fight against adrenal fatigue like zinc, vitamin B, and D.

  • Go Green

Leafy greens are plant foods like spinach and swiss chard which are rich in magnesium content.

Asparagus contains a rich amount of vitamin B, which are very helpful for the patient of adrenal glands.

  • Trying Natural Medicines

The actual existence of adrenal fatigue is only in the brain so natural medicines can be very helpful for it. Herbs which are adaptable to the human body are ashwagandha, holy basil; eleuthero supports the brain to respond to the stress.

  • Improving Sleep habits

This is a very common problem which every age group suffers from, lack of proper sleep and in the long run, the mind can only work properly if it gets desired or optimal amount of sleep. Staying awake late nights is considered as a bad practice, but unfortunately, most of the people are having this as their common practice. The best possible solution for this problem can be turning off all the gadgets at sleeping time. Having a proper diet also plays a crucial role in getting sound sleep. Concerned about your sleep? Now you can track your sleep easily.

  • Yoga and meditation techniques

It has been a traditional technique to practice yoga and meditation on a regular basis to reduce stress and attain peace of mind. This stress buster is pretty much essential for the adrenal fatigue problem as the main cause for the problem is stress, which can have destructive effects on health. Being healthy but stressful is not a symbol of fitness. Hence in order to be stress-free, regular practice of yoga and meditation helps a lot.

  • Spending more time outdoors

It is often observed that most of the people nowadays prefer to be indoors rather than going out, with technologies advancing daily everything now comes to the door and hands of people. So most of the people prefer to be at home, leaving the sun and fresh air outside. It has been scientifically proven time and again that spending some time in fresh air outside makes the mind rejuvenated and relaxed, which leads to reducing the stress from the mind. Activities like walking, jogging can be performed at a regular basis in order to relax the mind and body.

  • Stress management

After discussing the above cures, one must have the stress management techniques with them to tackle the stress, which can prove to be devastating for the health. One who masters stress can master everything, each of us has a hectic schedule in day to day life, and we all get stressed at some point of time due to any reason. During the time of stress techniques like listening to music, taking a long walk around, spending time with loved ones and meditating can help the patient in all possible ways.

So these are the few cures related to adrenal fatigue, which mainly revolves around managing stress and making up the mind to function in a proper way. In the life full of tension and pressure, we often forget to even take proper medication and are clueless about which medicines to take. In such situations, why not try the Medicine Tracker for a better and healthy life?

How to Be the Best Friend You Can Be

Best Friend You Can Be

Our friends mean the world to us. Where would we be without the people who love and support us — the ones we laugh with, cry with, and even get angry with? If our friends knew how much we cared about them, they’d be blown away.

But our friends can’t know what we don’t tell them. That’s why we need to take steps to show the people we care about just how important our relationships with them are to us. Here are a few ideas for doing just that.

Reconnect in person

The internet and smartphone age has been a mixed blessing for meaningful friendships. On one hand, it has never been easier to stay connected with the people we care about most. On the other, though, we’re not always connecting in the best ways.

Stop and consider how often you see the friends who you text most. Can you see them more often? If they live far away, you may be able to visit them on a vacation; if they live nearby, you just need to put down the phone and meet in person. Even if you’ve never met your friend in person, you can turn that online friend into a real-world one.

meaningful friendships

Buy a thoughtful gift

There are different “love languages” out there, and each of us has tendencies toward certain ones among them. Regardless of whether or not gift-giving comes naturally to you, you should make sure to occasionally give your friends a tangible sign of your affection.

The gift could be something that shows your knowledge of your friend’s interests and needs, like a practical item or something associated with your friend’s favorite hobby. Or your gift could be symbolic of your passion for the friendship itself, like friendship or sister bracelets. You’ll find lots of tasteful options online, and they’re perfect for combining something beautiful with the beautiful feelings that you and your friend share.

Do something different

Even if you see your friend in person a lot, you may feel as if you’re not as close as you wish you were. That may be because you’re always doing the same thing with your friend.

Sometimes, we have a tendency to pigeonhole our friends into different roles. We go shopping with this friend and we watch Netflix with this one. This isn’t fair to us or to our friends, and it’s not how real relationships are built and preserved.

So do something different. If you’re always going clubbing with one friend, hit the liquor store and have a personal party at home instead — you might have a more meaningful conversation than you’ve ever had before. If you’re always a couch potato with a friend, go out to dinner (or even to the gym) instead. Shaking up the environment that you hang out in can help you connect with your friends in new ways.

Share concerns (and listen to theirs)

In any kind of relationship, communication is key. When you fail to share something that bothers you, you’re only inviting that thing to take up residence in your head. Soon, it will be growing and bothering you more and more. And when resentment builds up, friendships suffer.

Here’s a better idea: When you’re feeling resentful of your friend, find a healthy way to share it. This doesn’t mean that you should wreck parties by blurting out your jealousies at inopportune times, but it does mean that you should find a good time and a place to share your feelings (ideally without making your friend feel any undeserved blame).

This goes both ways, of course. You should be willing to listen when your friend is the one sharing his or her concerns with you. It’s not always easy to hear that someone is upset with us, even if it’s not really our fault, but staying on the same page will make your relationship with your friend stronger.

Creative Approaches for Aiding Troubled Teens

Aiding Troubled Teens

The adolescent years are a period of growth and development in which personality traits and behaviors are formed and carried into adulthood. Due to the ever-evolving mind of a teenager, new patterns and behaviors can be created before they are set in stone.

And that’s important to remember. According to recent studies, 20 percent of teens have a diagnosable mental health disorder, with suicide being the third leading cause of death among teens and young adults. With the impressionable cognitive functions in teens, introducing healthy coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety can create a healthy headspace throughout their development.

