Safe and Effortless Way of Paying TNEB Bills

With times a lot has changed, and technology has made our lives simple and convenient than ever. Right from making train tickets or air tickets booking, to electricity bill payments, everything can be done while in the comfort of our homes. It has been possible only because of digitalization. The government is also stressing on the significance of making digital payments as this mode of payment has a lot of benefits. Safety and environmental conservation are just a couple of them.

TNEB Bill Payment- In A Safe and Secure Way

If you are TNEB subscriber and looking forward to paying your bills using online interface, it is very important to do it the right way. This is very critical to ensure safety and security. It is important to keep in mind that phone, electricity, gas and more bills can either be paid on the specific brand website or by using third-party reseller sites. Both platforms come with security layers that help protect the interest of their users. Some of the most popular payment processing platforms or apps are MobiKwik, Paytm, PhonePe, and many more.

Before choosing any of these platforms to process TNEB bill payments, there are certain safety measures that you need to adopt to keep your account safe. Before initiating the processing, it is important to read the instructions carefully. Some things that needs to be borne in mind are-

  • Use a Credit Card to pay your bills rather than using a Debit Card or the facility of Net Banking. Moreover, you can also use e-wallets to make online payments as they are safer than other options.
  • Instead of clicking on a link, it is recommended to type the site address or URL as it can help you stay protected against dubious links. With a lot of benefits, the internet also has a lot of risks and it is good to be aware of cybersecurity measures.
  • Instead of using a public computer, use your personal computer or a smartphone to click on the URL or link and make payment. It is very important to be aware of using a secure private Wi-Fi network that publicly available mobile network.
  • Use a password-protected system to make TNEBbill payments and ensure that your password is safe and not easy to crack. It should never be shared with anyone. Never save passwords on your smartphone. Use a professional password manager if you are in a habit to using multiple apps and accounts.

The easy availability and accessibility to these third-party resellers have made lives easier and simpler. There is no need to visit the service provider’s office or stand in queues at a bill kiosk. These bills can be paid at any time and from anywhere, even while you are on a move. How much simpler it can get? Make the most of technology and use it for your benefit. You will be able to save a lot of time and effort that goes into this task. Use any of the reputed apps like Paytm to make TNEBBill paymentand be regular in paying your bills to enjoy uninterrupted electrical supply.

Still using a dongle? Get a new broadband connection

It’s time to bid adieu to your dongle and get a broadband connection that can connect your laptop, smartphone and other digital devices simultaneously.

It is astounding to imagine our lives without the Internet today. It has not only made life much easier, but it has increased mobility manifold. Wherever you go, you are connected with the world via your web-enabled smartphone, laptop or another digital device.

This mobility is especially helpful for those who travel a lot for work and who need to be on the job constantly. This entails checking work emails, responding to urgent requests, working on and sending presentations, attending video and audio calls on the run, etc.

Most people with this kind of work life use dongles with their laptops. But would you rather have a fixed broadband connection? Let’s find out.

Why do people use a dongle?

  • A dongle is a portable Internet connection that is plugged into your laptop for instant connectivity. After a basic set up, you can start using the device and get Internet on the go, wherever you may be.
  • The dongle works on a postpaid basis, and you are billed as per your consumption.
  • It is a good device to have if your job or line of work entails frequent travel. You can set it up in a few steps and start using it for work or recreation.
  • A dongle is especially helpful in places which are quite remote and which do not have cell towers or Wi-Fi networks.

But here’s why you should get a broadband connection instead

It is all very well for you to have a dongle if you travel frequently with your laptop. You could have it as a backup Internet connection. But you don’t need it at all when you are at home. You can have a broadband connection instead.

  • Connect broadband to get better bandwidth and hence, faster data transfer speeds and a steady connection.
  • The connection is a stationary one, and it connects up to 10 different digital devices at once. With a dongle, you can connect only your laptop.
  • Since broadband connects all the laptops and phones in your house, it is more cost-effective.
  • The broadband connection offers many different plans that you can choose from, based on your city of residence or work. Leading operators in India offer different plan options and also discounts on taking 6-months and 12-months plans.
  • There is low probability of the broadband connection malfunctioning, unless there is a network outage in the area. A dongle might stop working or develop snags as time passes, and you will have to buy a new one. Also, you must protect the dongle from dust and moisture. In terms of a broadband Internet, no extra care is needed but you must keep the router dust-free and away from magnetic fields.

