How to Stay Safe on Your Hog and Avoid a Motorcycle Accident

When temperatures start to soar, specialty vehicles become a common sight on American roadways. Given that the number of motorcycle registrations grew by a staggering 75 percent between 1997 and 2006, it shouldn’t surprise motorists to see motorcyclists out on local streets. Unfortunately, their presence does often catch drivers off guard, and that can result in major accidents.

Although motorcycle accidents may not happen more frequently than collisions involving passenger cars, crashes involving motorcycles are far more prone to serious injuries and fatalities. In fact, the federal government estimates that the number of deaths involving motorcycles, per miles traveled, was nearly 28 times that involving cars during 2016. And while the Governors Highway Safety Association predicted that nationwide motorcyclist fatalities would decrease by 5.6 percent from 2016 to 2017, there were still 5,000 people who lost their lives on motorcycles that year. In British Columbia, motorcyclist deaths actually rose by 50 percent from 2017 to 2018, proving that this mode of transportation is still quite perilous.

If you do get hurt on your bike, especially if it was at the fault of another party, you will need a motorcycle accident lawyer on your side. Not only are they more familiar with the process, but they’ll be able to inform you whether you are entitled to compensation from the start.

Although there are huge risks associated with motorcycle usage, that doesn’t mean you have to stop doing what you love; you’ll simply need to become substantially more safety conscious. You’ll want to pay attention to these tips that will keep you safe when you head out on the highway.

Always wear a helmet

Motorcyclists need to protect their noggins at all costs. Head injuries are incredibly common in fatal crashes, but helmets are approximately 37 percent effective in preventing motorcycle deaths and 67 percent effective in preventing brain injuries. Although only 19 states and the District of Columbia mandate helmet use for all motorcyclists, it’s essential to wear a full-face helmet approved by the Department of Transportation. Ideally, this helmet should be light in color to ensure visibility at all times. If you’ve had your helmet for longer than five years or have been involved in a crash, it’s time to replace your helmet with a new one. Be sure to provide a helmet for your passenger, as well.

Invest in protective gear

Safety riding isn’t just all about the helmet. You’ll need to protect other parts of your body, as well. When you’re on your bike, you should wear long sleeves and long pants made of protective materials (like leather). On chilly evenings or clear autumn days, you should add layers or wear heavier clothing designed for cooler temperatures. Look for gear in brighter colors so that you can stand out to other motorists, even in the dark. It’s best to wear boots that cover your ankles, as well as full-fingered gloves. Don’t forget to protect your eyes, as well. Prescription sunglasses or motorcycle goggles will keep the sun’s rays and harmful debris away.

Be on alert

Many motorists are used to taking a relaxing drive, particularly if they travel the same route frequently. But as a motorcyclist, you won’t have that luxury. To stay safe, you’ll always need to be on your guard. You’ll need to watch for road hazards, from potholes to sudden lane merges. You will also need to look out for distracted drivers on their phones, as well as motorists who fail to see you at intersections. Keep in mind that you should follow the rules of the road at all times, meaning that you should not speed and must observe all posted signs. In times of bad weather, you should aim to stay off the roads entirely. And, of course, you should never drink and drive. Because motorcyclists have no real protection from the elements or from other drivers, it’s vital to exert caution.

Take a course

Whether you’re new to the world of motorcycles or could use a refresher after years on your bike, it’s a good idea to sign up for a safety course. The likelihood of being involved in a crash is far higher for those motorcyclists who are self-taught or who rely on friends to teach them the necessary skills. Professional training can provide you with the knowledge you need to stay alive in the event of an accident, as well as how to avoid the most common hazards. By taking courses online or in person through The Motorcycle Safety Foundation, you might even be able to lower your motorcycle insurance rates.

Although some accidents are unavoidable, the majority of dangerous situations on the road can be mitigated through proper preparation. If you focus on equipping yourself with the proper tools and skills, you may be able to avoid a serious crash. If you are involved in a crash, however, keep in mind that motorcycle lawyers are readily available to help you receive the compensation you well-deserve.

Can I Sue for Injuries If I Wasn’t Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet?

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating, especially if you’re not wearing the appropriate safety gear. All motorcycle safety gear is crucial, but none more so than the helmet.