Some of the best forms of stress-relievers can be creative and fun, thus focusing on the positive effects of interaction and group activity rather than the clinical healing of mental illness.

Athletic correlations to mental health

Participating in group sports creates an environment of teamwork, leadership, and inclusion. When teens have the ability to come together and release their daily stressors in a healthy, physical way, it can reduce their mental burdens significantly.

Being a vital part of a larger entity encourages group participation over isolation and self-centered decision-making. When a teen is able to relate to a group of teammates and come together for a common goal, the newfound ability to assess and implement a plan carries over into daily life.

On top of the mental effects that group sports create in the teenage mind, physical exercise greatly increases mental health as well. When the body is active, our body experiences an increase in blood circulation to the brain, thus creating a decrease in anxiety and stress. When the body stays consistently active, it can lead to boosts in health such as:

  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Increase in endurance and energy
  • Mental clarity
  • Weight loss
  • Improved cardiovascular functioning

When physical health improves, it directly correlates to the health of the mind and vice versa. A creative way to encourage groups of troubled teens through sports could include the creation of a weekend tournament. Throughout the course of the weekend, teens would have the ability to interact and discuss their common interests as well as struggles in order to relate to one another.

clinical healing of mental illness

A Lansing sporting event, for example, could consist of a weekend-long tournament in soccer, football, lacrosse, or another chosen sport. Spending time with like-minded individuals in a fun, relaxed environment can aid a group of teens in finding common-ground and releasing stress in a healthy, physical manner.

Experiential treatment

Feeling a sense of purpose can often fuel an increase in mental health as it increases self-esteem and boosts confidence amongst young adults. Residential programs for at risk youth will often include experiential treatments to aid teens in finding their life’s calling. Activities such as equine assisted therapy, hiking, surfing, creative writing, and music therapy are all part of the daily schedule for teens attending mental wellness programs.

Upon arrival, young adults will meet with their assistance team member who will evaluate their individual needs and create a schedule for optimal health both during their stay and after. This focused care creates an environment of individualized healing along with group activities to boost social skills, form healthy coping mechanisms, and establish lifelong habits.

While teens attend their therapy programs, they are also involved in in-house education programs to continue their education and consider options for higher education. Their education will span further by scheduled outings to various museums, local historic landmarks, and other scholarly activities to immerse themselves in cultural experiences, which can be very beneficial.

Similarly to the ways in which team sports foster connections, these experiences can increase one’s understanding, compassion, and self-awareness in a way that ultimately impacts mental wellness.

3 Ways to Make Life Insurance Premiums More Manageable

Life Insurance Premiums

Many Americans (approximately 84 percent, in fact) agree that having life insurance is essential. In 2018, nearly 60 percent of the population was covered by some kind of life insurance.

However, the payments associated with life insurance can often feel like an undue burden. When you consider the fact that four in 10 adults say they can’t cover an unexpected $400 expense without borrowing money or selling their possessions, it becomes clear just how many US residents might feel they can’t afford a life insurance policy.

Fortunately, life insurance coverage isn’t only for the rich. Not only are policies more affordable than you might think, but there are also specific ways you can reduce how much you’re paying for life insurance. With these tips in mind, you should be in a better position to decrease your premiums and eliminate unnecessary expenses.

Embrace a healthier lifestyle

Insurance companies of all kinds will typically increase policy costs for individuals they feel come with a higher risk.

Teenage drivers, for example, will cost more to insure under an auto policy due to their increased likelihood of being involved in a crash. With life insurance, a provider might quote you a higher premium if they feel they’re more likely to pay out based on your poor health.

For example, a person who smokes cigarettes and is considered overweight will likely end up with a higher premium than someone who has never smoked and who maintains a healthier weight. That’s because these factors put you at a higher risk for developing more serious health conditions, and improving your health can lower your premiums.


The same principle applies to any pre-existing health conditions you may have or the activities in which you participate. If you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, you may be able to reduce your premiums simply by seeing your doctor regularly, following their instructions, and controlling your condition.

life insurance policy

Make changes to your policy

Assuming you’ve put in the effort to improve your health first, you may be able to save money by making strategic adjustments to your existing coverage.

Sometimes, you may have too much coverage or the wrong type of coverage, which can result in significant costs. If your potential payout represents far more than your beneficiaries would conceivably need, it might be wise to consider a different policy altogether.

That said, you can actually save a bit by opting for slightly more coverage. Some insurers offer discounted premium rates by increasing your coverage. Once you hit a certain threshold of coverage, your premium may decrease even though the coverage level is higher. You may want to ask your insurance company about potential benefits tiers they offer.

You may also want to inquire as to whether the length of your policy is having an adverse effect on your premiums. While whole life insurance can provide coverage at virtually any time and provide a lot of advantages, you’ll end up paying more over your lifespan for that privilege.

Term life insurance provides coverage only for a specific period of time (commonly anywhere between 10 and 30 years). It’s generally less expensive and can provide for your loved ones at critical times, such as when you have dependents and have a mortgage to pay off, but it won’t require you to pay high premiums for the rest of the foreseeable future.

Consider selling policies you don’t need

Ultimately, you may decide that the costs associated with life insurance are still too high. If you no longer have any beneficiaries who might require this payout after your death, or you have more pressing medical bills to pay for, you may want to think about selling your policy rather than letting it lapse.

When you opt to work with companies like Sell My Life Insurance Policy, you’ll be able to reap immediate financial benefits by selling your policy and getting the payout early. Choosing to sell your policy now, rather than paying for coverage you really don’t need, can be a welcome option for many Americans who are struggling financially.

Although you should always consider your options carefully before getting rid of your policy, this decision can provide some much-needed relief.