Dongle Internet often does not offer high monthly data like a broadband connection does.

Why use Pixels Ems and Rems A quick guide for 2019

Proper font sizing and clear typography are key components to good design and accessibility for all users. With the importance of responsive web design growing as more users access the internet via mobile devices, having your typography properly scale is an essential element of the design and development process.

Pixels are a common and familiar unit of measurement to those with any experience with web or graphic design, but there are other units more appropriate for layouts that need to scale. These two units that we will discuss are the em and rem.

While the px is a static unit of measurement, both em and rem are fluid, their actual sizes being relative to a parent unit.

“Ems” explained

Although the px has long been the standard unit used for any kind of sizing in web design, the term “em” actually has a long history, originally stemming from print design. An “em” is defined as the size of an uppercase M, in any given typeface. In digital/web design, the definition is essentially the same: 1 “em” is equivalent to a set parent element, measured in a specific amount of pixels. This makes the unit’s actual size relative to how it appears in the chosen font, making it a superior choice over pixels for keeping the sizing and spacing proportionate.

You can think of ems as working almost like percentage values, based on the parent unit’s value. One practical example of this is that, by changing the sizing of a single parent element, all font sizes nested within the parent element will scale proportionally. This ensures that all users will view all of the text scaled the same way, regardless of browser, device, or how much the page is zoomed in/out.

The most important thing to remember when working with “ems” is how exactly they scale relative to the parent element.

As an example, let’s say we have a <div> container with a font-size of 16px. Any elements nested within it will have the following sizes:

  • 1 em = 16 pixels.
  • 2 em = 32 pixels.
  • 1.5 em = 24 pixels.
  • .5 em = 8 pixels.
  • 1.2 em = 19.2 pixels.

See the Pen ems by Sunlight Media (@sunlightmedia) on CodePen.


How em and rem differ

Ems and rems are virtually identical, with one major difference. A shorthand for “root em”, rems are scaled proportionally solely from the size of the root element (in an HTML web page, this would be the <html> element). This means that whatever the font-size of the html element is set at (either by the developer or the browser default), all rem units in the page will be scaled according to that.

This differs from the em, as you can have multiple parent elements in a webpage, with the ems nested in each parent element only scaling to their specific parent. This also means that the value of ems can be compounded, as each nested element inherit the values of its parent. Both ems and rems have their uses, but sticking with rems, at least initially, will be the most simple way of taking advantage of relative measurements.

While ems and rems are great choices for typography, it should be noted that utilizing pixels or actual percentage values are usually a better choice for working with padding, margins or other elements of spacing and layout.

Tips To Choose the Best CNC Machining Prototype Service Provider

Are you in need of hiring the best cnc machining prototype service for your project? If yes, then it is important to do enough research online and willing to make some calls to find the right service provider who suits your needs. Whenever you are unsure about the way to hire them, you can take help from the below section. It gives you the freedom to research and finds the one who meets your needs and budget.

How to select the CNC machining service provider

Bear in mind not all the CNC machining company available in the market offer excellent service for their customer without compromising quality and at affordable rates. Plenty of chances are there where you reach counterfeit service provider and obtain the service, which you have not expected. Of course, it makes you stress out and ruin your project as well as money and effort you spend on. Avoid indulging on these hassles by hiring the right person using the following tips.

  • Look at their previous work

No matter, whatever project you have in your mind, you should have a blueprint of the machine parts, which require to be produced. Now, the cnc machining prototype service provider will use that blueprint to create the prototype to get approval. Before accepting, ensure you have considered prototype quality. Most importantly, you should ask for examples for their previous works to ensure their service quality and affordability. In addition, ask for customer testimonials and even reach out tothe previous client to obtain the first-hand review of service provider work.

  • Measure the service provider using the prototype process

Do not forget that you are not only searching for the CNC machining company to produce the product, which meets your business standards as well as stay within your budget but also for the part to work with you in all projects effectively. Therefore, utilize the prototype process to determine how easy it is communicating with the service provider. It is always better to join hands with the one who listens to your requirements, stick to deadlines, and enjoy working together.

  • Discover the experienced CNC machining company

The duration of the CNC machining company has been in the business tells you a lot about how well they produce products and services according to customer needs. Always look at the years of experience of the CNC machining service provider in the industry. Joining hands with the experienced company will bring several benefits as they have deep knowledge and understanding in the niche. They also provide the product, which meets the quality standards and your budget.