If you were injured in an accident due to another driver’s negligence, do you still have a right to file a lawsuit even if you weren’t wearing a helmet?

Know the law in your state

The first step in answering this question is to understand the laws in your state or the state where you were injured. Each state has its own rules, and these rules cover more than just whether or not you can sue. They also cover helmet regulations and insurance issues.

In New York, for example, helmets are required by law. If you fail to wear a helmet and get into an accident, even if you aren’t at fault, your legal situation can get tricky and may depend on whether or not you suffered head trauma.

In Texas, the law does not require helmets under certain conditions, and not wearing one does not in any way preclude your right to sue. However, it’s likely you will get as much out of the settlement if you were not wearing your helmet, even if the other party was at fault.

The best thing to do is consult with a skilled lawyer in the state where you wish to bring a suit, such as an expert on healthcare law like Howard Fensterman if you’re in New York. They can offer the most specialized advice based on the particulars of your case.

Know your injuries

The next step in understanding whether or not you can bring a lawsuit is to think about your injuries. If your injuries don’t include any head trauma, then the issue of wearing a helmet is basically irrelevant. In this case, there is really no reason to hesitate.

However, if you did suffer head injuries, and particularly if your head injuries were your primary injury, then the helmet issue will become a serious question. Many states have something called “comparative negligence”, which means that the police on the scene (and later the courts) can assign partial blame to both parties.

If the other driver was entirely to blame for the accident itself, and you were wearing your helmet, then they would be considered 100 percent liable for your injuries. If, however, they were entirely to blame for the accident but you were not wearing protection, then you might be considered 20 percent to 40 percent responsible for your own injuries.

Keep in mind that if your state requires you to wear a helmet, you will be considered even more at fault. If you win the lawsuit, your compensation may be reduced by whatever percentage you are found liable. However, you can always get compensation for all injuries not related to your helmet.

Know how to be safe

If you are ever in an accident when you’re not wearing a helmet, be prepared for another serious consequence: insurance issues. Your insurance company may consider you “reckless” and hike your insurance premiums significantly.

This will particularly be an issue if your state law requires you to wear a helmet. If the law required helmets and you failed to wear one, you may even have trouble getting your own insurance company to make any payments at all.

All in all, wearing a helmet is always the smart move when you’re riding a motorcycle. With the amazing number of high-quality, state-of-the-art HJC helmets and other head protection available to motorcyclists these days, there’s really no reason not to wear a helmet.

If you aren’t wearing a helmet and get in an accident caused by someone else, there are many factors to consider. In most cases, you can sue and can recover at least some compensation. But the smartest thing to do is never get on your bike without good head protection.

Common Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Family Law Solicitor

Common Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Family Law Solicitor

There are so many problems that you might be facing today. Some of them probably include child support, custody, and alimony. These are just some of the most stressful times that you and your family have to go through. This becomes a bigger problem when divorcing spouses are not able to come to terms with an agreement. If you are going through a divorce right now, it is important that you hire the best solicitors in Chester. Here are the reasons why.

Legally Protect Yourself

Many people do not know that all of the family laws apply when it comes to ending a marriage and child custody. If you are going through a divorce, never agree to anything just yet without consulting advice from a solicitor. You need to have a family law attorney who has a good understanding of the lawns specifically in your state. He or she would be able to give you options. This ensures that all your rights are protected legally.

Assurance Regarding Financial Matters

Without a family law solicitor, there is a good chance that you have no idea what child support is going to cost you or the alimony that you have to pay or receive. Your solicitor would be able to review all of the financial propositions by your spouse through his or her lawyer. This will give you an assurance that you are not being taken advantage of.

solicitors in Chester


There are numerous documents that you have to sign when a divorce is filed. Without any experience with the law, it can be overwhelming but you have to make sure that you submit them properly. If you hire a family law solicitor, you are assured that all of the paperwork is filled in correctly and will be submitted on time to the correct department.

Avoid Any Threats

Being in a divorce can be stressful. Things can get nasty. A spouse would possibly claim that he or she wants full custody of your kids, or maybe doesn’t want to pay for child support. Everything is too much for you by this time and you don’t want anything to add up to it. If you have a family law solicitor, he or she knows what you are entitled to. The solicitor would also advise on what to do with these threats that your spouse makes against you.

