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Give top preference to business pages and likes the contents

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Future of online streaming technology

Online streaming has emerged as a million dollar business thanks to the advancement of new technologies. The popularity of some online streaming brands has increased a lot these days and the trends seem to continue for upcoming years as advertisers are looking at this as an opportunity to get interact with potential customers in future.  A few years back it has been really challenging for the online streaming platforms to make it as a profitable venture due to lack of subscribers and advertisers.  With the increase in mobile phone, technology increased the subscriber base which results in an increase in advertisers.  The future seems to be bigger and better here the lists of emerging trends in the online streaming world:

Streaming sports will go big:

Online video streaming is not only for web series, reality shows, and movies but also for sports. Yes, online streaming sports will provide the opportunity for the fans to watch the famous tournaments anywhere and at any time. Hence the sports market will get boosts and will reap more revenues in the future. However, you have to check how these platforms managed to stream advertisements and how they can manage the audience with pre-match and post-match shows.

Will provide the opportunity for the independent artist to showcase their talent:

Yes, there will be a rapid increase in the number of the online streaming platform it will increase the demand for the engaging contents. Hence the independent artists who are not getting enough opportunity to showcase their talent in movies and channels will get the opportunity from these platforms to showcase their talents. Even you can produce engaging content and sell to these platforms. So there will be an increase in the talent pool for the media industry.

Increase in user experience:

With the increase in competition will definitely improve the standards of the industry which results in better user experience. The availability of different platforms users is getting the opportunity to choose the best ones like who are providing the opportunity to watch the latest and evergreen movies online and that too at affordable rates. So these platforms will focus on enhancing the user experience by providing engaging contents and high-quality videos. Also, there will be a decrease in subscription pricing as platforms will compensate for this revenue from advertisers. The only way to differentiate them from others is by engaging the audience with the programs they offer. So you are going to have the entertaining and engaging contents from these platforms.

Streaming sites will get more personalized:

With the increase in competition will definitely lead these companies to improve their personalization capabilities. Individual user profiles, preference-reading algorithms, and the decent recommendation engine will come into play. So you will be able to find the shows and movies that fit your preference.  So it will be easier for you to find the right shows that suit your preference with the reduction in pricing.

The overwhelming response will definitely push the premier media barons to focus on this industry which will ultimately increase the user experience and reduction in costs. So the future is bright so get ready with your own content which might impress a platform and provides the opportunity to showcase your talent.

The Advantages And Drawbacks Of Using Lithium-Ion/Lithium-Polymer Batteries

The Advantages And Drawbacks Of Using Lithium-Ion Lithium-Polymer Batteries

For decades, the majority of the consumers around the world are taught to use the conventional nickel-cadmium batteries for different electronic and electric devices which for many that time was the most suitable type of batteries especially for portable devices, wireless communications devices, and mobile computers.

However, nowadays, if you check the back of your smartphone or tablet, you will surely notice a brand new battery that powers it. This is the Lithium-Polymer (LiPo) or the lithium-ion batteries which is now mainly used in the majority of electronic and portable devices which is slowly taking over the world.

Before Lithium-ion and Lithium-polymer batteries were even introduced in the market, there were countless attempts to develop rechargeable lithium batteries but its developers faced a lot of failures especially when it comes to safety. Because of the unstable lithium metal, especially during its charging phase, its developers tried another option; using the non-metallic lithium ions as batteries, even though it has a lower power capacity, compared to lithium metal, it was proven safe otherwise and also it came with a certain precaution which all met with the standards of charging and discharging which then led to its first commercialization in 1991.

Later on, the lithium-ion batteries’ energy density grew twice that of the standard nickel-cadmium batteries, while there are more potential than its inventors discovered. One of the most notable advantages of using lithium-ion batteries is because of its low-maintenance, meaning there is no scheduled cycling required to prolong its lifespan whenever it is used. To add more, it is also a self-discharged compared to the nickel-cadmium that makes it very suitable for the modern fuel gauge applications with minimal hazards posed to it.


If you are already swayed by reading this article from rctopgeek about the advantages of a lithium-ion battery, just like any other technological innovations, it also has its own drawbacks. It is completely fragile which requires a lot of protective circuits to keep it safe from being used. Also, it is susceptible to peak voltage for each cell during its charge and can prevent cell voltage from dropping too low to discharge that will result to the rising temperatures of the battery which causes an explosion.

Also, one of the main concerns of the experts is the fast aging of lithium-ion batteries that its manufacturers keep silent about it. This kind of issue surrounds the capacity of the battery that deteriorates after a year, whether the battery is being used or not. The battery usually fails after three years of being used.