Hope that these things will surely make you a right selection to fulfill your business needs and requirements.

4 Ways to Generate More Leads From Your Website

Business websites are made to give the customers the ease of access to the website’s products and services. Furthermore, these websites should be generating a good number of sales leads and more customers. Money is spent running this online platform so might as well generate more money from it.

However, if the website does not get these good numbers, then the business owner should let the professionals handle it. Sites By Design specializes in creating these good websites and here are some of their ways to generate more leads from a website:

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This is the most abused service in the web industry. However, it is the best way to get a continuous flow of quality traffic where the sales leads are coming from. The company uses the light side of the SEO or what they called White Hat SEO. With this, the company carefully follows the rules of the search engine to keep the site from being offensive. Geographical SEO is being used as well, this targets the local people searching for particular products or services.

  1. Boost SEO Through Adwords Management

Adwords is a powerful tool for the website to get more traffic as fast as possible. However, this is expensive as it needs a decent budget to make it work for the business. This makes the business owner pay for every click made direct to the website. The experts from Sites By Design can manage Google Adwords accounts and get the most out of spent dollars.

  1. Content Marketing via Inbound Marketing

This strategy catches all of those who are currently looking for the website’s product or service. This is done in two ways:

  • Google Organic Ranking

This is what most website owners want. The clicks on the website do not cost any amount, but it needs a good strategy, content and optimization services. Also, it needs a content strategy and constant content writing. While it is free, it needs at least a year of SEO services or 2-3 years of SEO training.

  • Google Adwords Pay Per Click

As mentioned in number two, this type of marketing is powerful but expensive. This is so fast, the website starts getting traffic as soon as the owner starts paying. However, it will stop getting traffic once the website runs out of money. Adword management costs monthly management fees on top of the Google Adword budget.

  1. Video Marketing for Website

The Sites By Design understands how powerful video marketing on a website is. Not all visitors have time to read the website’s sales pitch, however, everyone can sit and watch a nice short video. Most often than not, those who are time or concentration poor will click on video marketing and become a good lead. This strategy goes very well with Adwords and Search Engine Optimisation.

These strategies are essential for a website to generate more traffic, thus, sales lead. However, without the help of the experts, these will not work well and will just cost more rather than generates income.

Digital Marketing: How To Benefit From Hiring The Right People For Web Design

The world of digital marketing is one of the most influential tools most business owners can have. Mastery of the potential strategies and properly making use of the tools available will provide your business a good leverage in the current market. Hence, it’s something that many want to take advantage of. For this to work, the main requirement is to have a website. Companies, small or large, and even those who have no physical offices find it crucial to have their own page or site.

The current demand businesses have for websites

The development of a website is a long process and it takes proper planning and the right execution for it to serve its purpose. There are different factors and prerequisites to consider. Apart from the planning phase, you’ll need people who can help you with the development and design. Because the process requires a specialized skill set, hiring professionals like Sites By Design is the best way to go.

How do their services benefit the whole process?

Their knowledge and expertise

Like what’s mentioned, this specific field requires a specialized skill set. Those who didn’t undergo proper training and lack the knowledge won’t know the first thing about how to develop a website, much more provide the best services. The job description is nothing less than complicated. However, anyone will feel at ease when they’re serviced by individuals who ‘actually know what they’re doing’.

 Their awareness of current trends

Web designs and digital strategies will change. The trends are even more volatile and have the tendency to more erratic. It will change rapidly. People in the business must make sure that they stay on top of such things to be able to offer the best for their clients. The application of the services will greatly impact how the website is perceived and received. And this will also directly reflect on the objectives of the company.

 Their ability to detect problems and resolve it

Conflict isn’t uncommon. And issues will surely arise despite the seemingly perfect plan. If you haven’t consulted with a professional before, there’s a bigger chance that your plans will also cause problems to arise unintentionally. Their services also include resolving potential issues before it even happens. 

Their capacity to give realistic and workable suggestions

There’s more than one solution to every problem. And taking the most suitable approach is the smartest thing to do for any commercial establishment. However, knowing what’s the  ‘most suitable’ won’t be a walk in the park. It’ll take the guidance of experts who have been in the field for quite some time. You’ll learn to value the suggestions and advices they’ll provide, so it’s essential to choose a service provider for long-term needs. 