Tips On How To Choose A Family Law Solicitor

Choosing the right family law solicitor can be a challenge. But if you know how to choose the right solicitor who can help you with your concerns, then there is a good chance that you will win the case. First, you need to find a solicitor that you can easily work with. Remember that he or she will be your partner all throughout this process. Choose someone that you can trust even with the most sensitive or embarrassing information. Determine your needs before you hire a solicitor. This way, you know that you are receiving the help that you rightfully deserve.

So what are you waiting for? If you are experiencing legal troubles, find the best family law solicitor in your area today. This legal process might be stressful and complicated, but with the right solicitor, everything would be easier for you.

Domestic Violence in a Marriage: An Experienced Attorney can help

Lack of publicized incidents may make it seem like there are hardly any cases of domestic violence in Denver. That’s far from the case. Studies show that millions of victims in the United States suffer silently in the hands of oppressive partners in a bid to save their relationships and avoid public shaming.

Domestic violence laws in Colorado are super-protective of defenseless victims and carry heavy penalties for convicted abusers. If you have been physically abused by your partner, contact a lawyer to help you file a lawsuit. A specialist domestic violence lawyer would particularly come in handy as they are more familiar with the procedures of seeking help for victims of domestic violence in Denver.

If you are contemplating taking legal action against your partners, here is how a domestic violence attorney can be of help:

1.     Protect you from potential police overreach and abuse

Police officers do not always have the training to deal with victims of domestic violence, especially those reporting cases of sexual assault. You may find the officer’s line of questioning traumatizing even if they don’t really mean to offend you. An attorney can act as the middleman between you and the police and save you the pain of having to deal with insensitive law enforcers.

2.     Help have the charges dropped

If you have reported a domestic violence case or if a neighbor or a relative did it and you really don’t wish to be involved in lengthy court procedures, an experienced attorney can help you get the charges dropped. It is not uncommon for victims to have a change of mind, especially if the initial action had been taken while emotions were still high.

3.     Enable you avoid testifying

If prosecutors ignore your calls to have the charges dropped, an experienced attorney can help you avoid giving testimony. Note, however, that failing to testify as the victim doesn’t necessarily mean that the case will be dismissed. The prosecutor can base it on other evidences and testimonies from witnesses. A lawyer will only help protect you from aggressive prosecutors.

4.     Help you file for a restraining order

One of the things that prompt victims to avoid reporting abusive partners is the fear of having to face retaliation. If this is the case with you, tell it to your lawyer and let them file a restraining order for your safety and that of your children.

Depending on the exact situation at home, you can file for one or more of a multitude of types of domestic violence restraining orders. You can be awarded a stay-away order, a residence exclusion order, or a personal conduct order.

Stay-away orders require that the abuser stays away from you, your home, and certain family members for the period until the trial is concluded. Personal conduct orders restrict the person from performing certain actions while residence exclusion orders require that the person moves out from the shared residence for a given period of time.

5 Things Everyone Knows About Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Often you might have heard about the bike accidents that are happening in the roads due to harsh driving or uncertainties. Every day, people are dying, and unfortunate things are occurring. The reason for the accidents could be due to drunken driving, distractions and much more. And most of the fatal accidents are due to the over speeding, which drags a person towards depression and tension.

If you are safe and didn’t confront any major issue, then you are lucky enough! In most of the motorcycle accidents, the situation doesn’t remain the same like before. Huge loss and death are common, and people didn’t find any reliable way to come out of that place. For instance, just imagine, you are on a road trip and enjoying like hell, but, you are not driving fast and following all the rules as well.

Suddenly, a car changes the track and knocks in front of your motorcycle. You will abruptly give a break, where the chances are positive and negative for you, such as your bike may get tossed to the side of the road or you are safe by God’s grace. Even if you have a helmet, serious accidents can change your life anytime.

Thus, to stay away from such incidents, you need to hire lawyers who can genuinely help you to a great extent. They can take care of your case and will give your compensation for the loss as well. There are certain things about the motorcycle attorneys, which are not known to many people. Let’s have a look at them!