Despite its drawbacks, consumers and electronic brands did not let themselves held back by it, and instead manufacturers today continue to improve the quality and the safety of using lithium-ion battery because of its high energy density that is very ideal for higher capacity usage, while there is no requirement to priming when it is freshly purchased. Also, its low self-discharge keeps it more reliable than the half discharge of nickel-based batteries, and its low maintenance that does not require any discharge considering that it has its memory for it.

Know about Copy-Paste, Copycat

Know about Copy-Paste, Copycat

Whether you have a recording studio or you are a solo flight recording artist, a band, a company or just a regular person looking for CD, DVD, Blu-Ray replication and production, then Implant Media is the right place for you for they surely provide more than what you ask for. If you are now ready to discover the services offered by Implant Media, let us now head on to their website’s content.

Even if it is just your first time to venture into the services and field of CD, DVD, Blu-Ray replication and production, Implant Media is and will surely be able to discuss the steps needed in replication and reproducing your materials and, of course, help you go through it. How? Let us first look at the questions one must ask themselves in order to fully asses not just the services being offered to you but also in order to re-assess and know what kind of service you really need, if you really need it, and if you are financially ready enough. First service to discover is the CD replication, which is something that is more commonly used by people. So, what is CD replication? Replication is the process wherein music or modulated data are pressed onto a modulated disc.

CD, DVD, Blu-Ray replication

This is the best and more suitable option to choose if you plan to or if you need to produce 500 or more copies of CD’s or DVD’s or maybe 1000+ copies of Blu-rays. Now, why replication? Well for one, they are much more durable. They are also less costly, in the sense that they are cheaper per unit, compared to those of duplicated discs. Now there are two ways as to how replicated discs are printed: screen printing and offset printing. The difference between the two is that screen printing is used for graphics that are flat and are set up as Pantone colors. Printing solid graphics in Pantone colors can result to a much flatter and smoother finish compared to printing the same graphics through the use of offset printing process. On the other hand, offset printing is usually used for artworks that are made up of images and/or artworks. In offset printing, primary colors such as cyan, magenta, yellow, and black are usually involved and used and being printed onto a silver or white base.

Now aside from CD, DVD, Blu-Ray replication and production, Implant Media also offers different services such as vinyl records production and printing, promotional services such as flash drive printing and personalization, t-shirt printing, poster printing from band posters to street posters, which are available in a variety of sizes that can accommodate your needs. They also offer business cards printing. You may visit their website and it will show you an overview of the said services and help you go through it.


In terms of innovation, projectors have already come a long way from its first years where it was not portable because of its huge machine that is can fit an entire room in a cinema to the day that it can fit in your pocket.

Over the years, top electronic brands that are known to manufacture projectors have developed something new to this device making it more convenient to use.

Today there are any number in the market of more meaningful variety of projectors that includes for business presentations, home theater and for video gaming through the technology of Liquid-crystal display (LCD) Data loss prevention software (DLP) and Liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) and measure it through its throw distance on how the proximity or closeness of the screen to the projector and many more features.

Before buying a projector is to be sure to consider these things so that there is no money wasted and enjoy the best out of the device.

There are four kinds of images a projector can illuminate; data, photos, games and of course video. Almost all kinds of projectors can show all kinds of image, however, it is best to know the most important thing that any type of projector has specific functions that might not work with the other that is why it is important to understand that a projector can only handle one kind of imaging in a good way that it can run other types of images perfectly.

It is also important to consider its portability. Nowadays people are always on the go that is why portable devices are the number one trend. When it comes to projectors, there are models out there that have sizes and weights that range from small and light enough to fit your backpack and even your pocket and there are those that are large enough for permanent installation.

Another thing to consider is the projector’s resolution. If you are looking for a projector for your home entertainment system the best choice would be a model that can run a 1080p resolution or 1920×1080 resolutions to give you an optimum performance in illuminating the images and video to the screen. There are also new projectors out in the market capable of running in a 4k ultra high definition resolution but yet it is too expensive compared to the ones that run 1080p resolution. These projectors are also capable of running video games.

In terms of screen size, modern projectors specifically smart projectors can accommodate large or widescreen formats. Some projectors have a widescreen resolution of WXGA (1,280 by 800) and can run also a 1080p format which is common. If you are planning to make your own presentations on a widescreen laptop computer or monitor it will look much better if you project it with the same format of the projector.

Brightness is another important thing to consider when buying a projector. It’s not the brightest that is always better all the time. For those who want to use the projector for home entertainment system which is particularly installed in a dark room, it is better to look for projectors that can emit 2,000 to 3,000 lumens in the proper range. The proper level of brightness always depends on the amount of the ambient light in the room as well as the size of the images and the material of the screen that is used.

To check out some good quality portable projectors, try the TM-60 projector of Odyssey Cinema Concepts. If you are hesitant about the product to check out Odyssey Cinema concepts TM-60 reviews.