Hiring professional web developers and designers is a no-brainer decision. It provides more benefits and can give your business the digital advantage it needs. But if you’re not confident and comfortable with letting other people manage the entire project, you must have the skills and expertise for web development. Others have taken this opportunity to learn new things.

How is Digital marketing Cost Effective?

If your business is functioning on a hard budget, you may be searching for places to cut down unnecessary investments. And if you aren’t noticing outcomes from your marketing plan, your current techniques may be on the chopping block. Removing of line of actions and plans that don’t show positive ROI is never a bad notion, but finally, every business requires some form of marketing in order to entire customers and produce revenue. And if you’re one of the many business owners searching to do so in a cheap way, it may be time to ogle to the Internet.

In the initial days of marketing, businesses relied on print ads, billboards, straightaway mail, radio spots and TV publicities. And while these are marketing techniques that can actually work—even in a digital age—they come with a high price tag. Printing, giving away, and paying for ad space is actually not inexpensive. In fact, this post that breaks down the price of publicities for each stage that exhibits that they can be too costly. But if you already have a website, starting to market online can is as easy as twisting the elements on your site to make better your opportunities of ranking well in search engines, or doing SEO. Of course, there are prices linked with getting expert assistance with this, but that leads us into our following point.

If you select to spend the money in Internet marketing, you can be certain that it will be worth it. Internet marketing has a more ROI than any traditional technique, meaning that your marketing budget can take you much a long way online. With Internet marketing, you can target your marketing straight away to customers who are already interested in and searching for your products and facilities. So instead of paying to attain people who just throw away your ads or alter the station on their radio, you only attain those who are possibly to become customers.

If you’re still not sold on the cheap of Internet marketing, or just don’t have the money to spend right now, here are a few techniques that you may want to attempt:

The even better news is that it’s not costly to have a compatible existence on your blog. If you set aside 2-3 hours twice a week to investigate and jot down interesting, detailed posts, you’re well on your way to set up a standard blog. And even if you select to outsource to freelancers or other writers, the traffic your site gets will possibly be worth it. If you’d prefer to attempt some of the above techniques, or any other online marketing plans, feel free to contact us. Our super talented team of Internet marketers is contented to assist you to develop an online existence, attain new customers, and produce revenue for your business, visit us at

Why Are Mini Drones Quite Popular Today

The demand for mini-drones is rising at supersonic speeds. Small and compact drones are no longer toys for kids. Even grownups are investing in these awesome products. Drone experts associate the increased demand for mini drones to a whole range of factors. Let’s have a look at the key reasons need for mini-droneshas been increasing day-in-day-out.

Low Pricing

Despite their being of high-quality and having amazingly wonderful features, mini-drones won’t drain your pockets. They are the smallest types of drones so you should expect their pricing to be reasonable.  A mini drone is certainly the best investment for those starting out in drone piloting. Since they are affordable, you don’t need to worry about parting ways with hundreds or thousands of your savings.

Great Battery Time

Advanced mini-drones have high capacity batteries that have awesome power ratings of up to 3.7V. Many of these drones run on Li-Po batteries that can fly the biggest UAVs for at least 6 minutes and smaller drone models for up to 20 minutes.  The drones not only charges fast but also takes more time in the sky. You can easily get yours charged quickly since all you need is a USB cable and charging system.

Awesome Designs

Mini drones are simply amazing to look at. They have the most outstanding designs ever. These drone types are not only easy to carry around but also super-fast. Owing to the small sizes and light designs, these types of drones don’t require any government registration. You can start using yours as soon as it is delivered to you. Also, you don’t need to worry about getting on the wrong side of the law due to registration issues.

Quite East to Run

Compared to professional-grade drones, compact and small drones are extremely easy to run. You don’t need to have any professional skills to operate yours. All you should do is to carefully read the user manual and make sure you have understood each of the details. Once you are done, it is will quite easy to get your drone up the sky.

Have Outstanding Features

Just because they are small in size does not mean they have limited feature choices. As a matter of fact, most small drones way better and more advanced features when in comparison with the professional-grade choices. Some come with powerful LED lights all over their body and intricate designs that provide easy visibility when they are on the sky.