Attorneys don’t make things worse

If you are confronting any bike accidents in the middle of the road, then there are some chances that police will arrest you for no reason even. In such cases, Motorcycle Accident Attorney will help you till the end and will support you as well. They will initially file the case against the person with whom you met with an accident, and later, they will move to the police station to inquire about the client.

Even in the worst state, they will try to manage the things without putting you into the matter. Thus, you can feel relax and can do your work accordingly. No matter what the situation will be in future, lawyers never discourage your confidence and intimidate you. If you are feeling insecure after the accident, which is a common phenomenon, then you can hire the attorneys as per your convenience.

Lawyers deals with the insurance company

When the situation becomes worst insurance company try to wash their hands of the matter. They always try to play safely without taking any extra burden, which is not beneficial to you. Thus, you will not get the compensation for the loss. Amidst these situations, lawyers act as a valuable resource and take all your stress and burden on their shoulders. They talk with the insurance companies, and anyhow they resolve the matter. Often, they fight for your rights and can manage the things by showing legal proofs.

Handles documentation

One of the most irritating things after the accident would be the documentation work. People didn’t find any way to stay away from such things, which ultimately leads to increase their burdens and stress factors. Motorcycle Accident Attorney thus helps you to keep your head away from the case and handles entire documentation work.

Emotional support

In most of the motorcycle accidents, people face some emotional traumas and imbalances in their life. They wanted someone who can understand their feeling and will support them too. Families and friends can support you, but don’t have any rights over the legal works. And the legal works after the accidents often bring depression in the life and makes you mad. Isn’t it true? Hire a lawyer who can help genuinely till the matter gets resolved.

Medical expenses

In today’s world, it’s too difficult to handle the medical expenses, which are skyrocketing now. Victims didn’t find any way to reduce the medical cost after the accident. Thus, an attorney will help you to get the entire amount for the medical expense and will also support you in the critical time.

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What Are The Qualities Of Builder Disputes Lawyer In Hyderabad Should Have?

Becoming a lawyer isn’t easy. It’s years of training and practice that makes you one step closer to perfection. Even the professionals at times lack the necessary requirement to work on a case. Hence there are certain qualities that a lawyer need to have in order to practice law and also be on top of their game in order to become successful. So let’s take a deeper look at these qualities and how one can determine the best advocate for builder disputes in Hyderabad. let’s get cracking.

The best qualities of a good advocate.

There are certain qualities that a lawyer should always embrace and develop over the years. Hence let’s take a look at these qualities. Some of which are given below.

An excellent command over communication.

  • The command over English or any other language that might be used in court should be excellent and outstanding.
  • In order to place an argument, the communication skills should speak accordingly to the professionalism that your portrait.
  • General public speaking and other kind of classes can improve your language. Lawyers need to have this skill mastered if they want to have a proper court session.

Ability to take proper judgment.

  • For lawyers practicing under the builder disputes lawyer in Hyderabad, its necessary for them to identify between what is wrong and what is right.
  • It’s the ability to place an argument depending upon how one can place an argument and take a proper judgment call as to whether it will be successful or not.
  • Same way a lawyer should never portrait their weaknesses in front of other lawyers. It can prove to be dangerous and turn a winning case into a horrible defeat.

Conducting in-depth research on a case.

  • Understanding your client and performing a background check on your case is very necessary.
  • Making a legal stance on the case and also checking every aspect is mandatory in order to get some sort of evidence to help you win the case.
  • Also preparing a proper opening stance to the case depends upon the type of research that one might carry out.

 The creativity aspect.

  • Top professionals and other top lawyers think in a logical and analytical manner. But then the creative part of them also sparks up in giving a significant boost in winning the case.
  • Its all these kinds of subtle qualities that separates the best from the rest.
  • Thinking outside the box can prove to be essential in making it an easy win for the lawyer.

Hence if you are looking for any top lawyers in Hyderabad or anywhere else, these qualities should be seen in the lawyer that you willing to hire. You can get to know these qualities online as their websites that give your reviews and comments on how each lawyer is and how they can benefit you. So choose the best and get the case closed.