If you have been wondering why to get a smaller drone while you can invest in more durable professional-grade drones, you have known the reasons mini-drones are preferred over big ones. There is no doubt about the fact that small drones can fly for more time since they are lightweight and have sharper designs that allow them to penetrate smoothly into the air. In case you are intrigued by the benefits of compact-size drones and would desire to buy one for yourself, it is would be great you visit to have a look at the many drone choices they have reviewed.

Top 10 Seedboxes for Secure andEncrypted Access

Nowadays, people are more concerned about online privacy while downloading and uploading data or files.There is a huge corporation that is monitoring and tracking the online activities of internet users.Every user wants to download files and data from the internet without any monitoring.A seedbox combined with the set of tools can provide a better solution to your concern. Seedbox is a remote server with a public IP address that is used for uploading and downloading of files with safely and high speed.With the use of seedbox, users easily download these files to their personal computer anonymously.On the internet, their wide range of seedbox, users choose best and reliable seedbox to improve the internet speed and downloading the files through anonymously.

Why do you need a seedbox?

  • Maintain privacy and safety:If you want to maintain privacy and safety on your internet access, then you need to use a seedbox. With the help of seeds, you can get more privacy for downloading and uploading of files.
  • High Speed:Every internet users wants high speed to access the internet without any error, thenseedbox increases the speed of your server and access any content.
  • Provide VPN: Some type of seedboxes offer VPN services. Through the VPN services, you can easily access the internet anonymously.
  • Easily online storage of files:With the use of seedbox, you can have online storage of your data.
  • Torrents 24×7:You can easily downloading and uploading of files with the help of seeds at any time within 24×7.
  • Provide more secure and encrypted data:With the use of seedbox, you can torrent your data uploading and downloading with more securely and encrypted. With the use of seedbox, you can also keep your PC safe and secure.

Top 10 listed seedboxes which offer high-speed data transmission services:

There are various seedboxes which provide best performance and features for the internet users. If you want to download and uploading of files, then you need to use a seedbox. Without seedbox, your ISP provider detects your files which type of file, you can download or upload. If you want to use high-speed internet with anonymously, then seedboxis the right option for you.There top 10 listed seedboxes which offer the best performance and give your money value such as:

  1. Evoseedbox
  2. Dediseedbox
  3. Superboxes
  4. Iseefast
  5. Seedboxbay
  7. Sandstorm
  8. Easyfrench
  9. Rapidseedboxes

If you want to safe and secure access of browser, then use the seedbox. With the help of seedbox, you can get secure and encrypted data.With the use of Seedbox, you PC are secure without any monitoring of ISP.

How to Protect Your Instagram Account – 5 Internet Security Tips Revealed!

How to Protect Your Instagram Account - 5 Internet Security Tips Revealed!

Do you want to know 5 security tips on the Internet to protect your Instagram? I understand how you feel; in fact, my email account was hacked 2 months ago. I realized that Internet Security is very critical, no matter what program you use.

Instagram is one of the most popular programs used by most people. It’s fun and allows us to do a lot with our friends. However, while we enjoy moments of fun with friends, we do not want someone to break our account and destroy it. Instagram is aware of all Internet security threats, and there is something you can do to Instaport.

The 5 secret tips will help you solve this problem. Make sure you follow him:

1. Make your profile is set to “PRIVATE.” You can do this under the “Privacy Links” on your Instagram. When the “Private” option is activated, only your friends that you accept will be able to see your photos and stories. This is a way to protect it from people whom you do not know.


  1. Block people whom you do not want to show your information. You can go to your photo and choose the blocking option for you. When activated, this person will no longer see anything related to your account, and these are excellent options to prevent people from bothering you.3. When you block a person, a window will open and ask you about it. You must REPORT them if they are cyberbullying or causing harassment. It’s essential to inform if this happens because people will not stop if nobody reports.
  2. Add people you know, and this is the best Internet security. Creating your list for 1000 people does not mean you have a large group of friends. Think about your goal in using Instagram; if you just want to keep adding people, I’m sure you do not put any personal photos or here, however, if you use them as your friends, then you should stop adding people that you do not know for security reasons.

    5. Do not buy anything through Instagram. I know there are many applications that you have to pay for, but try to ignore them and use the “FREE” things they offer. It’s not prudent to disclose your financial information to a third party just because you want to send your photo of birthday cakes to your friends.

    Warning: Do not neglect the above tips! Remember to take this advice seriously if you want to protect your information on Instagram.

    Visit their latest website which helps individuals review all types of highly developed Instagram hacking tools.